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10 Must-Visit Temples in Lumbini for Wanderers

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With unique & diverse living history and culture, temples in Lumbini Nepal have been blending and carrying the history of thousands of years. Lumbini the birthplace of Lord Buddha, is situated in the Rupandehi district of Nepal. Today you can visit all the beautiful monasteries that were built by countries such as China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Germany, France and many more. There are age-long traditions of visiting these pilgrimage sites and major tourist places in Nepal. Lumbini is also considered one of the world’s most important spiritual sites. Immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of Lumbini. Embarking on a tour means an outer journey in geographical space, that is meant for experience, leisure or sightseeing. Whereas, pilgrimage is an inner journey that is influenced by visiting sacred holy sites with an intent to find inner peace. Most of the tourist places in Lumbini get their characteristics related to spirituality from the archaeological remains of Lord Buddha.

List of the Temples You Must Visit in Lumbini

  1. Maya Devi Temple
  2. Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery
  3. Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar
  4. Sri Lankan Monastery
  5. Cambodian Monastery
  6. Myanmar Golden Temple
  7. Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery
  8. Korean Temple
  9. Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu Temple
  10. Thrangu Vajra Vidya Monastery

Maya Devi Temple

The Maya Devi temple in Lumbini is one of the ancient Buddhist temples. Due to its cultural relevance and significance with the history of Gautama Buddha, the birthplace of Buddha is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The temple is located right next to the sacred pool called Pushkarini and a sacred garden. Within its boundary, the Maya Devi temple in Lumbini has several places to explore.

Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery

The Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery is one of the international monasteries built in Nepal and funded by the government of Thailand. The meditation centre near the monastery attracts pilgrims and visitors from all over the world. The main attraction of this Buddhist temple in Lumbini is the beautiful designs and carvings on the temple that display fine Thai architecture.

Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar

Visiting this Buddhist Gompa is an ideal destination for those seeking peace and tranquility. For tourists who are always on the run, this is a perfect place to slow down, meditate and reflect on oneself. It is a Tibetan-styled Gompa and one of those places to visit in Lumbini. Visitors can immerse themselves in devotion with the rest of the monks who conduct Tara Puja every day.

Sri Lankan Monastery

The grand monastery conducts several significant religious events and practices. The monastery is a perfect illustration of spiritual belief that brings two countries closer. The monastery is a beautiful Sri Lankan-styled Buddhist temple in Lumbini that speaks about the life of Gautama Buddha and its significance in the region. The story of Buddha on the walls inside the monastery, the meditation hall & the lotus flower pond are the main attractions of this monastery.

Cambodian Monastery

It is one of the most fascinating temples in Lumbini. The architectural design of this monastery is a resemblance of the famous Angkor Wat. Moreover, the large compound has an outer wall covered with beautiful and intricate designs. The statue of Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree inside the temple is the main attraction along with the outer wall which is decorated with cultural designs.

Myanmar Golden Temple

The Myanmar Golden Temple in Lumbini is the oldest structure in the city. The temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha which is built in Burmese style of architecture. The well-designed prayer halls and a Lokamani Pula Pagoda inside the temple are its main attractions. This place is meant for people who want to immerse themselves in a spiritual vibe.

Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery

Popularly known as the China Temple, it is also an elegant Buddhist temple in Lumbini. Visitors here can take part in events and practice meditation. The surrounding of the temple is covered in beautiful trees & flowers and the exceptional architecture is one of its main attractions.

Korean Temple

Dae Sung Shakya Sa, popularly known as the Korean temple is a Buddhist monastery. It is also one of the tallest monasteries in Lumbini. The colorful temple in itself is the main attraction which is built in the Korean style of architecture. Unlike other tourist places in Lumbini, the temple also offers a community sleeping area and three meals a day for visitors at a minimum cost.

Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu Temple

It is one of the few attractions that represent the relationship between Nepal and Vietnam. The main attraction here is the architecture and other developments around the temple. Vietnam Phat Quoc Tu temple in Lumbini attracts tourists who want to visit the temple as part of the pilgrimage for Gautama Buddha.

Thrangu Vajra Vidya Monastery

This monastery is dedicated to Thrangu Rinpoche. He was fond of the teachings of Buddha which helped him to build his principles of peace, knowledge and unity. It also actively supports education in Nepal. Many events take place at the monastery. On your Nepal tour packages make sure to get the best of Lumbini with Veena World.

Best Time to Visit Lumbini

Annapurna Nepalembassygovnp

Veena World’s tour packages for Nepal are all-season friendly. The best time would be October to November because the weather gets cool and pleasant. April-May is also considered an ideal time to visit Lumbini, as you can take part in the celebrations of Buddha’s birth. You can visit Lumbini throughout the year because different seasons offer different kinds of attractions and activities. Additionally, you can also speak to Veena World’s travel experts for tips, tricks and hacks to build up the best tour package for Lumbini.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha and the shrine of holy temples build a significant aura around this country. For people who want to embark on a spiritual journey, visiting Lumbini is a must at least once in a lifetime. Pilgrimage sites in Lumbini are the perfect blend of neighbouring countries’ cultures and architecture. Moreover, visiting these pilgrimage sites reduces mental stress while allowing you to gain peace.

March 29, 2024


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