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Uncovering the Hidden Gems of Genting Highlands

8 mins. read

Malaysia is a country that never disappoints tourists. From the refreshing, cool air of its highlands to the charming islands and contemporary cities, Malaysia offers something for everyone. However, if you're seeking the perfect family holiday just a few days outside of Kuala Lumpur, look no further than the Genting Highlands.

A hotspot for tourists, Genting Highlands is an ideal destination for enjoying excellent weather, thrilling entertainment, scenic views, and vibrant nightlife. Located in the Titiwangsa Mountains of Malaysia, Genting Highlands attraction offers a unique blend of natural beauty. It is home to several world-class casinos, theme parks, luxury hotels, and shopping malls, making it a must-visit place for anyone on a Malaysia vacation. Originally developed by the late Lim Goh Tong in the 1960s, Genting Highlands has evolved into a premier hill resort and entertainment city, attracting millions of visitors each year.

Top Places to See in Genting Highlands

Here is a list of the best places to see in Genting Highlands: -

  • Genting Skyway
  • Awana Skyway
  • Chin Swee Cave Temple
  • Sky Avenue
  • Genting Skyworlds Theme Park
  • Lim Goh Tong Memorial Park
  • Gohtong Jaya
  • Genting Casino
  • Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm

Genting Skyway

Genting Skyway's appeal as a tourist attraction stems from its scenic views of lush tropical rainforest, which create a unique experience in Southeast Asia. Whether you’re travelling with family, friends, or on a solo adventure, the Genting Skyway promises a unique blend of excitement and tranquillity.

Reaching the top, you’ll find an array of entertainment options, from theme parks to casinos, making the journey just as exhilarating as the destination. The Genting Skyway is a must-visit attraction when exploring Genting Highlands.

Awana Skyway

The Awana Skyway is an essential place to visit in Genting Highlands. This state-of-the-art cable car system offers a seamless and scenic ride, giving you a bird’s-eye view of the pristine rainforest below. As you glide smoothly up the mountainside, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the lush greenery and mist-covered hills.

The experience is both serene and exhilarating, perfect for capturing stunning photographs while enjoying the natural beauty of Genting and its tourist attractions. The Awana Skyway is not just a means of transport but an unforgettable part of your adventure in Genting Highlands.

Chin Swee Cave Temple

Chin Swee Cave Temple

Nestled amidst the serene highlands and enveloped by the cool, misty air, the Chinese Chin Swee Temple stands as a magnificent Taoist sanctuary offering a commanding view of the surrounding landscape. This temple is not merely a place of worship but a haven that encapsulates rich Chinese heritage, art, and culture. Its distinctive architecture, featuring ornately decorated pagodas and intricate carvings, is a testament to the meticulous artistry involved in its creation. Visitors flock to this temple not only to pray but also to immerse themselves in its tranquil atmosphere, providing a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Sky Avenue

Sky Avenue is one of the best places to visit in Genting Highlands. This vibrant lifestyle mall offers an unparalleled shopping and dining experience. With its array of high-end boutiques, international brands, and local shops, you can indulge in retail therapy like never before. The diverse culinary options range from gourmet restaurants to casual eateries, satisfying every palate. The mall's modern architecture and stunning views of the highlands add to its allure, ensuring that your visit is both memorable and enjoyable. Before booking your tour package you must check the best time to visit Malaysia.

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park

Genting Skyworlds Theme Park is another prime tourist place to visit in Genting Highlands. This state-of-the-art theme park promises an exhilarating experience with its array of thrilling rides and attractions, perfect for visitors of all ages. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie looking for heart-pounding roller coasters or a family seeking fun-filled adventures, Genting Sky Worlds is a must-visit place as it has something for everyone.

Beyond the rides, the park also offers various entertainment options, live shows, and dining experiences that make it a complete destination for a day of fun and adventure.

Lim Goh Tong Memorial Park

Lim Goh Tong Memorial Park is another must-visit place in Genting Highlands, offering a serene and reflective space dedicated to the founder of Genting Group, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong. This beautifully landscaped park not only honours his remarkable legacy and contributions but also provides a peaceful retreat amidst lush greenery and tranquil surroundings.

As you explore the park, you'll find informative plaques detailing his life and achievements, which add a meaningful context to your visit. The park's serene atmosphere makes it an ideal place to relax and reflect while appreciating the vision and hard work that transformed Genting Highlands into the vibrant destination it is today.  Turn your dream vacation into reality with Malaysia holiday packages!

Gohtong Jaya

When you visit Genting Highlands, stop at the popular tourist spot at Gohtong Jaya. This charming town serves as a gateway to the hilltop resort and offers a unique experience distinct from the bustling atmosphere above. Gohtong Jaya provides stunning viewpoints where you can capture panoramic photos of the surrounding highlands and valleys. If you're interested in local culture, then this is a highly recommended place to visit in Genting Highland.

Further, The town also offers more affordable accommodation options if you prefer to stay outside the main resort area. As you pass through Gohtong Jaya, you'll get a glimpse of local life in the highlands, adding depth to your Genting Highlands experience and making it a worthwhile stop on your journey up the mountain. If you are a couple looking to make the most out of your trip then, choosing a Malaysia couple package can be the best option.

Genting Casino

During your visit to Genting Highlands, you'll find that the Genting Casino is a major attraction that draws visitors from all over the world. The casino offers you a wide range of gaming options, from traditional table games to modern slot machines, catering to both novice players and seasoned gamblers. You'll appreciate the casino's location at high altitude, which provides a unique gaming experience with cool mountain air and breathtaking views. The casino is open 24 hours a day, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of gambling at any time that suits you.

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm

No visit to Genting Highlands is complete without experiencing the Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm. Visitors can pick their own strawberries, enjoy strawberry-themed desserts, and engage in various agricultural activities. Nestled amidst picturesque landscapes and cool mountain air, this farm provides a refreshing break from urban life, making it an ideal spot for both relaxation and family-friendly enjoyment.

With its blend of natural beauty, modern attractions, and rich cultural offerings, Genting Highlands promises to be an exciting and diverse tourist destination. Whether you're seeking thrilling entertainment, serene mountain vistas, or cultural experiences, Genting Highlands has something for everyone.

So why wait? Plan your next vacation here and explore all the top places to visit and see in Genting. Check out an exciting Malaysia trip package from Bangalore, offering a perfect blend of adventure, culture, and relaxation in Genting Highlands and beyond!

June 26, 2024


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