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Sakal Article English - 10th March 2024

6 mins. read

Arctic and Antarctic 

This year, we have surpassed our own record. Until recently, only one tour ventured to Antarctica annually. However, this year, two tours embarked on the journey to Antarctica. On February 1, our tour manager, Dinesh Bandivadekar, led the expedition, marking the completion of the seventh continent for our guests. Currently, the second tour is underway, with our tour manager, Kamlesh Sawant, catering to our guests' needs in Antarctica. Antarctica is a world apart; visiting it feels akin to a pilgrimage, leaving travellers with a profound sense of satisfaction. Upon returning, our guests' reaction was emphatic: "We must encourage everyone to save up and experience Antarctica at least once!" 

As the Antarctic tour season draws to a close, our focus, along with that of our guests, shifts to the Arctic. We introduced the Arctic Polar Bear Express tour, which garnered an immediate response from our guests. With limited seats available—only thirty in total—seventeen have already been sold. If you are considering this tour, it is advisable to book promptly as this is the only opportunity available this year. Several of our guests, fresh from their Antarctic expedition, are already mapping out their Arctic Polar Bear Express cruise. They are poised to break the record by visiting both the Arctic and Antarctic regions in the same year. Below, you will find some special photos from this tour. So, Chalo, Bag Bharo, Nikal Pado! Embark on a journey to witness polar bears in the Arctic or penguin colonies in Antarctica.

Veena World Customized Holidays

Anytime! Anywhere!
Around the World!

This and the following month mark the period of exam stress in every household. The mere mention of holidays, vacations, or tours is strictly forbidden. It's only after sending the children off to their examination centres that discussions about summer vacation plans can finally breathe. This timing is crucial because waiting until exams conclude often leads to exorbitant airfares. On one hand, prayers are offered for smooth exam conduct, while on the other hand, secret preparations for a post-exam holiday surprise are underway in every home. But fret not. Veena World is here! We are fully equipped to deliver joyous memories with our array of offerings including group tours, customized holidays, corporate tours, women's specials, seniors’ specials, honeymoon tours, and more. While many of these options revolve around group tours, whether it's your family, friends, children's friends, train buddies, or office colleagues forming a group, we can curate a customized holiday for you with a tour manager, wherever and whenever you desire. Your wish is our command. Anytime, Anywhere, Around the World – we have got you covered. For those eyeing visa-bound countries, it's advisable to visit the Veena World office promptly as consulate queues are growing. However, there are numerous destinations offering visa-free or visa-on-arrival options. For such locales, just grab your passport and Chalo, Bag Bharo, Nikal Pado!  

In a customized holiday package, there are a few decisions to make initially. 

Airline Travel: Do you have a preferred airline? Are you considering economy, premium economy, business, or first class? Do you require any special airport services? 

Transportation: For larger groups, do you prefer buses or smaller cars? If travelling abroad, are you interested in luxury options like a Mercedes Benz or Camper Van Caravan? 

Accommodation: Are you looking for hotels, resorts, villas, or bungalows? What star category – three, four, five, seven stars, or luxury stay? 

Sightseeing: It's advisable to pre-book tickets for major attractions in advance, as last-minute bookings can be challenging. 

Dining: If you have a specific restaurant in mind, we can make reservations for you. 

So, share your family dynamics, group preferences, budget, and preferences with us, and after exams, treat yourself to a well-deserved getaway in India or abroad with Veena World. The Veena World Customized Holiday team is at your service 24/7, even while you are on vacation. So, worry not, and embark on your journey!

The Golden Jubilee of Travel! 

As avid lovers of tourism, we seized the opportunity presented by Veena World's Super Jumbo Discount Plan in 2014 to explore as many countries as possible. Despite the setback of two and a half years due to the Covid pandemic, we managed to fulfill our dream of visiting 50 countries within 5 years. 

In 2023, we concluded our global tour with a remarkable milestone, having visited Kenya and Victoria Falls in Africa, marking our half-century of tourism. With a profound passion for travel, we often found ourselves expanding upon the original itineraries provided by Veena World. For instance, during our holiday planning in the U.S.A, although Veena World offered tours to both the East and West Coasts, we opted for the comprehensive 19-day U.S.A tour, which included a Bahamas Cruise. Europe particularly captivated us as we traversed countries around the globe. The rich history and breath-taking natural beauty of Europe, combined with its architectural splendour and enchanting cruise sailings, have left an indelible mark on our minds. 

Our preference for travelling with Veena World stems from their All-Inclusive Price policy. Once payment is made, there's no need to constantly dip into your wallet except for shopping expenses. Moreover, Veena World's exceptional management ensures that every need of the tourists is catered to, with all arrangements meticulously handled and necessary instructions provided, allowing travellers to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Having achieved our dream of visiting 50 countries, our sights are now set on reaching the 75-nation milestone, with Turkey or Iceland likely to be our next destinations. If you aspire to fulfill your travel goals like us, consider creating your travel portfolio with Veena World today.

  • Mr. Devendra Khadse and Mrs. Pramila Khadse, Vashi, Navi Mumbai 
March 09, 2024


Veena Patil
Veena Patil

‘Exchange a coin and you make no difference but exchange a thought and you can change the world.’ Hi! I’m Veena Patil... Fortunate enough to have answered my calling some 40+ years ago and content enough to be in this business of delivering happiness almost all my life. Tourism indeed moulds you into a minimalist... Memories are probably our only possession. And memories are all about sharing experiences, ideas and thoughts. Life is simple, but it becomes easy when we share. Places and people are two things that interest me the most. While places have taken care of themselves, here are my articles through which I can share some interesting stories I live and love on a daily basis with all you wonderful people out there. I hope you enjoy the journey... Let’s go, celebrate life!

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