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14 Offbeat Places near Darjeeling that Should Be on Your Bucket List

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Travelling is a passion for some people and recreational activity for others. But in both cases, the urge to unwind amid lush greenery, majestic mountains, and serene waterfalls is generally observed. Darjeeling has been a popular tourist destination in West Bengal for quite a long time. You can find splendid resorts in Darjeeling and fun-filled activities to do; this hill station has something for everyone. But there are some offbeat places near Darjeeling that are slowly gaining popularity among tourists from all corners of the globe. The magic of tea gardens, orange orchards, paddy fields, and crystal-clear lakes has made these places the perfect holiday destinations. Mentioned below are 14 offbeat places near Darjeeling that should be on your bucket list: -

1. Tiger Hill

 While searching for offbeat places near Darjeeling that would simply take your breath away, Tiger Hill is one place that should be on your bucket list. Merely 13 km from Darjeeling, this hilltop is known for its mesmerizing morning views. Waking up early to visit this offbeat destination near Darjeeling would be worth your time and effort because of the breathtaking sight of Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga! You can book a taxi from your hotel or hire a private car and drive yourself to Tiger Hill easily.

2. Batasia Loop

One of the most popular things to do in Darjeeling is to take a ride on the toy train, officially known as the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR). You will find that the best Darjeeling holiday packages will have itineraries dedicating half a day to DHR. But did you know that there is another hidden treasure close by? Batasia Loop is literally a railway loop that wraps itself around a hilltop tunnel near Ghoom station in West Bengal. Just 4 km from DHR, this offbeat location near Darjeeling provides you with one of the coolest railway experiences.

this offbeat location near Darjeeling

3. Kurseong

If Darjeeling’s hill-station charm wasn’t enough, Kurseong is there to satiate your inner mountaineer. A wonderland of its own kind, this is an off-beat hill station, hardly 30 km of distance from Darjeeling with so many places to see that you will surely need to add a day or two to your itinerary. Expect waterfalls, temples, Buddhist gompas, tea gardens, and what have you! Kurseong is fondly also called the “Land of White Orchids” as it is laden with these flowers like a newlywed bride.

4. Sittong

Situated in the Kurseong district, Sittong is one of the prettiest nests of East Himalayan villages that you can lay your eyes on. There are so many orange orchards in and around Sittong that the air has a refreshing aroma from them all year round! Easy to reach by road, Sittong is one of the most appealing places near Darjeeling that should be part of your offbeat vacation plans.

5. Lamahatta

People who are longing for solitude in their lives will find a lot of it in Lamahatta. This is such a peaceful village that you can free your mind from all its troubles. Since Lamahatta is located quite near Darjeeling, it is one of the most famous off-beat tourist places. In the last decade, the Lamahatta Eco Park has also caught the eye of avid travellers for its natural trails, bamboo gazebos, and pine trees. It is recommended to Lamhatta during the winter season when you can see flowers blooming all around this village.

6. Lepchajagat

There are all kinds of tourists in the world and that is just how it is. While some prefer happening places with a lot of people around them, others prefer to spend some quality time in the lap of nature without any disturbances. Lepchajagat caters best to those who wish to be on their own surrounded by the most breathtaking views of Mount Kanchenjunga. As far as offbeat destinations in and around Darjeeling are concerned, Lepchajagat is as offbeat as it can get. This is because it has not been explored by a large number of tourists yet. Only 14 km from Darjeeling, this one’s a no-brainer for true mountain explorers.

7. Tinchuley

Tinchuley is one of those places near Darjeeling that define the term offbeat in the best possible way. Away from the limelight of hill stations in West Bengal and Sikkim, Tinchuley is a gem that lies 32 km from the main city of Darjeeling. You can miss it so make you take some help from the locals. A walk in the tea gardens and orchards can make you truly appreciate the beauty of our country.

8. Chota and Bara Mangwa

From the endless orange orchards in Chota Mangwa to the paddy fields in Bara Mangwa, paradise is only 25 km away from Darjeeling! That’s right. Chota and Bara Mangwa are two offbeat places to visit in the pursuit of witnessing natural beauty at its finest. These villages are only 25 minutes apart from one another so you can easily them on the same day. Hiking, rock climbing, and bird-watching are just some of the activities that you can do in Chota and Bara Mangwa.

9. Chatakpur

The people of North Bengal are known for their seriousness towards nature conversation and it best reflects in their eco-friendly villages. Chatakpur is another example in this part of the country where you will not find any product that can harm the environment. While other offbeat places in Darjeeling do not require special permission, this one requires a permit. So, make sure you get one in advance so that enjoying a day in an eco-friendly cottage can be possible for you!

10. Takdah

We all know the impact of the colonial era on art and architecture in Bengal. Some remnants are still standing tall in hidden towns and villages; Takdah is one such tourist destination near Darjeeling where you can stay in a British-era bungalow! Besides this, you can walk around tea gardens, visit the Takdah Orchid Centre, and pay your respects to Takdah Monastery to understand its culture and heritage.


11. Rishyap

Kalimpong is a hill station very close to Darjeeling in West Bengal. Besides its own tourist attractions, there are several offbeat places in Kalimpong that are near Darjeeling, so tourists from both hill stations can visit them easily. Cradling in the valleys of Kalimpong is a village called Rishyap where you can take a detour and unwind. Rishyap does not boast about its beauty but gives travellers time to fall in love with its simplicity. Friendly Sherpas offer their homes to tourists at the most affordable prices and ensure that they get to cherish Rishyap as much as possible.

12. Mirik

Newly-married couples, solo travellers, and families who want to vacation in an offbeat location nearly 30 km from Darjeeling can give Mirik a chance. This is a hill town set along a lake where the East Himalayas present a pleasant environment majority part of the year. A lot of tourists enjoy boating in Mirik along with exploring orange orchards and tea gardens.

13. Rimbik

While exploring the Singalila National Park near Darjeeling, you can take an offbeat route to Rimbik which is one of the most popular trekking destinations in North Bengal. This tiny village is full of surprises when it comes to finding unique trails, flora and fauna. Since it is 56 km from Darjeeling, it is advised to book a private taxi from your hotel or hire a self-drive car for a day.

14. Yuksom

Yuksom is the base camp for trekkers from all over the world planning to climb Mount Kanchenjunga. So, you can imagine the multi-cultural atmosphere of this village, especially during the trekking season. It takes around 3 hours to reach Yuksom from Darjeeling, thus, it is recommended to spend the night at a homestay and then head back. The delectable local food is another reason why you need to spend some time here!

With the magical world of the orange village and paddy-field towns awaiting your presence, how are you still able to procrastinate? Book your holiday package to Darjeeling and explore some of the best offbeat places in and around it!

November 04, 2022


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