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Sakal Newspaper Article - Date: 28 April 2024

7 mins. read

From Surfing the Net to Globetrotting 

The internet has become an indispensable part of our lives today. Like many of you, I utilize the internet for various purposes. However, I harness its power as a complement to my passion for travel. Prior to finalizing any destination, I thoroughly research the best times to visit, must-see attractions, and the cultural significance of each place online. Only then do I embark on booking a particular tour. I, Ms. Geeta Patadia, am a resident of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, and all my tour bookings have been facilitated by Ms. Arati Mohite at Veena World’s Charni Road office in Mumbai. Surprisingly, I have yet to meet Arati in person. Nevertheless, during my initial booking, her reliability was so apparent that a face-to-face meeting seemed unnecessary. Since 2015, spanning the last nine years, I have been exclusively traveling with Veena World. 

I am particularly drawn to Veena World's 'Women's Special' trips. These tours not only fulfill the travel aspirations of women but also instill newfound confidence in them, serving as a rejuvenating experience. It was during one such trip that I met Veena Patil and instantly felt a deep connection, as though we had known each other for ages. I always travel with my daughter, Boney Patadia, who shares my enthusiasm for tourism. Together, we have each accomplished remarkable travel milestones. To date, I have explored 50 countries, while Boney has visited 25. Among these, Switzerland and Austria stand out as personal favorites. These countries boast breathtaking natural landscapes that are a visual delight. Additionally, I was captivated by Egypt—a treasure trove of ancient history. Witnessing remnants of a culture that thrived thousands of years ago felt akin to stepping back in time. 

What sets Veena World apart is its commitment to continuously updating tour programs. Any new tourist attraction that emerges at a destination promptly finds its place on Veena World’s itineraries. Moreover, their greatest asset lies in their tour managers, who are exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. They treat tourists with humility and warmth, ensuring that any issues that arise during the tour are swiftly resolved. As I embark on a new tourism mission in 2024, my first tour alongside Boney will be Veena World's Australia New Zealand expedition. 

- Ms. Geeta Patadia and Ms. Boney Patadia

Veena World Customized Holidays: Uniquely Interesting 

Our holidays truly become captivating when we immerse ourselves in the culture, folklore, beliefs, and traditions of the places we visit. From partaking in the traditional tea ceremony in Japan to mastering the 'Tango Dance' in Buenos Aires, and from experiencing the mesmerizing 'Lantern Festival' in Taiwan to indulging in a 'Fondue Cooking Class' in Switzerland, there are numerous avenues to make your holiday truly unique and fascinating. 

For those passionate about cooking, Italy offers the opportunity to learn the art of crafting authentic pasta. Similarly, sushi enthusiasts can undergo training sessions in Japan to create their own delectable sushi at home. Whether it's Korean Kimchi or flavorful Thai curries, short courses in these local cuisines are available at various destinations, making it highly recommended to incorporate these cooking classes into your holiday itinerary.  

Wine tasting is an art that requires delicate appreciation and understanding. Delve into the science behind wine tasting during your holidays in France, Australia, Napa Valley in the USA, or Italy, where you can refine your skills at numerous wineries. In Spain, embark on an exciting adventure known as 'Tapas Bar Hopping,' sampling a variety of small portion Spanish starters made of cheese, potatoes, seafood, olives, and more at the many Tapas bars 

Exploring age-old markets is another highlight of any holiday experience. Whether it's the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, the Chatuchak market in Thailand, or the Gwangjang Market in Korea, shopping for local products, sampling food items, and admiring local handicrafts alongside the locals adds vibrancy and joy to your journey. 

Enhance your holiday by learning unique skills. Join a workshop in Venice to create the world-famous carnival masks, or indulge in the art of perfume-making during your holiday in France. Discover the traditional Japanese calligraphy, 'Shodo,' in Japan, or learn the intricate Malaysian batik art in Malaysia, offering memorable souvenirs to cherish. 

Furthermore, immersing oneself in the local festivals is an unparalleled way to experience the soul of a destination. Plan ahead to attend renowned festivals like the Rio Carnival in Brazil or La Tomatina in Spain. Thailand's 'Songkran,' akin to our Holi festival, features lively water fights on the streets, providing an unforgettable experience unique to the region. 

Recently, one of our guests attended the renowned Tuna Fish auction in Tokyo, Japan, an exclusive event limited to only 27 people per day. Such extraordinary experiences abound to make your holiday more joyful and memorable. Contact the Veena World Customized Holidays team today to design your unforgettable journey.

Offbeat Europe 

A single trip to Europe is never sufficient. Europe is a continent that continuously entices tourists, which is precisely why we offer over 50 group tour options for Europe, all of which have been met with an overwhelming response from our guests. This summer, more than 10,000 Veena World guests are realizing their dream of holidaying in Europe. 

Northern Europe encompasses Scandinavian countries, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, and Ireland, while Eastern Europe includes Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Further towards the Eurasian side lie Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and others. Mediterranean Europe comprises Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and more. Presently, we have tours covering nearly all of these countries. Additionally, we've introduced tours to the Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, in response to our guests' demands. We now offer an exclusive tour covering only these three countries, as well as an enticing 15-day Scandinavia with Baltic Europe tour. 

With such an array of options, it's natural for first-time European travellers to feel overwhelmed. Here's a bit of guidance for them: beginners should start with Western Europe. These tours encompass popular destinations like Paris, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. It's recommended for first-timers to opt for a tour that includes London, UK. Our Western Europe combinations range from 6 to 27 days. Once you've explored Western Europe, you can gradually move on to Eastern Europe, Mediterranean Europe, Northern Europe, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland, and beyond. 

Many tourists also prefer to explore one country at a time. If you're yet to book your tour, there are still a few seats available for tours in May and June. Call today to secure your booking. 

April 27, 2024


Veena Patil
Veena Patil

‘Exchange a coin and you make no difference but exchange a thought and you can change the world.’ Hi! I’m Veena Patil... Fortunate enough to have answered my calling some 40+ years ago and content enough to be in this business of delivering happiness almost all my life. Tourism indeed moulds you into a minimalist... Memories are probably our only possession. And memories are all about sharing experiences, ideas and thoughts. Life is simple, but it becomes easy when we share. Places and people are two things that interest me the most. While places have taken care of themselves, here are my articles through which I can share some interesting stories I live and love on a daily basis with all you wonderful people out there. I hope you enjoy the journey... Let’s go, celebrate life!

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