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The Best Hotels to Stay in London

7 mins. read

London is one of the oldest cities that were a mix of three different settlements. From three different settlements created by the Romans, the Saxons and the middle ages, the city has now become a culturally diverse city that is visited by almost 30 million people every year.

Therefore, it is understandable that people travelling to the city are always looking for the best hotel in London to stay in irrespective of their purpose of travel. With the best hotels in London mentioned here, you can easily choose the most budget-friendly hotel in London where you or your family can stay.

Best Areas to Stay in London

Due to the diversity in cuisines, cultural attractions and historically significant locations in London, it can be a confusing experience to choose the best hotels in London. However, the following points can help understand which places in London are the best for anyone to stay:

  • For a first-time traveller to London, the best locations to stay in London are Soho, Piccadilly, Covent Garden, or Mayfair located within the West End area.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for some greenery, then hotels in Hyde Park or Green Park are a great choice. The Hyde Park and Green Park areas of London are high-end hotels that have all the necessary amenities and a little more.
  • Finally, younger travellers looking to stay in a hotel in London may find the neighbourhood of Shoreditch with its technology-ready hotels to check into more appealing.

All the best neighbourhoods for a hotel in London mentioned here are located have been considered according to your purpose and budget. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose the best hotel to stay in while exploring the places to visit in London with select packages from Veena World.

Best Hotels in London

Although the best areas where you can stay in London have been mentioned previously. It is important to mention the best hotels within the aforementioned areas with their benefits. With all the information, it will become easier for you to choose the best hotels in London according to your requirements easily.

Hotels in the Covent Garden and Soho areas

Hotels in the Covent Garden and Soho areas

One of the best hotels in the Covent Garden and Soho area of London is the Savoy Hotel established in 1889. Located on the banks of the Thames River, it is well known for the Savoy Grill created by Gordon Ramsey and the famous American Bar. The Hazlitt Hotel built in 1817, is another upscale boutique hotel with antique furniture and luxurious décor. The hotel is a great choice if you are looking to stay in the hotel with some history.

Another hotel that is located at The Strand near Trafalgar Square is the Wilde ApartHotels by StayCity Covent Garden. The hotel rooms can provide accommodation for up to four people and is a good choice for families travelling to explore London and its rich history. The Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street Hotel is a highly-rated hotel located near the Covent Garden tube station. With modern room décor and an onsite restaurant serving Italian and Peruvian cuisine, it is another upscale hotel you can choose to stay in.

However, if you are travelling to London on a budget and are looking for mid-range or budget-friendly hotels then the Assembly Hotel and hub by Premier Inn London Covent Garden are two options that you can check out. Both of these hotels have a modern design and provide you with a great experience. The Assembly hotel has rooms that can accommodate two people and the hub by Premier Inn London Covent Garden has small rooms with unique storage options.

Hotels in the Hyde Park and Green Park areas

Hotels in the Hyde Park and Green Park areas

Mayfair and South Kensington are two locations that are located close to Hyde Park, Soho and Westminster. The hotels located within these neighbourhoods can range from extremely classy to quite charming. The hotel prices in these areas are budget-friendly and have an old-world charm about them.

The Ampersand  Hotel, Cheval Harrington Court and Ibis Styles Gloucester Road are some of the hotels ranging from high-budget luxury to mid-range hotels in London UK. The Ritz London, Chesterfield Mayfair, and 9 Hertford Street are some other hotels that are upscale hotels to stay.

Each hotel provides you with unique experiences as well as an extremely comfortable stay. Hotels 41, Corinthia London, Great Scotland Yard Hotel, St. James Court, A Taj Hotel are located within the Green Park area in London. These are some of the best hotels in London that occupy the luxury segment. These hotels provide high-quality complimentary snacks, top-quality sound systems, multiple bars, award-spinning spas and Michelin starred restaurants. Mid-range to budget hotels like The Sanctuary House Hotel is located in the centre of London  and provides filling meals.

Hotels in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods where you can stay. With colourful street art, boutiques and amazing nightlife. It is one of the most popular areas with the younger generation looking to explore London in the day and hang out at the local clubs at night. Some of the best hotels in London are as follows:

  • Batty Langley’s is a boutique hotel with an antique appearance, noteworthy bathrooms and richly coloured interiors. The rooms at this hotel provide residents with a terrace or balcony view.
  • citizenM London Shoreditch is another upscale luxury hotel, which has modern touches like extra-large beds, blackout curtains and other tech-friendly amenities.
  • Point A Hotel London Shoreditch provides you with basic rooms within your budget.

Therefore, depending on the budget and number of travellers, you can choose the best-suited London tour package from Veena World. In addition, due to the availability of customised tour packages for London from us, you can choose which areas and locations you would like to stay and explore.

Veena World has been creating travel packages for people since 2013 with the mission to create a community of travellers with a personal touch. They also want to build a family of adaptable travellers all over the world. Keeping this in mind, they have created tour packages that help travellers explore countries and cities all over the globe.  With a wide range of tours that are suitable for all ages, you can also enjoy a trip to London and see all the places to visit.

January 16, 2023


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