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Destination Wedding in Jaipur: A Royal Affair to Remember

7 mins. read

Destination weddings are a trend that is being followed from a long time now. With celebrities posting their dreamy wedding pictures on social media, to-be-wed couples go even crazier. And why wouldn’t they? After all, a perfect wedding is what every couple dreams of. One such state that is considered among the best wedding destinations in Rajasthan is Jaipur.

Known as the “Pink City of India”, Jaipur is a destination that everyone wants to visit. The beauty of this city is so royal and charming that one can get mesmerized into its charm pretty easily. Having said this, the spell of its enchanting gorgeousness has cast its spell all over the world. Tourists who come to India from other countries make sure that they don’t go back without visiting Jaipur. The city proudly boasts of its rich heritage and culture and the magnificent forts and palaces just add on to it more and more. As mentioned before, Jaipur’s beauty is like a magnet attracting you towards it. And this is one of the reasons why destination weddings in Jaipur are so popular.

Since there are a lot of perfect destination wedding places in Jaipur where one can get married; sometimes, couples can face a dilemma of which one to choose and which to leave. Adding to this, there are a lot of other aspects that you have to ensure so that your wedding day turns out to be exactly how you dreamt of it. And to help you out with that – here’s a brief on how you can go about your dreamy destination marriage in Jaipur.

1. Setting a budget for your wedding

Before you go ahead with any other thing, make sure that you have the budget in place. While there is no amount that you will regret paying for your wedding, there is absolutely no point spending when it is possible to have a budget destination wedding in Jaipur ( you can utilise that saved money for your honeymoon, just a small tip, you see). Having said this, keep in mind that the budget you set should cover all the required and miscellaneous costs – right from the day of your engagement to the day of your wedding.

Another thing to keep in mind while deciding on the budget is whether you will pay for your guests or not; since it is a destination wedding in Jaipur, the cost of flight tickets and other expenses might seem a little high to your guests. So, ensure that such assorted costs are accounted for beforehand.

2. Choose the venue for your grand wedding

Once you have set the budget, choose where you want your wedding to take place. There are a lot of majestically appealing and beautiful destination wedding venues in Jaipur - the city houses a lot of magnificent forts and palaces so there won’t be any dearth of options.

With destination weddings in Jaipur becoming so popular, many of the palaces have been converted into hotels now that allow couples to have their dream wedding. In the same breath, there are a lot of resorts too that you can opt for a royal wedding.

3. Accommodation for your guests

Another important point that you cannot neglect under any circumstance is the accommodation for your guests. Ensuring the comfort of your guests and that are they enjoying the event is very important. Why you ask? Well, you wouldn’t want to see grumpy faces during your wedding functions or would you?!

Since destination marriages in Jaipur are famous, hotels and resorts give some special discounts while booking. You can either choose to make arrangements for your guests in the same resort or hotel where you are planning to get married or else opt for a hotel near the wedding venue.

4. Check on the Travel and Conveyance

Since it is a destination wedding and your guests will be travelling from different places, make sure that their travel conveyance is taking care of. Book a traveller or cars that would pick your guests from the airport and drop at their resorts. If in case the wedding venue is at a distance from the accommodation venue, having such travel conveyances will come in handy.

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5. Décor and food

Although the destination wedding venue you choose in Jaipur will offer you catering services, there will be some venues that will allow you to customize the menu completely. Since your destination wedding is in Jaipur, you can add include authentic Rajasthani cuisine to your menu, apart from the other cuisines.

Another thing that you have to keep a check on is the wedding décor. You can select a theme for your wedding – subtle hues, bold tones, or can even go for a combination of both. If you want to add some touch of folk to your wedding décor, you have to get in touch with the local vendors.

6. Select a Wedding Planner

While choosing a wedding planner is completely your choice; isn’t it better to have someone who will help you in organizing and putting everything about the wedding in the right place? Wedding planners take care of everything which allows you to spend more time with your family and worry a little less about the arrangements for the wedding. Also, since you are planning on a destination wedding in Jaipur, local planners can help you cut down the cost of the marriage to a great extent. Wedding planners have information about all the local vendors, best caterers, décor, etc. in Jaipur, and they make sure that your special day turns out to exactly how you wanted it to be.

7. Ensuring the entertainment of your guests

Jaipur is a city that is full of beautiful forts and sightseeing places. And your guests would definitely want to pay a visit to some of these places during their stay. What you can do here is pick a guided tour package for Jaipur and arrange sightseeing trips for your guests, maybe a day or two before the wedding or even after.

If you are planning on selecting a destination wedding package in Jaipur, make sure that they have provisions for all the arrangements and that the package cost is inclusive of all the expenses. Since there are a lot of wedding packages available, make sure you select the best one as per your preferences.

Getting married is something that’s special; when you do it in Jaipur, it becomes all the more memorable.

October 09, 2019


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