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Sightseeing Diaries: Get the Most Out of Your Kasol Trip

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Nothing beats the crisp breath of fresh air in the cold mornings of Kasol and the pleasant sound of the Parvati River cascading down the valley, complemented perfectly by the gorgeous views of snow-capped mountains that surround you. There’s so much to do and so many places to see in Kasol that it is nothing less than the perfect destination for a myriad of travellers. Find the best of hidden places in this small town and enjoy the peaceful serenity. From delicious food to mesmerising places and the warm hospitality of the locals, here’s more on the best places to visit with a perfectly designed Kasol Tourism Package.

Best Destinations for Sightseeing in Kasol

Shooting to popularity in the last decade, Kasol has proved itself to be a worthy destination to add to your travel bucket list. Often called the “Mini Israel of India”, Kasol welcomes students, backpackers, families, and all kinds of travellers, offering a unique experience full of calm serenity and a laidback ambience where you can unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whenever you head out to Kasol, your sightseeing itinerary should definitely include these gems:

  1. Nature Park, Kasol
  2. Tosh
  3. Manikaran Sahib
  4. Naggar Village
  5. Grahan
  6. Tirthan Valley
  7. Rasol
  8. Sar Pass
  9. Kheerganga
  10. Pin Parvati Pass

Nature Park, Kasol

There’s no dearth of places to visit in Kasol, and the Nature Park should be one of the first places you check out. The wonderful site is full of pine trees and offers easy access to the alluring Parvati River. It’s the best place to head to, to unwind from the city. This is one of the places in Kasol that has something for everyone, including a play space for the kids, a Parvati River View Gazebo, a treehouse, walking trails, and much more.



One of the tourist places of Kasol that are a little off the beaten track, Tosh is located at the far end of Parvati Valley and can only be explored on foot, post crossing a bridge that connects the last road head from Barshaini to the small village. The village has some of the best views in the area that you can witness, spanning the entire valley and nearby peaks. Tosh is one of the best places to visit in Kasol if you’re looking for a peaceful vacation.


Located just 4 kilometres from Kasol, along the banks of the Parvati River, Manikaran is a well-known pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs. Apart from some of the best hotels in Kasol, you will find the well-known Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, a Shiva temple, hot springs, and several other temples here. The hot springs have therapeutic qualities and are even used to cook the food that is served at the langar at the Gurudwara.

Naggar Village

Once the seat of the kingdom of Kullu, Naggar was the home to the kings and queens of the princely state for over 1400 years. Full of streets that are shadowed by canopies of deodar trees and ancient temples where the laughter of the village’s children echoes in welcome, Naggar Village is definitely one of the lesser-known tourist places of Kasol that has a lot to offer. Not located too far from Kasol, sightseeing in the village can include Naggar Castle, the International Roerich Memorial Trust, Tripura Sundari Temple, Jana Waterfall, and much more.


Another one of the best places to visit in Kasol, reaching Grahan involves a fair bit of a trek. It is generally a good idea to leave any cumbersome pieces of luggage in Kasol’s main city before you begin the hike to Grahan. You can even set aside a few days of your Kasol trip and spend a good amount of time in Grahan. After all, when you get to this little village, just a few miles away from Kasol, yet so completely different, you’d want to explore it to your heart’s content.

Tirthan Valley

Another one of the most interesting places to see near Kasol, Tirthan Valley is no less than a paradise for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. What makes this destination count among the top tourist places in Kasol is the fact that it is home to the Great Himalayan National Park, amazing waterfalls, campsites, and much more, and the mesmerising beauty of this destination is the cherry on top!


This is one of the places in Kasol that require determination, stamina, and patience to reach. Reaching Rasol takes a steep trek, but the trek too has amazing vistas and views on offer to help you while away the time. The journey and destination, though may seem strenuous, are both more than worth the effort, and in fact, given the trek, you can expect the most peaceful of experiences here, if you decide to brave the struggle!

Sar Pass

Sar Pass is located at an altitude of 13,799 ft from sea level, and it takes a 48 km trek from Kasol to reach the place. Reaching these places from Kasol is an experience in itself as it takes you through the snow-capped mountains, pine forests, meadows, and several other captivating vistas. On average, it should take you around 5 days to complete this trek, which will start from Kasol and take you through Grahan to Min Thach, Nagaru, and Sar Pass. You will walk through lush green vegetation, which will turn into beautiful woodlands and snow patches as well. It is truly an experience, filled with awe-inspiring places to visit in Kasol that you simply must see at least once.



Once you’re done with the local sightseeing in Kasol, you can consider heading to the well-known destination of Kheerganga, popular for its hot springs and scenic views of the Himalayas. The treks through the forests of Kheerganga, incredible sunsets, and a lot more awaits you at this destination. Even while trekking to Kheerganga, you will come across some amazing tourist spots like the Rudra-Nag Waterfall which is shaped like a serpent, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, hot springs known for their medicinal properties, and much more. Just remember that during the winters, the trail gets difficult to traverse because of the snow, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly.

Pin Parvati Pass

This is one of the places to visit near Kasol that is more suited for seasoned trekkers and hikers. It is a cross-over trek that will require experience before setting off on the challenge. It starts from the abundant and alive ambience of Kasol in the Parvati Valley, from the confluence of the Rivers Parvati and Beas and takes to the resilient ambience of the Pin Valley in Spiti, which is also known as the cold desert. At Pin Parvati Pass, you get panoramic views of both these worlds as you stand in knee-deep snow. The trek in Parvati Pass is without doubt an experience of a lifetime!

This is not all. The list of top tourist places in Kasol is never-ending as the destination has so much to offer, so many places to explore, and so many places to visit. Kasol is a destination that cannot be summed up in one trip, and trust us, you wouldn’t want to, either! This is a place where people find themselves yearning to return, to delve deeper to explore all the hidden gems the place has to offer. So, don’t try to cover everything on a short trip! Take time to explore a couple of destinations of Kasol, because like almost everyone else, you’ll find yourself returning to Parvati Valley soon enough.

August 14, 2023


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