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Best Homestays in the Himalayas

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The mighty Himalayas are one of nature's greatest gifts to mankind and one of the best hill stations in India. This mountain range is an earthly representation of what paradise truly looks and feels like. The Himalayan hills have it all: dense trees, opulent valleys, tropical wildernesses, captivating slopes, numerous sorts of vegetation, and an emotional climate. If you get the opportunity to visit the Himalayas even once, you will understand why it is considered "heaven on earth." Every time we enter the Himalayan realm, we are amazed at how nature has lavished these lands with beauty and richness. There are miles and miles of never-ending pristine greens, clean oxygen-rich air, mineral-rich mountain stream water, wildflower carpets, and strawberry plants. It's suddenly endless life all around us and so many places to stay in mountains.

Many of us consider the Himalayas to be the most beautiful place to visit on vacation. While there are other popular hill locations, the Himalayas are without a doubt at the top of the list. What should we anticipate from this location? In the Himalayas, you might uncover a treasure mine of eccentric sites. These tranquil yet intriguing locales provide a fantastic opportunity to relax with family, friends, or even by oneself. So, go off the beaten path and find the hidden treasures of tranquilly, natural beauty, quiet, and spirituality! If you're looking for homestays in the Himalayas for a relaxing holiday, check out our comprehensive list.

1. The White Peak

One of the best Himalayan home stays has a cosy two-bedroom home, is nestled in the rustic hamlet of Gagar in Uttarakhand, among a dazzling silver oak forest. Hiking and bird-watching enthusiasts can spend the day in the neighbouring forests. You may also bring your dogs and let them run around in the vast outdoors. The natural beauty of the area is supposed to have inspired Rabindranath Tagore, the famous Indian writer, who had a vacation residence nearby in Ramgarh. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this is the ideal house in the hills, to which you may go whenever you need to be one with nature; everything you desire from Uttarakhand homestays.

2. Kaaphal Hill

Chaukori, situated between Almora and Munisyari at the entryway to the eastern Kumaon area, is an attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Kaaphal Hill seeks to give tourists an experience that blends adventure, education, and a real sense of Himalayan living as it is home to the nearest offbeat places in Himachal. This stunning rural guesthouse is located on an organic farm surrounded by woodland and majestic mountain peaks. It's called a native wild fruit that grows abundantly on the land. The host is a certified mountaineer and naturalist who is passionate about sustainable, eco-friendly living. Birding, short and long hikes, village and temple excursions, and dawn and sunset experiences are among the many experiential activities available. Or simply enjoy the panoramic vista of the Kumaon Himalayas. The site is also a good starting point for visiting the upper Himalayan regions, including Darma, Milam, Namik, and Pindari. Healthy local vegetarian cuisine is offered, prepared using organic farm ingredients.

3. Hanle Village

Ladakh represents breathtaking splendour and this unique natural treasure is known across the world for its most stunning and awe-inspiring vistas. The homestays in Hanle Village are perfect stress relievers for people who are exhausted by the frantic activities of city life. This wonderful and gorgeous site, completely isolated from the rest of the world, also allows you to see the famed Hanle Monastry and the tallest Astronomical Observatory in the world.

4. The Himalayan Ark Homestay

The Himalayan Ark Homestay

The Himalayan Ark initiative was founded in 2004 by the Sarmoli-Jayanti Van Panchayat to assist with the livelihood of the people of Sarmoli in Munsiyari, with forest protection and providing an alternative source of income as the primary goals when conducting this outreach programme. The Himalayan Ark's 25 homestays are essentially rooms in the houses of local peasants, giving you a first-hand look at pahadi life. On request, the homestay owners may also organise treks, birding excursions, picturesque hikes along rhododendron paths, and a variety of other outdoor activities with the assistance of local yet expert guides.

5. Spirit Unplugged

Spirit's Unplugged, surrounded by pine trees and orchards, allows guests to reconnect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. The homestay's comfortable rooms open out to the homestay's manicured garden and overlook the picturesque Karyali Valley. During the winter months, the fires in the rooms and communal spaces keep the environment toasty. Nivedita and Pyarelal Ji, the owner-manager duo, run Spirits Unplugged. When they aren't busy tending to the culinary demands of visitors, they take them on excursions to local villages or chill with them beneath Himachal's star-studded night sky.

6. Yasmin Hussain’s Homestay

Srinagar never fails to impress. Not even when you spend your whole day rushing from busy bagh to crowded bagh, carpet store to dry fruit shop, with little to show for your efforts other than a few selfies on the shikara and a bag of walnuts. But, in order to fully befriend this quiet, albeit courteous, city and view it as it should be seen, you must first know its people. What better way to accomplish so than to stick with them? In the tranquil, posh Rajbagh neighbourhood, the Hussain family rents out a wonderful, tree-hugging home located in the centre of their yard, just next to their own house. A setup that provides ample seclusion while also inviting you to join siblings Zulfikar and Yasmin, or their parents, for tea, biscuits, and counsel, if desired. The house, which had huge windows to let in the morning light and exquisite furnishings, entertained countless visitors until the floods devastated Srinagar almost two years ago. It has been restored and will reopen in April. The Hussains prefer to rent out the five rooms on the second floor of their two-story home to families or groups.

7. Taara House Luxury Cottage

One of the luxury homestays in the Himalayas, Taara Cottages, is perched on a 6600-foot mountaintop, is located 3 kilometres from Manali City and overlooks an ambling pine forest. This two-bedroom cottage is a haven for people who appreciate fine woodwork since it is constructed of reclaimed Burma Teak, English Oak, and Teak. The only decision that guests must make is whether to gaze slack-jawed at the vista or the beauty of the residence.

The observation deck is ideal for a morning cup of tea since guests may warm themselves close to an old heater and enjoy the panoramic view because the entire area is made up of glass panes. Furthermore, homeowners may take a stroll around the cottage's apple orchard. This may be the ideal location for a Himalayan honeymoon.

8. The Blue Sheep

The Blue Sheep

The Blue Sheep Homestay, which overlooks the gorgeous Tirthan Valley, is great for backpackers, lone travellers, and wandering souls seeking a perfect combination of adventure and calm. The homestay is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, approximately 490 kilometres (approximately) from Delhi. It would take around 11 hours to reach the homestay by car. The Tirthan Valley gets its name from the Tirthan river, which flows through the valley and originates in the icy-cold glacial springs of Hanskund, a snow-capped summit in the verdant Great Himalayan National Park. Needless to say, while you stay at The Blue Sheep Homestay, you'll have all the time in the world to wander along the river's banks, plunge your feet in and feel the coolness, or just go fishing and catch some trout!

Each of these homestays has an interesting history and provides sumptuous comfort and luxury suitable for royalty. So, book your Himalaya tour package now since each homestay allows you to connect intimately with your hosts and gain an intimate insight into the lives of the locals.

June 08, 2022


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