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The Off-Beaten Path of the Nubra Valley - The Camping Station of Ladakh

8 mins. read

Blessed by nature with abundant apple and apricot orchards, snow-clad mountains, and a surreal landscape that calls out to thousands of travellers every year to the “Land of High Passes”, Nubra Valley holds the most stunning parts of Ladakh. Connected to Leh by Khardung La - one of the highest and most famous biking trails in the world - the valley is wedged cosily between Tibet and Kashmir, and surrounded by rugged mountain ranges, with local communities prospering on the Himalayan trade en route to the ancient Silk Road across the Ladakh region, Nubra has everything an explorer seeks.

As a high-altitude desert region, Nubra has captivated visitors with its tasteful blend of rugged beauty and soft calmness. Fondly called the Ldumra - the valley of flowers - Nubra comes alive in summer with cool winds blowing in from the lakes and mountains. It is the perfect destination to spend a summer weekend staring at the swaying vegetation and indulging in local activities. That, however, does not abstain it from stealing hearts in the cold of winter.

Home to some of the most breathtaking views, gompas, hot springs, marvellous sand dunes and cold deserts, lakes and river streams, remote villages, and adventure activities, it is not unnatural that Nubra is a famous travel destination for both local and international travellers. However, there is more to this yawning valley that attracts tourists.

Camping in Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley makes for one of the best places to experience some of the most memorable experiences you can have on your trip to Ladakh. Though the valley has been a hidden trove until some years ago, a trip to Ladakh now is incomplete without a glimpse into its orchards, a visit to some of the most famous Buddhist learning centres or monasteries dotting the area, or a dip in the sulphur hot springs in the Panamik village. Travellers often find themselves attempting to interact with the locals in Turtuk, or watching the native Bactrian camels dancing through the sand dunes in the cold desert of Hunder village. Some even indulge in a number of adventure activities including trekking, river rafting on the Shyok River, mountain biking, or indulging in some eco-friendly camp stays in Nubra. In fact, out of all things to do in Nubra Valley, camping stands out the most.

Camping in Nubra Valley is a sensory delight. Imagine laying down, under a sky full of stars with a bonfire and a warm cup of coffee keeping the night chill away. Enriching your mind, body, and soul by the mountainside of one of the most tranquil places in the world.

Nubra Valley is one of the most popular camping spots in Ladakh. Surrounded by the majestic Karakoram and Himalayan mountain ranges, as well as spectacular views of Leh, one can easily pitch a tent in Nubra Valley and escape reality. The best Nubra Valley camp stays open up to some of the most stunning views of mountain ranges, gurgling streams, and lush valleys.

To make it more convenient for you, we have curated a list of the best camps in Nubra Valley. Here are the most recommended ones: -

Apple Nubra Cottage

Apple Nubra Cottage is a luxury camping site in the Nubra Valley, with camps equipped with modern facilities and designed to offer the best of comfort to the guests. Ideal for those cosy evenings surrounded by breathtaking views where you can simply let your head float in the clouds and indulge in a recreational activity or two.

Located in the lap of nature, overlooking the Shayok River, Apple Nubra Cottage has everything you would need to enjoy your camping experience. From luxury tents with attached baths with western toilets, running hot and cold showers, and comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi to multi-cuisine restaurant service, the camp stay is ideal for families and honeymooners looking for a luxurious camping experience. Not to mention that the camp stays are pet friendly, so you won't have to leave your furball behind when you visit.

Nubra Valley

Mystic Meadows

Another luxury camps located in the Nubra Valley region, Mystic Meadows Earth Homes are camp cottages built with mud brick structures to offer a rustic and contemporary architectural style. Build ideally so that the campers will have uninterrupted views of the spectacular Himalayan mountains range of Ladakh with each corner emanating a luxurious appeal.

The Mystic Meadows takes local hospitality and transforms it into a luxury setting with cottages equipped with modern amenities and entertainment zones to indulge guests on those cold evenings.

The camp has its own kitchen gardens, car parking facilities, satellite television units, an outdoor seating area, a multi-cuisine restaurant serving Italian, Indian, Continental, and lip-smacking Ladakhi cuisine, and a Wi-Fi facility so you are never away from the rest of the world.

This luxury camp stay in Nubra Valley is known for creating experiences that last beyond the stay.

Cold Desert Camp

Located in the quaint Hundar village, Cold Desert Camp offers a tranquil sanctuary for travellers seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. With the Shyok River flowing nearby and distant views of the Hundar sand dunes, the Cold Desert Camps are the ideal setting to indulge in recreational camping in Nubra Valley. Swim in the river, hike a forest trail, or participate in adventure activities like camel riding, ATV rides, or river rafting. And if you are missing some much-needed peace, a visit to the nearby Diskit Monastery can help with that.

Each camp on the property has modern facilities, including comfortable sleeping quarters with attached baths and running water, delicious food, and parking. The camp's professionals handle private sightseeing and tour requests as well so that you never have to worry about exploring alone.

Ladakh Summer Camp

Ladakh Summer Camp

Another one of the luxury camping sites in Nubra Valley, Ladakh Summer Camp provides an opportunity for campers to unwind and relax in the midst of natural beauty. Despite its remote location in Hunder the camp is surrounded by arid and desolate yet a vast expanse of green and abounds with cultivable land, which makes a perfect recipe for camping ground.

Surrounded by the panoramic views of mountains and the Nubra valley, the Ladakh Summer Camp stay in Nubra offers a quiet and peaceful environment.

The camp offers deluxe tent accommodations that are fully equipped with modern amenities and facilities with bed and bath with running hot and cold water, as well as private verandah space for campers to relax and enjoy sunrise and sunset views and take in the clean, fresh air and experience the truly authentic village life.

Camping in Nubra Valley will not only be a pleasurable experience, but it will also leave you feeling complete and at peace. That is the magic of this place. Let the natural aura of the place take control while you pick the best camps to stay in Nubra Valley.

According to travellers and locals alike, a trip to Ladakh is never complete without Nubra Valley. It is like missing out on an important piece of a jigsaw puzzle. This time, book your Ladakh holiday packages with Veena World and get to experience and live through every moment of tranquillity as you lie in wait for the crisp mountain air to purify you before embarking on a journey of a lifetime.

July 05, 2023


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