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10 Solo Travelling Benefits to Find Yourself

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All through our lives, we go through various experiences. Experiences that shape our lives, mould us to be better people and allow us to have a zest of life. One such experience is travelling alone. Or as it is popularly known in pop culture - 'Solo Travel'. Solo travel is a phenomenon that has existed for centuries now. So many people throughout the course of history have undertaken solo voyages and have had life-changing effects. Ever since tourism has become a mainstream thing, people are used to travelling in a group or with someone. But many people these days wish to travel solo but are a little hesitant.

But what is it that gravitates people more towards solo travel? Why is it that many people especially the younger ones prefer travelling solo than with someone? Let us take a look at the top 10 reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life.

1. It makes you independent:

Travelling solo makes you completely independent. You learn to make your own decisions, care for your own safety and so many other aspects come with it. You start understanding things more quickly and don't have to rely much on anyone else.

2. It makes you confident:

With independence, comes confidence. When you start travelling on your own and start being independent, you get more and more confident of yourself and the solitude which you have. Solo travel is the best way to become more confident about yourself.

3. Makes you a problem solver:

When you travel solo, you have no one to rely on when problems happen. Naturally, you take matters into your hands and start looking for solutions. This enables you to develop a capability of assessing the problem and then solving it. Solo travel also helps to better your reasoning capacity!

4. Improves your mental health:

Mental health is one of the most overlooked topics these days. However, mental health is as important as physical health. When you travel in solitary, it enables you to introspect, to understand yourself better. On introspection, you start figuring out the issues where you need help, what exactly do you want in life etc.

5. Breaks your comfort zone:

Most of us have grown into a fairly comfortable life. We have a certain bubble of comfort built around us and we happily live in that bubble. But when you travel solo, you go away from your otherwise comfortable life towards something different and challenging. You have to live a life outside of that comfort zone. It transforms you so much.

6. Pushes your limits:

Many a time we tend to underestimate ourselves and don't use our potential to the fullest. Solo travel changes that. It makes you face certain situations which you would not normally face and these situations force you to push your limits. The end result? You come back home a more confident person!

7. It disciplines you:

When you travel with someone, you can always fall back on them. But when you travel solo, you have only yourself. Ergo, you tend to be more alert and take extra care of everything. From your alarm to your luggage and your entire schedule, you become more vigilant and specific. It instils a sense of discipline in you which ends up helping you for your entire life.

8. Getting acquainted with new cultures:

The world is a diverse and beautiful place. We have so many wonderful cultures spread throughout the globe. When you travel solo, your confidence allows you to dive deep into these cultures, explore and understand them. It makes you aware of the fact that there exist unique cultures not just within but also outside your community. It broadens your horizon and enriches your life with a varied experience.

9. Improves language and people skills:

Since we just spoke about cultures, how can we forget language? Language and culture are the two sides of the same coin. When you get acquainted with a new culture, its language follows. So, when you are solo with no one to translate anything for you, you need to know the language. Typically, when travelling solo, one must make it a point to learn at least a few basic words of the place where you are travelling. Learning a new language is always a very fun part of travel.

10. Hassle-Free:

This is one of the best aspects of solo travel. Since you travel solo, you have no restrictions or additional responsibilities. You pack light luggage and travel everywhere without a plus one. You get time for yourself and yourself only. This makes the travel completely hassle-free

These are only a few reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life. The thrill of travelling solo can only be felt once you travel solo.

Do you have any such solo travel experience? Tag us in the Instagram pictures and let us know your story!

October 10, 2021


Ankita Joshi
Ankita Joshi

A history, culture and music enthusiast with tremendous love for travel! My love for writing comes from my love for reading and exploring various topics.

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