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Caribbean Cayman Islands - Discovering the Islands Time Forgot

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The Caribbean, with its sandy beaches, crystal clear skies and azure waters has always been a popular destination for travellers. Whether you are in the mood to laze out under the sun on a hammock or jump off of snorkelling and diving points, the sun-warmed water a welcoming embrace, the time spent in the Caribbean is going to be undeniably exceptional. Its many cays, reefs and islands, are ready for discovery and exploration. Among these, nestled in the northwest of the Caribbean, to the west of Jamaica and south to the island country of Cuba, is the picturesque Cayman Islands. A place waiting to captivate your senses, this is your ultimate tropical destination.

Surrounded by the North American Territory in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands is a popular destination on most United States tour packages. While Cayman is nowhere near as popular as other islands in the Caribbean, we believe the old-world charm and slow living are half the reason why it is so popular among travellers.

Let us take a look at what the Cayman Islands are famous for and what a trip to these low-laying islands has to offer.

Exploring Cayman Islands

  • About the Cayman Islands
  • The Sister Islands
  • Beaches
  • Sight for the Sore Eyes - Attractions at the Cayman Islands

About the Cayman Islands

The Cayman is a group of islands which are also a self-governing British Overseas Territory, the “BOT”.

Since its discovery, the islands have had a variety of settlers. People from different continents, sailors, pirates, deserters. All who have shaped the art and culture of the island contributed to the culinary tastes and made it the way they are today. People who worked hard for years as turtle fishermen or as ship crew members who fought hard for the “island that time forgot”.

Like any other Caribbean island, the Cayman Islands too boasts a tropical climate. With pleasantly warm weather, a light breeze drifting in from the Caribbean Sea and occasional rain showers, tourism in the Cayman Islands is open throughout the year. But it is winter, from November to March that travelers consider the best time to visit the Cayman Islands.

In fact, it is also the best time to plan your USA trip from India since the tropical weather of Cayman and its neighbours can offer a pleasant reprieve from the freezing temperatures. Another pleasant surprise will be the diverse population and ethnicity of residents. Easy-going, friendly people who take care of the environment, each other and the tourists.

In the Caribbean Cayman Islands, there are “n” number of activities you can indulge in. Whether you do them all or do nothing at all but enjoy the spectacular sites the islands have to offer, you will return content from your travels.

But before we get on that, let us know more about the three islands that make the Cayman Islands.

The Sister Islands

The entirety of Cayman in the Caribbean is made up of 3 islands which are outcroppings of a submarine mountain range- The Grand Cayman, The Cayman Brac and The Little Cayman.

Each of these islands is surrounded by natural beauty, a relaxing atmosphere, coral reefs and far stretches of beaches.

The largest of them all is the Grand Cayman, which favours a cosmopolitan vibe and is a host to activities. Its capital George Town is a financial hub and hosts some of the best resorts and hotels like Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, a 5-star resort on Cayman Island.

The many restaurants, eateries, duty-free shops, museums, seaside bars, and art galleries of George Town are a must-visit during your trip. The Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands is a blend of art, culture, luxury and nature. Grand Cayman also has one of the largest beaches in the Cayman Islands.

Cayman Brac is a heaven on earth for adventure seekers. Situated a 30-minute flight away from the Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac is home to one of the best recreational diving points in the world. With limestone caves and sinkholes dotting the island, exploring every bit of Cayman Brac will be a little treat. Enjoy deep sea fishing, canoeing and kayaking, snorkel along the rocky coastline, explore the dozens of caves or rock climb from the top of the bluff down to the Caribbean waters and back up again.

Little Cayman is one of the least developed islands of the Caribbean Cayman Islands, but one where you will re-discover tranquillity. Just 10 miles long and a mile wide, Little Cayman is the true epitome of an “island getaway”. With its untouched beaches, soft sand, and palm trees swaying with the wind, it is not hard to lose track of the time. Despite being sparsely inhabited, Little Cayman has one of the revered undersea sights, Bloody Bay Wall - a dramatic coral drop-off over 5,000 feet. Bask on the empty beaches or kayak to Owen Island, just off the southwest coast of Little Cayman to have a much-needed secluded time off.

Top 3 Beaches of Cayman Islands

When we talk about the Caribbean, there is no chance we will miss out on its beautiful beaches. The sparkling sand, clear blue water, and exotic aquatic life, oh! what a treat beaches are to the eyes.

The Cayman Islands have the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean. From Spotts Beach where you can grab a snorkel to watch turtles swim in their natural habitat to the famous Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Island and its calm waters perfect for surfing, snorkeling and exploring

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach at Grand Cayman Island is one of the ultimate coral sand beaches of the Caribbean. Stretched over the western side of the Grand Cayman, Seven Miles is home to some of the best beach resorts and hotels. The waterfront is open to the public and you can spend time diving around the Cemetery Reef, sipping on fresh coconut water, shopping at the many shops or better yet, trying your hand at paddle boarding and other water sports at this famous beach at Cayman Island.

Cayman Kai

Another popular beach at the Grand Cayman Island, sitting smack-dab on the Rum Point in the Caribbean. Spread across a whopping 400 acres of land on the north coast of Grand Cayman, Cayman Kai is without the big crowds that Seven Mile is used to. It is more of a quiet beach with an unspoilt coastline, and calm shallow waters that are perfect for swimming and resting beneath palm trees.

Point of Sand

Point of Sand or Sandy Beach is your crossover between the hubbub of Seven Mile and the tranquil peace of Cayman Kai. Situated on the Little Cayman, Point of Sand is perfect for those long leisurely walks and up-close-and-personal encounters with marine life including coral outcrops, Blue Tangs, Parrotfish, Angelfish, Queen Conch, Bonefish, the occasional sting rays and rock beauty.

Sight for the Sore Eyes - Attractions at the Cayman Islands

Sight for the Sore Eyes Attractions at the Cayman Islands

Besides beaches, the Cayman Islands have everything to keep visitors entertained. From sports and water activities to a healthy nightlife, and delicious eateries, the Caribbean Cayman Islands has everything to make your experience worthwhile.

Cayman Turtle Centre

The centre is dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and green sea turtles found in the West Bay at Grand Cayman. The volunteers teach about the life of turtles, their habitat, and the breeding and rearing process.

Collier Nature Reserve & Trail

Collier is a wildlife reserve on the east end of Grand Cayman. This National Trust was founded to save the Blue Iguanas and their depleting population. The reserve allows visitors to observe iguanas in their natural habitat, as well as many different species, of fauna and fungi.

Crystal Caves

Located on the north side of Cayman in Old Man Bay, Crystal Caves is a famous tourist attraction on Cayman Island. These underground caves have formed naturally over millions of years and contain fossilised shells along with stalactite and stalagmite crystal structures and freshwater lagoons.

Bioluminescent Bay

There are only a few places on the Earth where you can experience the magic of Bioluminescence and the Cayman Islands is the perfect place to do so. This mesmerising display of nature can be explored on a Kayak or an electric boat which can be rented on the island.

The Cayman Islands is an ode to nature in the Caribbean, with a million things to do and explore. Browse through our America tour packages and discover first-hand what a unique and beautiful place the Cayman Islands are.

May 23, 2024


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