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Best Cities to Visit in Sweden

9 mins. read

Located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe, Sweden is famous for its mystical forests from ancient times and stunning coastline. It is a culturally rich, progressive, and peaceful country with varied landscapes and modern architecture, making it a paradise for travellers and photographers. This Scandinavian country is filled with traditional huts, colourful wooden buildings, stone fortresses and cathedrals, and modern architecture. With an abundance of forests and lakes, and buildings reminding of the bygone era, the cities of Sweden offer something for everyone. If you plan a trip to this beautiful country, it can be a little difficult for you to select must-visit and beautiful places in this country for your vacation.

Top Cities to Visit in Sweden

Here is a list of must-visit cities in Sweden: -

  • Stockholm
  • Malmo
  • Helsingborg
  • Gothenburg
  • Uppsala
  • Vasteras
  • Kiruna
  • Visby
  • Örebro
  • Kalmar


The capital city of Sweden, Stockholm, is the perfect place to start your Sweden trip with. Spread across 14 islands, the city is known for its abundant green space, distinct neighbourhoods, and picturesque views all around. One of the largest and best-preserved medieval city centres in Europe, Stockholm is home to many attractions, including more than 50 bridges built on an extensive Baltic Sea archipelago. The city has a range of hotels, shops of Swedish designers, a vibrant nightlife, and an abundance of cafes serving delicious dishes. One of the best places to visit in Sweden, Stockholm is an ideal place to enjoy a memorable vacation with friends and family. Some of the highlights of the city include ochre buildings, cobblestone streets, Royal Palaces, cathedrals, ferry rides, etc.


Next on the list of the major cities in Sweden, Malmo is a blend of ultra-modern cosmopolitan vibes and old-world charm. Located in southern Sweden, Malmo is just a 40-minute ride away from Copenhagen. Malmo is famous as the city of parks, cobbled streets, gabled brick buildings, and amazing green spaces around most street corners. As you visit the city, you will enjoy a perfect vacation exploring places, enjoying a picnic or reading a book in parks, or simply taking a pause in nature. One of the famous cities in Sweden, Malmo has many attractions for tourists, such as Malmö Castle, Kungsparken, Turning Torso, Malmö Art Museum, Lilla Torg etc.


Located in the centre of the northern part of western Scania, Helsingborg is a small yet beautiful town in Sweden. Formed in 1085, it is one of the oldest cities in Sweden, reflecting a unique combination of modernity, history, and culture. From historical buildings to waterfront restaurants and shopping in colourful cobblestone streets to enjoying gastronomic experiences, there are so many things to do and enjoy in this beautiful town. Renowned as the most innovative city in Sweden, Helsingborg was awarded the European Capital of Innovation in 2020. Here, you can visit the famous Gothic church of Sankta Maria Kyrka and the medieval castle of Kärnan, Tropikariet indoor zoo, the cultural exhibition center of Dunkers Kulturhus, the royal house of Sofiero, and more.



The second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg, is a seaside destination for tourists. Situated on the western coast of Sweden, the city is home to many parks dating back to the 19th century, including Slottsskogen City Park, Kungsparken, and Keillers Park. With striking surroundings offering serenity and a chance to connect with nature, these parks allow visitors to escape the chaos of daily busy life and enjoy some peaceful time in nature. Gothenburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Sweden, is known for Dutch-style canals and verdant avenues such as the Avenyn, the main street of the city, dotted with many cafes and shops. It is a busy city with a peaceful and friendly vibe.


A city near Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden, Uppsala is famous for statues and sculptures of Norse gods. Located around 70 kilometres north of Stockholm, Uppsala should be in your tour plan if you want to feel the peaceful vibes of small towns. It is one of the most striking trip destinations filled with many exciting places to visit. While it is one of the largest cities in the country, Uppsala gives the feel of a quaint town sprinkled with twisting lanes, streets and waterways that you can explore on foot or by bicycle. One of the best cities in Sweden, Uppsala boasts the first university in the country, with academic buildings from the 1400s. The highlights of this city include Linnaeus Garden, Gamla Uppsala, Uppsala Domkyrka, Museum Gustavia, and more.


One of the oldest cities in Sweden, Vasteras is a popular travel destination among history lovers. From Viking ruins to a massive waterpark and medieval churches, the city has many interesting places to help you enjoy a perfect weekend escape. Located near the capital city of Sweden, on the banks of Lake Mälaren, Vasteras has preserved many historical monuments. However, the main pride of this city lies in the 13th-century Scandinavian Brick Cathedral. In Vasteras, you can visit many places like Anundshög, Strömsholm Pal, Kyrkbacken, Vallby Open Air, Engsö Castle, Kokpunkten Waterpark and more.



Around 145 km north of the Arctic Circle and located in the centre of Swedish Lapland, Kiruna is one of the best cities to visit in Sweden. A city with striking landscape and amazing weather, Kiruna makes a unique travel destination for those who want to visit a town in northern Sweden and an offbeat destination. It is a city that provides free entry to its national parks and other protected areas, ensuring an ideal setting for camping and trekking. Surrounded by majestic mountains and striking lakes, Kiruna should be on your bucket list if you are travelling to Sweden. An interesting fact about Kiruna is that it has the world’s first hotel made of ice. Some of the major attractions in the city are Abisko National Park, Northern Lights Tour, Kiruna Pastorat Church, Kiruna Mine, and more.


One of the most photogenic destinations in the world, Visby is called a Swedish fairytale town nestled on the island of Gotland. The best preserved commercial town in northern Europe, Visby was added to the list of UNESCO-protected sites in 1995. With ivy forests, bleak sea-stacks fields, sandy beaches, cobblestone streets, and fascinating ruins, Visby draws the attention of travellers from across the world. The highlights of this medieval Viking town include St. Karin Cathedral Ruins, Botaniska Tradgarden, Visby City Wall, Gotland Art Museum, and more. It is definitely one of the best cities to visit in Sweden.


Located between Gothenburg and the capital city of Sweden, Örebro reflects a unique balance between contemporary appeal and fascinating history. One of the oldest towns in Sweden, Örebro was a major city and commercial centre in the 13th century. The city played an important role in Swedish history. Here, you can visit Wadköping Open Air Museum, Örebro Castle, Stadsparken, Karlslund Manor House, and more. The rich history, natural beauty, and unique city vibes make Orebro a perfect destination for tourists.



Also known as the city of bridges, Kalmar is one of the major cities in Sweden, attracting tourists with its seaside charm, historical architecture, and proximity to the island of Öland via the Öland Bridge. Located in Småland County, on the southeast coast of Sweden, Kalmar is a historically significant city with many things to visit and enjoy across culture and outdoor activities. Situated by the Baltic Sea, this striking coastal gem is known for its cobbled streets and well-preserved 17th and 18th-century buildings. The main attractions in this city include Kalmar County, Kalmar Castle, Stadsparken, Kalmar Lans Museum, The Krusenstierna Garden, Bla Jungfrun National Park, etc.

Sweden is a country that offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy their vacations exploring nature and unforgettable sights. You can book one of the most suitable Sweden tour packages to experience all the major attractions the country has to offer!

July 22, 2023


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