Singapore Travel Guide for First Time Travellers

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The beauty of Singapore is unique in its own right as the country has blossomed into the fastest-growing island city-state since its independence from the British Empire. It took this South-East Asian Island merely 55 years to emerge as a modern nation with the highest regard for sustainable development. There’s so much to explore that a guided tour of Singapore highly recommended. For tourists vacationing for the first time in Singapore, the mesmerizing opulence, breathtaking surroundings and kind people are bound to make it one the best trips of your lives.

While those who know how to go about Singapore’s enchanting streets, the adventures are almost, always, too hard to resist! Be it luxurious or budget travelling, finding the right Singapore holiday tour package can open up travellers to a whole new world of adventures. Mentioned below are the top seven tourist destinations of Singapore that a travel guide must include: –

1. Soak in the Beauty of Singapore Botanical Gardens 

Are you an anthophile? If yes, then Singapore’s Botanical Gardens should be the first place to visit as there is a dedicated space just for orchids. Yes, these exotics flowers are nestled in between picturesque hills with different varieties and colours at The Orchid Garden of Singapore. Besides this, the Botanical Gardens have an in-house rainforest for travellers craving for some tropical vibes as well. Considered as one of the most popular places to visit in Singapore, the Botanical Gardens have all-year-round nature events, light shows, cultural fests, etc. that can be an exciting experience for tourists on a guided trip in Singapore.

2. Explore the Bylanes of Chinatown

The most alive part of Singapore is a township known as Chinatown where the Chinese culture, food and music are truly an amalgamation to experience. For tourists who need help in navigating, hiring a city guide of Singapore is recommended as the local favourite spots can be explored easily. In the most famous streets of Chinatown, namely Pagoda Street and Sago Lane, travellers can shop for Chinese herbs, teas, souvenirs while enjoying street food items simultaneously. A personal favourite is Yue Long Men Hotpot in Pagoda Street where they serve six different types of broths! Learning about the rich civilisation of China can be done at the Chinese Heritage Centre which highlights the lifestyle of early Chinese settlers. Moreover, religiously-inclined tourists must visit the temples of Buddha Tooth Relic and Sri Mariamman in Chinatown, both located close to each other.

3. Relish Cultural Extravaganza at Little India

Another destination that must be an integral part of your guided tour list of Singapore is Little India. As the name alludes, this township is predominantly inhabited by Indians from various parts of the sub-continent. Bringing in rich culture and mouth-melting delicacies along with them, this town is a treat for all the senses of travelers. Every street is adorned with Indian food joints, apparel shops, spice merchants, affordable designer knock-offs (some things never change), and more.

One of the most revered temples in the whole of Singapore is situated at Serangoon Road called Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple where devotees can pay their respect to Goddess Kali. For true shopping enthusiasts, missing out on Mustafa Centre located at Syed Alwi Road would be a shame. Additionally, hogging on fresh South Indian fare at Sarvana Bhawan is a guaranteed hit among tourists on a guided tour of Singapore.

4. Fall in Love with Sentosa Island’s Treasures 

An experienced tour guide of Singapore wouldn’t devoid you of Sentosa Island as it has the most appealing tourist attractions in the country. Reaching this island from the mainland can be done by road, sea or train but the most adventurous mode is a cable car ride. Visiting the Butterfly Park and Insect Museum should be a part of your guided Singapore trip wherein exotic species of these organisms can be witnessed in a picturesque garden. Disney fanatics must also visit Universal Studios Singapore where several Disney-themed rides, a Theme Park and merchandise are at your disposal. S.E.A. Aquarium is another treasure in Sentosa Island which all travellers should visit for witnessing the spectacular aquatic life while sightseeing Singapore. Your travelling in Sentosa doesn’t end here as tourists can saunter into Fort Siloso that has memorabilia of World War II and artefacts from various eras. Before leaving this enthralling island, catching a light show at Sentosa Beach should also be part of the guided tour of Singapore.

5. Tread in Style at the Orchard Road 

If you like roaming in the posh streets of Singapore, then learning how to go to Orchard Road should be on your fingertips. This is primarily because of the glamorous malls and luxurious boutiques that this place is famous for. For travellers who love shopping high-end brands, Tangs Plaza is the place to be while those who are on a budget, Far East Plaza can be your salvation! For this reason, travelling in Singapore on a guided tour and not visiting Orchard Road is an absolute must! Dining in style is also taken very seriously here. Thus, tourists can reserve a table at popular rooftops restaurants like PS Cafe (read: truffle fries), Joie and Ban Heng. Furthermore, stocking up on unique foods and groceries from Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan can be done at Don Don Donki located inside Orchard Central.

6. Stroll through Gardens by the Bay

One of the most popular places to visit in Singapore is Gardens by the Bay where tourists can view sci-fi trees in reality! The Supertree Grove inside the garden has a cluster of trees which glow up in the dark and cast magical light-effects in the sky. Covered with thousands of plants, each supertree has a breathtaking view from the bottom. Another spot in the gardens that attracts several tourists is the OCBC Skyway where sound-and-light shows can be enjoyed along with a spectacular view of the Marina Bay. Furthermore, exploring the Flower Dome should also be a part of the guided travel of Singapore as this enormous sustainable building teaches a lot about energy efficiency along with exotic flowers and plants. Experience a tropical forest within a glass dome at the Cloud Forest Dome where thousands of plants are growing amidst a humid climate. Hence, exploring the “Green Lungs of Singapore” is highly recommended for travellers.

7. Get Adventurous at the Night Safari

Located right next to the Zoo, the Night Safari is a unique sightseeing experience in Singapore where nocturnal wildlife such as lions, leopard, fishing cat etc. can be witnessed in its natural habitat. Operating daily between 7.30 pm to 12.00 am, the Night Safari should be booked by tourists online to avoid standing in long queues. For full disclosure, the entire tour of the park takes about 4 hours, hence, preparing yourself for it in advance is important for all tourists. From live shows, fire exhibits, walking trails and open-air tram rides, this park offers such exhilarating activities that no tourist can regret visiting it. Guided tours in Singapore that include the Night Safari should be chosen by tourists for this reason. For foodies, dining at the food court is an excellent option as their Korean Barbecue and Singaporean delicacies are very appetising.

Travelling to Singapore on a guided tour is going to give you a fresh perspective of what this destination is all about. Time to answer the call of the Lion City!


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