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Skiing in Manali - Tips & Stay Options

9 mins. read

Skiing is the next best thing to having wings.

Skiing has been a recreational sport for as long as anybody could remember. Even before it was introduced to the Olympics in 1924, this sport had garnered much attention from young and old alike.

The origins of skiing can be traced back to history when it was originally used for hunting and transportation. Primitive skis were made of birch wood with leather straps and were used to navigate frozen ponds and marshes throughout the winter.

Today, skiing is becoming a popular activity that people enjoy all over the world. Long skis, sometimes known as runners, are fastened to specially made boots, which the skier uses to move through the snow.

All adventure addicts get the perfect quantity of dopamine and serotonin from this high-intensity snow skiing sport.

After all, if you know you are about to skid off of freshly fallen snow, your body starts preparing for the drop and releases a jittery sensation that tenses muscles and increases heart rate - a sensation most people refer to as adrenaline.

But skiing involves much more than just gliding down a snow-covered slope.

When most people first book their skiing lessons, get their gears, and read a hundred books on “How to Ski”, they are still very much unprepared for the exhilarating feeling of soaring through the sky on their first jump. That is when everything slows down inside your head and you are fully present in the moment with millions of sensations flowing through your body.

Skiing in India especially has its own joys. With the north fringed by the greatest mountain range covered in snow, it provides ample opportunities for ski fanatics and nature lovers.

Imagine riding a chair lift up a ski slope covered in freshly fallen snow, with the Himalayan Mountains serving as your backdrop and a cool breeze brushing your cheek.

If that image sparked your interest, let us explore skiing in the most beautiful place situated in the northernmost part of India in Himachal Pradesh. Beautiful Manali.

Skiing In Manali

Manali is a charming little hill town nestled in the picturesque Beas valley, offering travellers respite from their daily mundane life.

When thinking about Manali, the first thing that comes to mind is floral meadows, bubbling streams, snow-capped mountains, high mountain passes, temples and the allure of its romantic setting. However, Manali is much more than a romantic spot you can visit once in a lifetime. It has long since become an adventure hub for tourists.

Despite the fact that there are many activities to engage in and that tourists have a specific affection for camping in Manali, it has transcended its reputation as a summertime capital with the introduction of skiing.

Because the area is well known for its extensive snowing, peak winter is the ideal skiing season in Manali. Along with a variety of groomed slopes equipped with ropeways, gondolas, and ski lifts, there are also a number of green, blue, and off-piste routes that are ideal for both beginners and experts.

Manali also hosts a community of instructors eager to instruct and demonstrate to visitors the basics of skiing.

With temperatures hovering around sub-zero, the end of December to January is the best time for skiing in Manali.

Additionally, it is one of the best spots to go heli-skiing because it has one of the deepest snowpacks in the Himalayas. Heli-skiing in Manali is one of the most difficult and expensive sports. A 10-minute helicopter ride to the slopes around Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba and Chandrakhani and off you go.

Since heli-skiing in Manali is a professional sport and is advised for those with prior backcountry skiing knowledge, it is also a terrific pastime if you want to explore the uncharted and risky slopes in Manali.

Also, the undulating slopes of Solang Valley and Rohtang pass are places best suited for skiing near Manali. These locations provide excellent skiing conditions for visitors from all over the nation and are great for amateurs learning their first moves as well as for professionals looking forward to skiing in Manali.

Given that we are discussing skiing, we have hand-picked excellent accommodations near Manali that could help you truly experience the skiing season.

Solang Ski Resort

Owning to the geographical location and its heavy snowfall trait, Solang valley has perfect slopes for skiing enthusiasts. This side valley is at the top of the Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, 13 km away from Manali and en route to Rohtang Pass.

Solang Ski Resort is situated in front of the snow-covered ski slopes and is surrounded by the breathtaking splendour of Solang. This opulent resort is the ideal site to enjoy your Manali trip because it is within a short distance from the Solang Ropeway & Ski Centre.

Imagine planning the next ski slope to explore with your family and friends while drinking your morning coffee with a spoonful of whipped cream.

Winter sports like skiing are particularly common in Solang. Even beginners can jump in and have the best skiing experience of their lives with knowledgeable instructors.

This resort in the Solang valley is the hub of several adventure projects, including skiing, snowboarding, cable car transport, kid-friendly snow tubing, snowmobiling, zorbing, and many more enjoyable and luxurious activities.

Nirvana Hamta Retreat

This retreat's glamping domes and cocoon stay provide you with a unique chance to experience winter. Think of waking up in the middle of the night to the sight of snowflakes falling through the translucent geodesic dome roofs. Or admiring the grandeur of the snow-capped mountains and endlessly lush forest outside your window.

Enjoy a cup of steaming lugdi while listening to the valley's rushing water on chilly moonless evenings.

This ski-in-ski-out and camping retreat provides opulent and well-insulated dome-shaped suites that provide a great view of the snow-covered mountains.

The Nirvana Hamta retreat, located 12 km from Manali, offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including bouldering, mountain biking, snowboarding, and skiing. This retreat is surrounded by short trails and some off-range pistes that can be explored at your leisure.

Skiing Tips That’ll Come in Handy

Skiing Tips Thatll Come in Handy

Though amateurs should practice skiing in freshly fallen snow, also what trainers call powder skiing, many adventurers opt to ski on ice. Commonly known as ice skating, which is quite challenging and since ice is inevitable in colder climates, amateurs too, come across icy conditions at least once.

Snow skiing in Manali is very different from Ice skiing in Manali, with a special emphasis on very.

It takes a lot of courage to ski down the steep slopes with the knowledge that you could fall at any moment. Professional skiers are masters in skiing because they are not afraid of falling. As Dave Berry says, if you are looking for a vacation concept that combines the outdoorsy fun elements with the elements of potentially knocking down a tree with your face, you cannot do better than skiing.

Here are some pointers that could enable you to master all skiing terrains:

  • Avoid rigid stances - flex muscles, knees and hips. And do not tighten your boots too much.
  • Angle your body towards the beginning of the turn to anticipate it.
  • Keep your arms slightly apart and in front of you to help stabilise your body as you pace and lean when you turn.
  • Avoid having your skis too close together; instead, keep them wide to assist you to stay balanced as you speed down the slope.
  • And take up lessons from professional skiers.

Unlike walking, skiing is not a question of balance, but rather the loss of it. At ski slopes, the variables like pitch, speed and terrain are constantly shifting. Get rid of the preconceived notions of what skiers appear to be in movies and just relax, take a natural "ready" stance, and dive in.

In India, skiing is still an unexplored activity. Additionally, if you are relatively new to skiing and want to explore the world of chair lifts and snow slopes this winter, book one of the Manali travel packages offered by Veena World and head out to the slopes to fall in love with the snow!

December 07, 2022


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