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Croatia – The Soothing 7-Day Destination

7 mins. read

The realm of sapphire waters, neoclassical monuments, and majestic history – Croatia is a European country that proudly boasts about the culture and heritage surrounding its periphery. One of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans, Croatia is a place where the enchanting beauty of the brick-red painted structures takes over the mind and eyes. Not to forget, the country is also known for being the favourite filming location of the famous show, “Game of Thrones”, which has added to the craze of visiting the Balkan country even more.

The country is not just about the mystical city of Qarth but a lot more. A complete package of mesmeric visuals, glittering city lights, and relishing cuisine; Croatia also stands apart for its picturesque island and sandy beaches that perfectly meet with the shimmering coastline – something that just adds on to the reasons why trips to Croatia from India are a must.

Given the beauty of the country, everyone would love to spend a longer vacation in its embrace. But the bigger question here is – “Do you have that much time?” It is difficult to plan lengthy vacations when you are a working professional. But how does the thought of a 7 day trip to Croatia sound to you? Nice? Well, here’s the perfect tour itinerary for Croatia that you can follow for an all-encompassing one week trip: -

Day 1 & 2: Dubrovnik

First things first – if you are going on a trip to Croatia from India, take any flight to Dubrovnik. This city is where the King’s Landing is structured. Right from mind-blowing history to magnificent monuments, every bit of the city is going to leave you in awe. While you can spend your time exploring the local sights of the city on the first day, your second day in the city can be an adventurous one.

Are you ready for a little dramatic action in this beautiful city? By dramatic, we mean GOT-level dramatic! Remember the scene where Jon Snow and Ser Davos had a little chat with Tyrion Lannister amidst the beautiful coastal view (with the opening theme of GOT in the background)? Since this city was a filming location for Game of Thrones in Croatia, it is only fair that you make sure to visit the place, regardless of whether you are a GOT fan or not. Apart from this, you can take a cable car ride or go for a kayaking adventure and even take a short boat ride to Lokrum Island or in the GOT universe – to the city of Qarth.

Day 3: Zagreb

After getting a taste of GOT in Dubrovnik, you can take any of the buses to the capital city of Croatia – Zagreb. It is quite often called the hidden treasure of Croatia because its beauty often gets overlooked due to the obvious craze of the famous locations. But, Zagreb has a fantastically amazing story to offer. The city is a combination of modern culture and historic heritage and affords its visitors an enchanting sight to cherish forever. One of the must-visit places in Zagreb is the “Museum of Broken Relationships”. As heart-breaking as it sounds, this museum actually has leftover items from real relationships on display with a story for visitors to have a look at.

Apart from this, the city is full of street culture with amazing street art and delicious street food dominating its atmosphere. Being a city full of jovial colours and a happening ambience, Zagreb is a must-visit place during your holiday package to Croatia.

Day 4 & 5: Split

Your 7 day trip to Croatia will always stay incomplete if you don’t make a stop at Split. Located on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, Split is the second-largest city of Croatia and the largest one in the Dalmatia region. This city is a perfect destination if you want to engulf yourself in the arms of historic European structures, the beauty of which will take you to a different world altogether. If you want to go for a day trip in Croatia, you can wander through the narrow passageways and alleys, spend some time at the iconic Bell Tower from where you can grasp in the panoramic views of Split. This city is a paradise for both history as well as nature lovers.

Day 6: Vis Island

Another place that your one-week tour itinerary to Croatia must include is the breathtakingly beautiful Vis Island. A two-hour ferry ride from Split, it offers a sight that that’ll leave you spellbound. Interestingly, the sequel of the famous movie, Mamma Mia was shot on this beautiful island. Vis is full of greenery with the pristine waters perfectly complementing its beauty. You can explore the vineyards, spend some time by the beach, or even go exploring the famous “Blue Caves” situated off the coast of Komiza on the western side of the island.

Day 7: Plitvice Lakes National Park

Lastly, irrespective of how many days you are planning on, your trip to Croatia will be incomplete without a visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park, the country’s most beautiful and one of the oldest parks. The park comprises of 16 crystalline lakes that amalgamate into a visual spectrum of cascades and waterfalls. You can cross the lakes via the wooden footbridges. The sight of walking through the dense pine forest on a sunny day with cold breeze dashing against your face adds to the experience of such 1-week trips in Croatia.

Right from the scenic beauty of nature to the enthralling life in the city, your trip to Croatia can be a fun-filled one. If the cuisine of the country is spoken of, the dishes are authentic and leave a spot on your taste buds. Having said this, your total trip cost to Croatia will be on the lighter side because the country offers some amazing budget hotels that serve your purpose for a one-week trip. And when you look at the plethora of online packages and travel deals to Europe, you know in your heart that a trip to Croatia will be easy to plan.

October 02, 2019


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