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International Youth Day: Take This Quiz To Find Out If You’re Still Young at Heart

1 mins. read

Every year, August 12 marks International Youth Day. However, please don’t get deceived by the term Youth. Gone are the days when a particular age bracket used to determine whether a person is young or old. Today, it’s indeed true that age is just a number and we are only as old as we feel. This year, as International Youth Day celebrates the theme of ‘Youth Engagement for Global Action’, we bring to you an interesting quiz that’ll probably help you find out if you are still Young at Heart. Did you ever imagine, things as simple as your travel habits and mind-set can determine your true age! That’s exactly what you are about to give a try. Let’s take this short and simple quiz and find out whether your true age defies the mere numbers. Give it a shot!

What do you travel for? Photo by Simon Migaj
What do you travel for?
What’s your agenda on your holiday?Photo by Mesut Kaya
What’s your agenda on your holiday?
What are your food preferences on your holiday?Photo by Brooke Lark
What are your food preferences on your holiday?
What do you bring along with you from your holiday?Photo by Anastasia Dulgier
What do you bring along with you from your holiday?
What’s most important for you on your holiday?Photo by Joshua Earle
What’s most important for you on your holiday?
August 11, 2020


Jitesh Ghag
Jitesh Ghag

An optimist to the core, he constantly seeks the best out of everything he experiences in life. He believes, 'Emotions' is the most valuable asset of mankind and thinks the best destination to travel to is always one's fond memories and sweet nostalgia. Deeply in love with all that is living and non-living, he considers Love and Life to be synonyms.

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