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The Game of Thrones Trail: Croatia

1 mins. read

There is nothing that we are awaiting as much as the final season of Game of Thrones, which is luckily only a month away. But have you ever thought of visiting these amazing locations? There is something incredible about living the fantasy world in reality and precisely why we seek all these experiences.

You can begin with Croatia in Europe which is mostly famous among travellers for the Game of Thrones locations. Dubrovnik in Croatia doubled as King’s Landing and were we fascinated or what! There are also lots of scenes shot at Split, which was converted into the city of Meereen.

Looking to explore this trail? See our infographic below that explains how to go about it including the trail, the days and the places to cover.



Excited much? Let’s go to King’s Landing this time around!


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March 14, 2019


Swaroopa Deshmukh
Swaroopa Deshmukh

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Swaroopa Deshmukh is a minimalist, a spiritual seeker, a traveller and a lover of human race. She is a published poet, writes short fiction for children as well as adults and sees beauty in all beings and all things.

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