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Most Serene Places to Visit in Vietnam

9 mins. read

Right from quaint paddy fields and gorgeous winding mountain passes to breathtaking ranges and geological wonders, Vietnam is the quintessential travel destination for travellers especially those who are looking for some peace and serenity. With its numerous points of interests, the country is a haven for bikers, hikers and people who love to stay outdoors.

Whether you wish to kite-surf the oceanic waters or hike the iconic hills surrounding Bac Ha, unforgettable experiences await you when you plan a trip to Vietnam. Even if you wish to retreat to a spa, Vietnam has some outstanding options for you to check out. The country is loaded with oodles of natural beauty and offers the ideal setup to just unwind and relax in the lap of nature and experience serenity from up and close.

If you are looking for serene places to visit in Vietnam, here is a list of places to visit in Vietnam that you can refer to whenever you decide to blow off some steam in the idyllic environs of this country: -

1. Hạ Long Bay

Ha Long Bay translates to ‘The Bay of Descending Dragons’. It is a captivating landscape where you get to catch a beautiful glimpse of the sun going down when you go cruising amidst the serene waters of the bay. Even the mist that rises off the calm waters elevates the beauty of the bay. It is one of the top places to visit in Vietnam where you get to gawk in wonderment at the stunning limestone formations. This geological wonder in fact finds the number one spot in the list of best places to visit in Vietnam for numerous travellers.

2. Ban Gioc Waterfall

Ban Gioc is a gorgeous waterfall and one of the most important tourist places in Vietnam. Fed by the beguiling Quay Son River, the falls make for a breathtaking sight amidst mesmerizing environs. We’d recommend visiting these falls around lunchtime because this is the time when the upstream dam is opened. At this time, the falls look even more beautiful.

The best time to visit these iconic Vietnam waterfalls is during monsoon which is from May to October. At this time, the flow of the river reaches its peak which makes for a fascinating view altogether. Gazing at the falls makes for a serene experience during your Vietnam travel, so do make a pit stop here whenever you can during your trip.

3. Mekong Delta

If peace is what you seek during your Vietnam trip, Mekong Delta is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam for a tryst with nature. It is Vietnam’s very own rice bowl with a mix of swamps, tiny islands, rivers, and green areas. The Delta is a great place to relax while you witness at the picture-perfect greenery of the place. The chief mode of transport of the inhabitants here is tiny boats. One of the most interesting things to do at the Delta is visiting a crocodile farm; don’t skip on that!

4. Sapa Countryside

The rice field countryside neighbouring Sapa with the Hoang Lien Mountains on its borders provides a lens into the most gorgeous vistas of Vietnam. When you go through the valley here, you meet many ethnic minorities of the country including the Red Dzao, Giay, and Hmong people. The hills here have terraces of rice fields and offer the perfect place for a peaceful respite. With beautiful scenery all around, one cannot help but feel a sense of calm in the air.

It is also one of the best trekking destinations in Vietnam. You can even day hike between the small villages and get spellbound by the magnificent mountains in the backdrop. In all, a visit to the Sapa countryside should definitely find a spot in your list of places to visit in Vietnam.  

5. One Pillar Pagoda

Constructed by Emperor Ly Thai Tong, the One Pillar Pagoda is another major tourist attraction of Vietnam. The pagoda is an interesting structure as it is carved out of wood on a pillar that is constructed from a single stone. A quiet place to visit on your Vietnam tour, the pagoda is made in a way that it matches the appearance of a lotus blossom. A charming place filled with serenity, the pagoda is one of the best places to see in Vietnam.  It is also one of the best places to visit in Hanoi when touring Vietnam.

6. Nha Trang

Nha Trang is one of the most popular tourist spots in Vietnam. Located along the coastline, Nha Trang is a vibrant city and one of the oldest human settlements in entire Vietnam. The city is also a famous scuba diving spot in Vietnam. Given the charm and tranquility of Nha Trang, the destination has slowly gotten the status of being the topmost spots for vacation all over the world. Renowned for its picture-perfect appeal, the place is ideal if you are looking for water sports and recreational activities. All said and done, Nha Trang is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

7. Cát Bà Island

Cát Bà Island is perched on Ha Long Bay’s south-eastern edge. One of the top tourist places of Vietnam, this island is known for its immaculate waters, untouched beaches, and deep jungles. Being one of the most famous places in Vietnam, the island is crowded during high season. So, the best time to visit the island is from June to August when the island sees lesser footfall so that you can fully take in the natural beauty of the place.

8. Hội An

One of the most charming places to see in Vietnam, Hội An is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. Being an ancient city featuring colonial architecture, the place has an offbeat charm that many travellers get attracted to. Hội An is as dreamy as it gets with its illuminated lanterns, lush gardens, scrumptious food, and serene beaches.

9. Hà Giang

Hà Giang is a northern province of Vietnam and showcases dramatic scenery enough to leave you gazing for hours. Forested granite and limestone mountains, majestic caves, and luminescent rice fields dot the picturesque landscape of this beautiful province. For those looking for a peaceful respite, Hà Giang is the place to head to. Credited as one of the best places to visit in Vietnam, you get to see beautiful panoramic sights of rice fields from Quản Bạ pass or Heaven’s gate.

10. Best time to visit Vietnam

The best time to visit Vietnam is in the autumn season i.e. August to October and the spring season i.e. February to April. These months are ideal to plan a Vietnam tour because it receives the lowest amount of rainfall at this time. Plan a trek in the mountains, go for a swim on the beach, or cycle along the paths of the beautiful countryside; the options are many and all of them are fun!

11. Vietnam Visa for Indians

Visa on arrival is another benefit that you get while travelling to Vietnam. Detailed information about Vietnam visa for Indians can be checked out on the official website for Vietnam Visa after checking the cost and other requirements.

There are umpteen places to visit in Vietnam that keep you hooked right till the end. With its white sand beaches, terraced rice fields, and mesmerising limestone mountains, Vietnam will charm you beyond compare and offer the much-needed peace that you seek.

If you wish to explore Vietnam’s important tourist spots, the ideal way to plan your Vietnam tour will be by opting for a tour package. Vietnam is also a hit among honeymooners and this is the reason why they are increasingly opting for a Vietnam honeymoon package for the same. The best part about these packages is that they come with a pre-planned itinerary and cover all the best places to visit in Vietnam.

February 06, 2020


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