Hollywood Movies That Will Inspire You To Travel

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“The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences” – Into The Wild

If this quote rings a bell in you, you have landed on the right page. It truly is fascinating to know what travel can do to you, and the easiest way to find that is through the silver screen. I have always been fascinated by good films that give you the itch to make a move from your living room to the plane, and because I think I’ve found many such treasures, I’d like to share some with you. If you love travelling, I’m sure you’ve heard of these but now make sure you tick them off your bucket list of to-watch films in the coming days.

So here, find some of the best travel movies below:

1. Into The Wild

Because I’ve quoted ‘Into the Wild’ at the beginning of this write-up, you would have surely figured how much it has inspired me. This movie is based on the book of the same name which is a biography of a man named Christopher McCandless, who back in the 90s decided to quit his urban life and hike across North America all the way to the Alaskan wilderness. His story will not only inspire you but will also make you come closer to your real self. Plus, the music score is really awesome by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam fame, so you know how many feels you are going to get here!

2. Before Sunrise

Just like Europe, this film too is for lovers! The beauty of Vienna is captured in such a poetic way, you would catch the next flight to Austria. An American boy meets a French girl in the train and before he leaves the next day, they decide to get off the train and spend his last night in Europe on the streets of Vienna. The intricacy of their conversations and Vienna by night will take you by surprise. If you like this film, you can check out the whole series of films released much later that take their story ahead.

3. The Motorcycle Diaries

Now this one will not only motivate you, but will also take you on an adventure of a lifetime. This film is single handedly one of the best adventure travel movies of all time. A dramatization of revolutionary Che Guevara’s life, this one shows his early years and his adventures throughout South America. Be prepared to be taken aback with the breathtaking beauty of Miramar, Atacama Desert, Peru, Lima, Chile and the alike.

4. Midnight in Paris

The first 5 minutes in this movie and I bet you will fall in love with Paris, for the opening sequence itself is so very magnificent! And what adds up to the beauty of this film is that it’s a Woody Allen creation, so you know how amazing it’s going to be. It follows a famous scriptwriter from Hollywood who travels to Paris and accidently goes back to 1920s at midnight and meets all the who’s who of the art and literature scene. Here, not just the city comes to life but you even get to live the roaring 20s. This surreal movie has to be on your list!


5. Eat Pray Love

Travel across Italy, India and Bali with this masterpiece starring Julia Roberts. A recently divorced woman, she decides to travel for a year and explore these 3 countries – Italy where she indulges in gastronomy, India – where she comes close to her spiritual side and Bali where she finally meets the love of her life. This film also tops the list of top travel movies for many people, so if you haven’t seen it, now is the time.

6. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Finishing my list off with this fabulous movie starring Ben Stiller which is a true adventure in itself! It follows the lead actor travelling across Greenland, Iceland and the Himalayas and in return, gets the courage to face things he would not have known staying up in his big city life. Get ready for beautiful landscapes throughout the movie and be inspired to travel more.

If you liked this list, we also have another list of Bollywood movies that inspire you to travel. Till then, pack your bags and go on an adventure right away!


Written by: Jinal Patel

A true explorer at heart, travelling is the one thing that keeps me alive! With advertising as my profession, everything around me inspires me to create something beautiful. When I’m not doing the above, I am busy eating and dancing my way to the moon!


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