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Best Places to Visit in January for The Perfect Start To 2020

8 mins. read

Enjoying the holiday season in December with family and friends can provide the utmost comfort and peace to every individual. Christmas celebrations and New Year Eve parties are two year-end traditions around the world that most people love toasting to! With the onset of January, planning a vacation with your loved ones can be an exciting extension of this merriment and how! For those who enjoy travelling in the winter season – our recommendations of the best places to visit in January is diverse in nature. From scenic islands, lush mountain ranges, breathtaking plains to mystic forests, travelling in January can be an enchanting experience if done the right way. Without further ado, here are the top places to go in January around the world: -

1. Japan

If cherry blossoms, sushi and snow-capped hills appeal to your soul, then visiting Japan in the winter can be highly rewarding! This island nation of Asia, renowned around the world for its natural beauty, enchanting culture and warm people is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in January. As creative as the Japanese can get, the Snow Festival in Sapporo organised in the month of January can truly bring out the wide-eyed child in you. Moreover, snowboarding enthusiasts can visit the mountainous regions of Hakuba and Niseko for one of the best trails in the country. In fact, some of the best winter holiday deals can be found in the capital city, Tokyo, where you can savour in the rich history of Japan along with mouth-watering delicacies and enigmatic events organised near the never-ending skyscrapers. If you are into understanding the country’s religious beliefs, staying at a Shinto or Buddhist temple can be a soul-enriching experience as well.

2. Italy

Travelling in the mesmerising cities of Italy during the month of January is an off-beat yet stimulating journey. This is primarily because of the cold weather which most tourists tend to avoid. From the Roman churches to the museums of Florence, it is easier to visit the popular places in Italy in January since there are fewer tourists around. This can help you in exploring all the hidden treasures of this beautiful country. If you haven’t witnessed a snowfall, the ones in Alps of Paso or Cervine can be a life-changing experience for sure. Going to southern parts of Italy can bring in some warmth, especially in the Amalfi Coast which feels like a piece of heaven on our planet. For food lovers, Italian delicacies are revered like the Bible which can be devoured in the quaint cafes of Sicily, another Italian region which is reputed for being one of the best places to travel in January.

3. Pondicherry

When it comes to India, there are several places to go in January; however, Pondicherry tops the chart for most enthusiasts. One of the best holiday destinations in January, this southern city of India is immense in what it offers. If you prefer lying on a sunny beach during the predominant winter season, Pondicherry is the place to be at. While you’re at it, bird watching at Ousteri Lake can be a revelatory activity where exotic species of migratory birds can be seen flying across this freshwater lake. To explore the unique architecture of Auroville, exploring Green Quarters and the ancient French houses must be done on a cycle (with lots of sunblock on your bodies). Food in Pondicherry, just like its people, is heart-warming with Cafe des Arts and The Lighthouse serving the most authentic delicacies in town.

4. The Maldives 

Indian Ocean’s most fascinating archipelago, the Maldives is among the best places to travel in January 2020 as it offers tourists tropical living at its finest. Exploring the tiny capital city of Male for renowned tourist spots such as Sultan Park, Old Friday Mosque, National Museum and the tomb of Mohammed Thakurufaanu will help you understand the lifestyle of the predominantly Muslim population. Island hopping is another fun activity in which you can explore popular islands like Biyadhoo Island, Alimatha Island, Baros, etc. where scuba diving and dolphin-watching are must things to do. Be it luxury or budget, a vacation in the Maldives feels like a trip to paradise where the sun shines bright and the soft wind can be felt on your skin! Fresh seafood and authentic Male delicacies shouldn’t be missed out by tourists at the top restaurants of the island like Salt Cafe and Symphony Restaurant. So, if you really wish to visit the best places in January, the Maldives should be on your bucket list.

5. New Zealand

Since the southern hemisphere experience summer in January, New Zealand’s landscape draws the perfect picture for those who crave sandy beaches, adventurous water sports and lush gardens. While there are plenty of tourist spots, the most popular places to visit in January can be explored in Waiheke Island, Harbour Bridge, One Tree Hill and Rotorua. Besides this, you can also visit the North Islands for touring the famous limestone caves that date back to 30 million years. The unique culture of indigenous people in New Zealand can be witnessed at Maori Village with authentic food, friendly people and handicrafts. Among the best places to visit in January, Mount Ruapehu, a skiing destination for tourists, shouldn’t be given a-miss. If you happen to be an art buff, Wellington is the right place for you as its streets are sprawling with graffiti and art galleries. Indulging in some crayfish and the famous “kiwi burger” should also top the list of things to do in New Zealand.

6. Barbados

Witnessing the beauty of Barbados set in the Caribbean is exclaimed to be like “cheese on the bread” (meaning, excellent). This breathtaking country has some of the best places to go in January. Why? Simply put, the weather is next to perfection. If partying in the tropics is your idea of fun, then Barbados can be a legendary adventure for you. St. Lawrence Gap and The Ship Inn are highly recommended for authentic Caribbean rum and beer. For those who love to explore the deep blue sea, snorkelling near the Platinum Coast can be an unforgettable experience. Other water sports such as stand up paddle-boarding and kayaking can be enjoyed at even Seven Mile and Palm Beaches. Delicacies of Barbados are primarily focused on fresh seafood and tropical fruits which can be relished The Cliff, popular known as the places to visit in January for its Cou Cou & Flying Fish, Cutters and Rum Punch. For what it’s worth, Barbados is unarguably one of the best places to travel in January for discovering the most alluring side of the Caribbean.

Armed with this diverse list of destinations, you can start the New Year with a big, refreshing bang! After all, new travel experiences are what a true traveler seeks.

January 04, 2020


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