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Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Rides in Jaipur

9 mins. read

Flying through the sky for the very first time is as close to any surreal moment anybody could experience. Now imagine softly floating over one of the most beautiful cities in India without that insistent hum of a plane engine.

Your body feels weightless and free as you continue to rise above the buildings and forts. Feel your breath catch at the view of those sprawling stairs at Nahargarh Fort;

Or squint your eyes to catch a glimpse of Jal Mahal as the sun reflects shimmeringly through the lake.

That is how magical hot air ballooning is. Especially in a city known as the “Paris of India”.

Jaipur is famous for its royal roots and blushing pink buildings in the old market. Home to multiple colossal forts and palaces and kings and queens that may or may not have lived through history, but have left behind a legacy - in the architecture, the stories and the places they used to live.

Each pink stone has a story behind it. Maybe that is the reason why travellers find their feet turning towards the brilliance of this city time and again.

And if you are wondering what they explore? Well, Jaipur is a treasure trove!

There are a thousand plus one things to do in Jaipur.

From the jewellery market of Johari Bazar to lac jewellery stores in Tripolia Bazar; from eating spicy kachoris to lip-smacking mawa ghewar; and from creative handicrafts at Chandpole market to Nehru Bazar where you just cannot resist buying a pair of traditional jootis. Well, make that two.

Jaipur has become a bucket list essential. The city is a muse for everyone— from tourists to culture enthusiasts, artists to history buffs, and thrill seekers.

Exploring Jaipur on foot has been a decided pastime activity for all tourists who come to the city. There are so many activities to participate in, and double the places to see and visit.

However, there is something mesmerising about the view when you are thousands of feet up in the sky.

Think aerostat, but fancy.

Now to the hot air balloon ride.

Hot air balloon ride in Jaipur provides an unparalleled travel experience which does not cease to amaze tourists. This one activity will leave you emotionally charged with the panoramic view of this beautiful city.

The wind is the master of your travel, the moving balloon your ship and the endless sky your undefined route.

Unlike a planned itinerary, a hot air balloon safari in Jaipur will take you to places that you could not have explored on foot. And given the sprawling expanse of forts and attractions, the ride is going to leave you transfixed.

Especially due to its earthy “pinkness”, Jaipur is an aesthetic delight to observe from above.

Now, gear up your imagination and think about being lifted up in the sky with your ride being propelled forward by a calming wind. The feeling of the earth being pulled away from you, not knowing where you might end up.

Sounds Scary!? Believe us, it is not.

Also, a hot air balloon ride allows you to do a lot of things that no other type of flight can.

Like, picking up leaves from the trees, waving to the kids as they watch the balloon float away from the terraces of their homes, seeing people bustling about the crowded city streets, but most of all simply enjoying.

Hot air ballooning in Jaipur provides an invigorating feeling as you are able to see the city from a distance as a spectator, yet participate in the wholeness of it.

Best Time for Hot Air Ballooning in Jaipur

Hot Air Balloon Ride 1

Though rides are available throughout the year, with April to June being too hot for evening rides; September to November are considered the best time to sign yourself up for a hot air balloon ride in Jaipur. Since air ballooning is best done when the weather is pleasantly calming, with no heavy rains, these months are when high winds have died down.

You can opt to take up either morning or evening ride sessions. The morning session usually begins at the crack of dawn, so everyone will pretty much get a front-row seat view of the sun cresting over the Aravalli mountain range.

And in the evenings, watch the brilliant red sunset cast a pretty pink shadow over the cloud-dotted sky and breathe in the soothing air as the city lights up.

A ride on a hot air balloon in Jaipur provides a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday touristy life and provides an experience to immerse yourself with astounding views.

Before you realise it, you are silently flying upward while your eyes are taking in the expanses of forts and palaces that are below.

Places Covered In Your Ride

Unfortunately, your ride on a hot air balloon in Jaipur will not follow any charted course or itinerary. Fortunately, it will take you to places best seen from up high in the sky.

Each flight is a new adventure, while you know your take-off destination, you never know where you are going to land as you drift where ever the wind takes you.

Fly above HawaMahal, Samode Palace, and get an aerial view of the mesmerizing beauty of Amber Fort. Or see the countryside, slowly drift over farmlands on the outskirts of Jaipur.

Watch shrieking kids chase the shadow your balloon casts over their farms.

And the cherry on top, get a chance to interact with the friendly and local communities. Oh, and never say never to a cup of homemade masala chai.


A hot air balloon ticket price in Jaipur depends on your riding preferences. You can sign up for the entire balloon with a capacity of 3 to 6 persons.

Or, opt to ride in a shared balloon and meet fellow travellers.

However, one person's cost typically starts from INR 9000 and can range up to INR 50,000 for an exclusive chartered balloon ride.

And if you are wondering where you can book a hot air balloon ride in Jaipur, we have cherry-picked a business that provides the utmost security throughout your ride and an unforgettable experience just the same.

SkyWaltz Balloon Safari

SkyWaltz is the first hot air ballooning company in India that is DGCA authorised to take people up in a hot air balloon on a commercial basis.

It has a team of professionally trained staff and highly qualified commercial pilots from India, the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.

The business follows global standards of safety and international operating procedures throughout its flight operations.

Your hot air balloon ride in Jaipur arranged by SkyWaltz will be fully managed by their executives and crew members. After a hotel pickup, you will get enough time to enjoy some tea, coffee and light refreshments to sustain you for your 60-minute ride.

Your assigned drivers will be waiting to transport you back to the hotel or wherever else you need to go once you land.

To personalise the experience a little more, SkyWaltz provides a flight certificate to keep and remember the experience in the future.

Tips for a Successful Ride

  • Since the wind and weather affect your flight, be flexible for a rescheduling.
  • Wear comfortable clothing for the season as the activity is airborne.
  • Resist the urge to wear the Rajasthani jootis you bought the other day, we know it is tempting, but for a comfortable ride wear a pair of sturdy shoes.
  • Hit the restroom before your flight. There are no bathroom breaks in mid-air, nor does the balloon stop before the ride is complete.
  • Tie your hair back. You would want to feel the wind on your face.

And you are all set to go. Do not forget to apply a healthy dose of sunscreen.

Now that most of your hot air balloon ride technicalities are sorted, and the excitement for a ride tenfold, book a Jaipur tour package with us and live through the experience of exploring Jaipur through the skies.

January 11, 2023


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