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Travel to the Home of Vikings, Scandinavia, for a Dreamy Vacation

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What comes to your mind when you think of the countries in Scandinavia, a unique European region towards the north of the Baltic Sea? Probably the northern lights, breathtaking landscapes or avant-garde cuisines. But above all, Scandinavia, comprised of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark, is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe. One would not deny the fact that the countries here in Scandinavia lie in the lap of heaven. Once the home of Vikings, the region which is now world-renowned for its hygge and fika lifestyle is a jaw-dropping destination in the North of Europe. The Scandinavian countries are abundant with lush vegetation, scenic surroundings, fairy-tale castles, soft grasslands, untroubled nature and the ultimate countryside beauty, complemented by a modern yet contemporary lifestyle of the cities, all put together to define the charm and magic that Scandinavia boasts of. The presence of the Northern Lights just adds the perfect amount of magic to your Scandinavia tour packages.

The history of Scandinavia goes back straight to the stone age. The pagan Vikings populated the Scandinavian region from the early eighth to the eleventh centuries and conducted invasions and explorations of other parts of Europe from their base in Scandinavia. With the invasion and establishment of Christianity in the region, the Vikings in Scandinavia ended, and monarchies were established in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In the current scenario, these three Scandinavian countries are parliamentary democracies with strong economies. The various countries in Scandinavia boast spectacular sceneries and vibrant cities where you can experience the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. If you are visiting Scandinavia anytime soon, here are some of the major places to visit that you just can’t miss. Read on to prepare your travel bucket list.

Places to Visit in Denmark, Scandinavia

Denmark is one of the most populated countries in Scandinavia, with abundant sightseeing options. The country of Denmark will draw you in from the get-go. Here are some of the most popular places to visit in Denmark.


Popularly known as the Lego Land by youngsters, Billund is a popular tourist destination in central Denmark. Lego Land is a popular Danish theme park in the city and one of Denamark’s most popular tourist attractions. Inside the park, as many as 340 billion pieces of lego video games are said to be included in the theme park’s attractions. Everything inside the park, from the cars, trains, boats and even the buildings, is made out of legos for a stunning picture. The Lego Land in Billund is frequented by tourists from all over the world throughout the year. Whilst in Billund, let your inner kid enjoy the most out of Denmark’s most popular attractions.


No trip to Scandinavian nations is complete without travelling to Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city. The city of Copenhagen is studded with the best tourist attractions in the country. Visitors frequenting the country get to experience the history of Copenhagen and natural attractions while exploring around. You can plan to visit the mesmerising capital of Denmark, spend an afternoon at Tivoli Gardens, visit the Nimb Hotel for a fairytale experience or explore the waterfront paradise of Nyhavn.


Helsingor is another popular tourist destination in Denmark that should be on your travel bucket list when travelling to Scandinavian countries. There are so many reasons to visit Helsingor, be it experiencing the 16th century Kronborg Castle, exploring the seafaring history of Denmark or visiting the beautiful churches of Saint Vincent’s Church, Helsingor Port, Marienlyst Castle or the City Museum. You can visit Helsingor in Scandinavia to treat the traveller in you.


Sagen is a town in Northern Denmark that sits at the confluence of two bodies of water. A trip to the Skagen region would allow you to see the point where the North and Baltic seas meet. The area is renowned for its arts preservation, beautiful surroundings, summertime crowds, delicious seafood and a slew of other reasons. Other than art galleries, museums, bike rentals, harbourside eateries and ice creameries, the yellow homes with red roofs are a sight to behold in Skagen. The white sand beaches in the region are the major draw for visitors frequenting Skagen.

Places to Visit in Finland, Scandinavia

Finland on the Scandinavian map is another one of the countries which is effortlessly beautiful, with so much nature, culture and heritage that you could keep returning forever more and still be surprised. Here’s our rundown of some of Finland's most popular places to visit.


Helsinki is Finland’s capital city and is a year-round hotspot for travellers looking for a unique experience in Scandinavian culture. The Baltic sea is visible from a large part of the city’s peninsula. If you are planning a trip to the city, don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore it on foot or by bike. Once in Helsinki, visit the sea fort of Suomenlinna, the 19th-century Helsinki Cathedral, the Museum of Contemporary Art and much more. Other places to visit in Helsinki include Uspenski Cathedral, Lannanmaki and Sibelius Monument.



The hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi, is a very beautiful city in Finland that would surely satisfy you with its enthralling tourist attractions. Once in Rovaniemi, you can roam around the heavenly setting of the city, explore the city’s great theme parks and museums and much more. You can visit the year-round Santa Claus village or visit the science centre at Arktikum. Other popular places to visit in Rovaniemi in the Scandinavian nation include Santa Park, Kotisaari, Santa Claus Office, Santa Claus Secret Forest, and so much more.


Turku is Finland's oldest town, another one of Scandinavia's, not missable tourist countries. The town of Turku lies on the Gulf of Bothia at the waterfront of the Aurajoki river. With an interesting history of about eight centuries, the town of Turku is one of the most medieval towns in Finland. The river, lined with covered restaurants in Turku, is a major tourist attraction. On the Northeast side of the Aurajoki river lies the commercial centre with the Kaupatori centre and a stunning Orthodox Church.

Places to Visit in Sweden, Scandinavia

Sweden is another one of the enchanting countries in Scandinavia with stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. From scenic fishing villages to exotic tourist attractions, the best places to visit in Sweden abound. Here is our list of the best places to visit in Sweden to plan your travel itinerary.


Bergan, Norway’s second-largest city, is also a gateway to the county’s majestic fjords. The city is also known as the city between the seven mountains. The city of Bergan is another one of the popular countries in Scandinavia, which is a shining example of how European culture can be preserved. From exploring the traditional wooden buildings of Bergan to the old wharves, the mountains with cafes and a tramway, one can enjoy a lot of things once in Bergan. Floyen, Hanseatic Museum and Bergenhus Museum are some of Bergan's most popular tourist attractions.


The industrial port in the city centre of Gothenburg is another stunning Swedish site. The area is filled with beautiful parks and avenues, historic buildings, and a burgeoning student population. Gothenburg or Gotenburg is a wonderful weekend getaway spot with some of the most stunning theme parks in the world. With its zigzag tram lines, exciting nightlife, bustling markets, unique shops, mouth-watering street cuisine and saunas, the city of Gothenburg will make your visit worthwhile.


Oslo is the place for you when you want to be surrounded by mountains and a pristine seaside. All visitors to Norway will be impressed by Oslo’s architectural creativity, which is reflected in the city’s vibrant nightlife and rich cultural legacy. The Oslo Opera House is a must-see for architectural enthusiasts. Museums in Oslo city are devoted to topics such as World War II resistance, Polar Exploration, the Contiki Expedition, Viking Ships, and Edward Munch’s Scream, among others.


Stockholm, known as beauty on the water, has done an admirable job of preserving its past. The city of Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is built on fourteen islands. It is a long draw for photographers because of the stunning waterfront structures and well-preserved historic villages that combine modern design with vibrant colours. There are many things to do and see in the most vibrant city of Stockholm, including a thriving nightlife scene, stylish pubs, clubs, restaurants and designer stores. The best things to do in Stockholm include ice skating, hiking, skiing and eating delicious meatballs at some of the most popular restaurants in Stockholm.

Did you find the place which you would want to visit on your trip to Scandinavia? If yes, then don’t miss out on checking the tailor-made Scandinavian tour packages on Veena World. To conclude, whether you want to visit the northern lights of Iceland or the magical city of Rovaniemi, Scandinavia is your perfect vacation getaway destination. You are in good hands when you book your travel package with Veena World. If you want to plan your travel itinerary, you can explore the customised holiday option too on the website, and the rest of everything will be taken care of by us. That means you can relax, sit back and enjoy your dream vacation to the country of Vikings, Scandinavia, to the fullest.

February 16, 2023


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