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Mussoorie Best Season to Visit: A Seasonal Guide to the Queen of the Hills in India

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Someone has rightly said, “Life is a tapestry of different seasons” and seizing each one at a beautiful destination makes all the difference.

Have you ever been at a crossroads, wondering when is the best time to spend frolicking the open expanses of Mussoorie? Whether to roam the deep woods in autumn or hike through the trails and camp at the ranges to witness the most breathtaking sunset, one spring evening.

Each season brings something new to Mussoorie. While Mussoorie tour packages will give you a glimpse into this paradise and offer a welcoming reprieve from the plains, knowing a little more about Mussorie and the best time to visit will only enhance your visit.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this piece.

  • A Little About the Paradise We Call Mussoorie
  • Best Seasons to Visit Mussoorie

The Paradise We Call Mussoorie

Located in the Uttarakhand state, surrounded by stunning views of the Garhwal Himalayas, winding roads punctuated by verdant sights and cosy cottages, Mussoorie is a sight to behold.

This captivating paradise has long claimed many hearts. It was discovered fortuitously by an adventurous British military officer Captain Frederick Young and a resident Superintendent FJ Shore in the 1820s. Since then, Mussoorie has become a favourite travel destination. And its pleasant weather makes it all the more attractive. In fact, Mussoorie is among the top 5 stops on our Uttarakhand tour packages.

Home to famous authors and celebrities, Mussoorie is a paradise for leisure activities. There is something very unique about the charm of this pre-independent British summer capital. The remnants of the colonial legacy can still be seen in the architecture, houses, homegrown eateries and shops dotting the landscape. The adjoining hill station of Landour, along with Barlowganj and Jharipani together form the greater Mussoorie.

As a significant part of the Dehradun district along with Rishikesh, Mussoorie with its green hills, a variety of flora and fauna, white-capped Himalayan peaks to the north-east and Doon Valley to the South teems with tourists, adventurers and calm seekers throughout the year. Depending on whether you are craving a welcoming break from the hot months beneath cascading waterfalls or waiting for snowfall, the best time to visit Mussoorie will revolve around your preferences.

Best Seasons to Visit Mussoorie

If someone asks us, “When is the best month to visit Mussoorie”, you will hear us say - every single season is the best season to visit Mussoorie!

The hill station has a lot to offer and is accessible throughout the year. Perfect for a quintessential hill station getaway, carrying an alluring charm, a vibe similar to that of the rest of the Uttarakhand - our beautiful Devbhumi with its astounding views, lush jungles, ancient buildings and Chota Chardhams. Flanked by the majestic Kedarkhand (Garhwal) Mountains, Mussoorie experiences ever-changing weather due to its varied topography.

Mussoorie in Summer - March to June

March to June is the peak season and the best time to go to Mussoorie. This is when Mussoorie experiences its shot of colours. In the summers, the highlands are covered with rows and rows of flowers, blue skies and clear views of the jaw-dropping snow-covered mountains. The weather is perfect for participating in adventure sports or taking long walks with your loved ones. From admiring the beauty of the Kempty Falls to spending the evening boating at the Mussoorie Lake, there is so much in store for couples and solitary wanderers alike.

Activities and Places to Visit in Summer

Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls Mussoorie

Falling from a gigantic outcropping of stone surrounded by high mountain ranges, Kempty Falls is the most famous waterfalls in Mussoorie. A famous destination for nature lovers, Kempty Falls come alive in the summer season.

Shop at Mall Road

Summers is indeed the best time for Mussorie if you are up for a shopping spree at Mall Road. With temperatures ranging between 10 to 30 degrees C, taking a stroll in the open market of Mall Road with its clothes shops, restaurants, and carnival atmosphere offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Boating at Mussoorie Lake

Mussoorie Lake in the summer seasons is surrounded by locals selling their wares, food stalls, and paddle boats lining the corner of the lake. Boating at Mussoorie Lake in the summer season is the best way for tourists to get a respite from the scorching midday sun.

Paragliding Through the Skies

Paragliding over the canopies of trees in the Mussoorie region is best done in the summer season. Since the summer boasts clear skies with occasional clouds drifting across the sky, the time is perfect for adventurers who want to take in the beauty of the hill station from the top of the world.

Mussoorie in Monsoon - July to Mid-September

July to September are the quietest seasons in Mussoorie. With barely any visitors hogging the famous destination, planning your trip during the off-season in Mussoorie is a great chance to witness its beauty at its best. Though most of the region experiences excessive rainfalls - the slopes manage to remain drier than the plains and the hill station is prone to occasional landslides, the views you will be rewarded with will leave you speechless. With constant downpours, the hills and glens are lush with vegetation in the monsoon season in Mussoorie. If you are one for an extended soul-nourishing staycation with your partner, our Mussoorie package for couples can give you just that.

Activities and Places to Visit in Monsoon

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural retreat for different bird and animal species. Though the sanctuary is about 6 miles from Mussoorie, a day’s trip is perfect to witness the flora and fauna in its natural state. Moreover, with mountain mists and occasional rainfalls, the sanctuary comes alive to sooth the eyes.

Drive Down to Landour

Monsoon season in Mussoorie is perfect to visit Landour. Ideal for those seeking solitude, peace and tranquillity, away from the usual hustle and bustle of the summer season. With the fine silhouette of the Garhwal Himalayas, the occasional drizzles drenching the landscape and Mussorie hills in the embrace of dark clouds, driving to Landour is nothing short of an adventure activity.

Mussoorie in Winter - October to February

Mussoorie is the winter season that looks straight out of a postcard. After heavy rainfalls, the weather in Mussoorie begins to get a little chillier. The winter sun barely manages to break through the clouds and eventually, the landscape is covered in fresh snow. Shoulder season is the best time to visit Mussoorie for snowfall. The hill station is perfect for those who wish to enjoy a calm and relaxed winter evening at a cosy cafe with a cup of hot chocolate warming their insides. Moreover, with snow blanketing the hill station, Mussoorie is not as crowded as it is in the peak seasons, allowing you to find several budget-friendly stays.

Activities and Places to Visit in Winter

Forest Walk at Benog Sanctuary

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary offers a perfect escape from the world. With a variety of flora and fauna, old cedar trees and breathtaking views of snow-clad peaks, a hike through Benog Hill is the best way to spend the winter season in Mussoorie.

Hike to the George Everest Peak

George Everest Peak is one of the most frequented places in Mussoorie. Though heavy snowfall may make some parts of the peak inaccessible, several winter line adventure camps are set up for those who wish to camp and witness the magic of the winter line.

There is no “one” best season to visit Mussoorie. Each season spent in Mussoorie brings different experiences, chances to make memories, and a reminder to appreciate the wonders of nature. This captivating paradise with its cascading waterfalls, lofty pine trees and winding trails is perfect to explore no matter the season.

Regardless of the direction the wind is blowing, the rain is falling or the sun keeps peeking from behind the clouds, this Queen of Hill Stations will give you a taste of tranquillity and satiate your wandering spirit. To experience it first-hand, browse through our Mussoorie tour packages and prebook to avoid the last-minute rush.

June 04, 2024


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