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7 Winter Road Trips in India that you must go for

7 mins. read

As winter approaches, the urge to snuggle cosily with a nice cup of hot chocolate and binge-watching your favourite movies increases. But very few know that this is also a season to take some amazing road trips. Winter is a perfect time to get on the road and go for those amazing road trips. Especially in India, the months of November, December, January and February are considered to be really good.   So, instead of going all over the internet to search, we bring you a consolidated synopsis of the destinations ideal for that perfect winter road trip of your dreams. Fasten your seatbelts. We’re about to start.

1. Delhi to Leh via Manali

You cannot say road trip and not mention Manali and Leh in it. And this road trip lets you experience both these destinations on the same trip. Fun, isn’t it? The Delhi to Leh via Manali journey is approximately 1,011 km long and can take up to 24 hours to complete. This journey is divided into two parts – Delhi to Manali and Manali to Leh and is one of the best places to visit in December.  En route, you can halt for savouring steaming momos, the classic Maggi and tea and so many other delicacies. And with scenic stopovers like Rohtang La, Keylong, Jispa, Sarchu, Baralacha La, Darcha and countless places en route to capture stunning pictures, this Delhi to Leh road trip has excitement and fun in equal amount.

2. Jammu to Srinagar

Everyone knows that Kashmir is a heaven on earth and is a dream of everyone to visit at least once. And if you get a chance to drive through this wonderland, it just doesn’t get better than this! One of the famous road trips in the north of India is the Jammu to Kashmir trip. This journey connects the summer and winter capitals – Jammu and Srinagar respectively which are a distance of approximately 300 km. It is a road trip of approximately 10-12 hours, depending on the road condition. The road is full of stunning valleys, mesmerizing mountains and surreal experiences. Definitely worth every minute!

3. Pune to Goa

rock formation on body of water during sunset

Another one of the classics! Everyone knows about Mumbai to Goa Road Trip. But going to Goa from Pune is also an unforgettable experience. With a slight chill in the Pune air and a pleasant climate in Goa due to winters, this road trip becomes even better. The distance is approximately 500 kms. There are multiple routes to get to Goa from Pune. But one of the best routes to Goa from Pune, is via the Kolhapur – Amboli Ghat route. This route allows you to traverse through some of the best destinations in Maharashtra. The journey is very scenic and en route you also get to try delicious food. One of the best places to visit in January in India. A win-win we would say!

4. Jaipur to Jaisalmer

man in blue jacket and black pants standing beside camel on desert during daytime

Take two of the best places in Rajasthan which are full of vibrancy and culture, and add a road trip in them. What do you get? A winning combo for sure! Jaisalmer is approximately 560 km from Jaipur, and it takes almost 9.5 to 10 hours to reach Jaipur. On the way, you may consider halting in places such as Kishangarh fort, Pushkar, Ajmer, Nagaur and more. And while you halt, do not forget to try our lip-smacking Rajasthani dishes such as dal bhati choorma, pyaaz kachaauri, Gatte ki sabzi, lal maas and more. This winter road trip from the pink city to the golden city will leave you in awe and also in love with Rajasthan.

5. Chandigarh to Kasol

river in the middle of forest during daytime

There is something about North India and winters that makes a person very eager to visit. The winter road trips have become a trend recently. However, long before this became mainstream, people used to enjoy travelling by road during winters. One such iconic route is the Chandigarh to Kasol route. You start early in the morning from Chandigarh and proceed towards Kasol. The overall distance is approximately 290 kms. You start from the planned proper city of Chandigarh and then end up in Kasol – a village in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh which is also the hub of backpackers, and trek enthusiasts.  En route, you get to visit Kullu, Mandi and other such places. This is an experience like no other.

6. Puri to Konark

people walking on park during daytime

Speaking of road trips, it is not just Western and Northern India that is famous. A lot of East Indian and South Indian destinations are a perfect option to go on a winter road trip. This route has you driving down the road where there is lush greenery on one side and the sea on the other. Known as the Marine Drive, this road from Puri to Konark is one of the most scenic coastal roads in India. It connects the land of the Sun temple to the land of Jagannath Puri. This road trip lets you visit some amazing places in a short span and also to indulge yourself in the local Odia cuisine like Pakhala Bhat, Chenna Poda, Rasabali etc. The journey is a relatively small one, it is still an experience in itself.

7. Mangalore to Gokarna

aerial view of people on beach during daytime

South India has some of the most stunning landscapes. The roads are surrounded by various amazing natural attractions such as an array of coconut trees, small lakes, the sea and more. The Mangalore to Gokarna is arguably, one of the best coastal driveways which offer you an insight into the South Indian coastal terrain. Enroute, you end up visiting destinations like the Panambur beach, Mangalore fort etc. in Mangalore and the famous Mahabaleshwar temple in Gokarna amongst others. The highlights are the Maravanthe beach road where you get the Kolluru river on one side, the Arabian Sea on the other and you drive right through the middle. Once the trip ends, you can catch a breath-taking sunset on the beach.  What a perfect way to unwind!

After this exhilarating list, we hope your bucket list is ready, your engine is revving and you are all set for that wonderful winter road trip. Let us know if you have been on any such winter road trips in India and also what were your funny, quirky or amazing experiences. Until next time!

January 08, 2022


Ankita Joshi
Ankita Joshi

A history, culture and music enthusiast with tremendous love for travel! My love for writing comes from my love for reading and exploring various topics.

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