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USA Trip from India: Tips for First Time Travellers

8 mins. read

These days, the United States of America can be considered as one of the top travel destinations. With diverse geography and a lot on offer, USA is perfect for every kind of travellers. Plus, with numerous USA tour packages online offering people the perfect way to plan a hassle-free vacation, there is hardly any reason why you too should not plan a US sojourn for your next vacation. However, if this would be the first time you travel to the USA, here are some tips to help you navigate your vacation to ensure the perfect experience: -

1. Travel and Medical Insurance

To get the most basic tip out of the way, the first thing to do would be to find proper travel and medical insurance. Healthcare in the United States is on the expensive side so it would be ideal to take proper insurance before embarking on your USA trip from India. For the best experiences in the USA, it is essential that you travel worry-free. Knowing that you will be able to avail assistance from your insurance provider in case of any emergency will go a long way in letting you enjoy your vacation completely.

2. Put in the Research

Before you book your trip to the States, put on your research goggles and start looking up all the important information for the trip. This doesn’t just include checking out the best places to visit in the USA to create your basic itinerary but also checking out places to stay, how you will get from one sightseeing point to another, the best food options near your accommodation and on your travel route, and more. When you plan a trip to the USA from India, there will be a lot for you to keep in mind and research is the way to go for you.

3. Accept That You Won’t Be Able to See Everything

The most important thing to realise when you plan a trip to the USA from India is that you cannot see everything. The USA is a huge country with 6 different time zones and if you try to see it all on a single trip, you will be left exhausted, that too with sensory overload. Not to mention, your USA trip cost from India will also rise significantly. The best idea is to go deep instead of wide. Pick a region and spend time exploring it thoroughly and save other parts for a different trip. Clubbing NYC and Washington DC is a good idea as is clubbing LA, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Again, proper research will help you plan the perfect itinerary!

4. The Packing

There are many Indian tours in the USA that you can choose from but it is pertinent that you pack properly to be able to enjoy those tours. It is a fact that you never know when some arbitrary thing might come in handy; that said, please do not over-pack. All airlines have restrictions on the weight of the luggage you can carry, and the USA also has a huge list of prohibited items that should not find their way into your bag. Plus, you need to ensure that the clothes you pack are suitable for the weather at your destination. It goes without saying that research is the key to planning your Indian tours in the USA! And, of course, don’t forget to pack all your necessary travel documents in bags that are easily accessible.

5. The Cost of Travel

Even after you add the basic ticket prices, cost of accommodation, etc., you will be nowhere close to calculating the total trip cost from India to the USA. One of the basic expenses that people forget to consider is the cost of travel. If you are on a budget, you will need to be careful about how you travel in the states. While travelling by subway and greyhound buses, etc. will be quite affordable, cabs in cities like New York can leave quite a hole in your pocket. So, before your trip, you will also have to look at the best ways to travel between your sightseeing destinations.

6. Renting a Car

One thing that most people won’t tell you about a USA trip from India is that renting a car and driving through the beautiful highways of the States is an experience you should not miss. You will, of course, have to factor in the rental charges into your trip cost for India to the USA and apply for an international licence. Remember, the USA has left-hand drive cars and strict rules for drivers, so familiarise yourself with the same before you head out. The Pacific Coast Highway, Route 66, and Blue Ridge Parkway are some of the most scenic routes that you can consider for a road trip.

7. The National Parks

If this is the first time you travel to the USA, you must try and include the national parks in your itinerary. While most people would head to the big cities for the glitz and glamour, America’s national parks have a lot of picturesque experiences to offer. You can witness the world’s longest cave system at Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave or walk through the scenic Denali National Park in Alaska. There are about 84 million acres of national parks in the USA. Talk about being spoilt for choice!

8. Don’t Forget to Tip Good Service

It is a major cultural difference that you should be aware of the first time you travel to the USA. While tips are generally not expected in India and are included in your bill as service charge, almost all servers in the US depend on tips for their income and tips are separate from your bills. A basic tip of 20% on your bill should be the norm and if a server goes above and beyond in providing you service, you should be prepared to tip accordingly. Make sure you factor in these expenses as well when you budget for your USA trip from India.

9. Smoking

If you enjoy a smoke now and then, one thing you need to remember while on USA tours from India is that smoking is not permitted everywhere. While movies may have led you to believe otherwise, there are very strict laws that govern where you can and cannot smoke in the US. On your USA tours from India, you will be able to see dedicated smoking zones at several places, and that is where you would need to head.

10. Mind that Slang

This is something a lot of people tend to mess up while on a USA tour from India. You may have seen a lot of movies and shows with a lot of slang used regularly. However, don’t make the mistake to use that slang. As surprising as it may seem, slangs are not always acceptable everywhere. In many cases, it may even be seen as offensive. While travelling to different states during your USA tour from India, you must conduct yourself in a proper manner!

Planning a USA trip from India may require a bit of work, but once you are done with all the preparation, you can rest assured that your USA trip from India will be glorious!

December 10, 2019


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