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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Prayagraj

8 mins. read

Prayagraj is one of the most charismatic places to visit in Uttar Pradesh now officially known as Prayagraj. This holiest of the places and its rich culture has been an attraction for pilgrims since ancient times. The city is venerated for the sacred rivers and archaic shrines that grace this city of sanctity. It is adorned with interesting holy tales, one of them being Lord Brahma making his first sacrifice here after creating the world.

Our parents and grandparents still observe Prayagraj as a place of reverence for its saintly history. But, if we will dig deep into the history of this city, there are treasures to be unveiled. The place, once the capital of Kuru Rulers in Hastinapur, has evolved over time. A Prayagraj tour package is sure to take you to numerous places to visit in Prayagraj that are historical and religious in importance

1. Triveni Sangam

Triveni Sangam marks the meeting point of Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati. This holy confluence is looked upon as a famous tourist place in Prayagraj. Spirituality and beauty define this place. Some people visit the Sangam with a belief that a bath here will free them of all their sins. Others just want to behold the gorgeous view of rivers of three different colors meeting at this point. This place hosts Kumbha Mela and Ardh Kumbh. If you are planning your visit to Prayagraj around Kumbh, exploring the grounds of the Mela will be one of the top things to do in Prayagraj.

2. Anand Bhawan

Nehru family has a history associated with Prayagraj and it is very well described in Anand Bhawan, one of the best places to visit in Prayagraj. Anand Bhawan is the legacy of Mr. Motilal Nehru and is situated in the heart of the city. This was the residence of our First Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru and her daughter, Indira Gandhi before it was transformed into a Museum. This blue and white building is so beautifully preserved that it now happens to be Prayagraj’s most prominent tourist spot with significant historical and political importance.

3. Khusro Bagh

Prayagraj brings history to life and Khusro Bagh is a prime example of that. Situated near Prayagraj Railway station, you can perhaps start your Prayagraj tour with Khusro Bagh and check it out even before you check into your hotel. Khusro Bagh is a royal glimpse of the bygone Mughal Era! It has tombs of Prince Khusro, Shah Begum, and Nesa Begum installed in the middle of an area that spans 40 acres, decorated with intricate Mughal art.

3. Allahabad Museum

If you are a history buff and want to study the culture of Prayagraj to the core, Allahabad Museum is the best tourist place to be at. This museum exhibits research works of some of the most famous historians, archaeologists, and academic scholars. To enhance your experience, this museum has separate galleries for archaeological findings, art, history, and artifacts. One of the best places to visit, the Allahabad Museum is systematically structured to render an exclusive learning experience.

4. All Saints Cathedral

All Saints Cathedral is a unique tourist destination of Prayagraj. Among those places to visit that speak of history, this church sure does make a tourist-y case for itself. Apart from being a house of worship, this place serves as a lone example of swank colonial architecture. If you are looking for places to visit in Prayagraj, head out to this gothic-style specimen on MG Marg to witness its elaborate murals and paper-thin marble carvings.

5. Allahabad Planetarium

Allahabad Planetarium is a major attraction when it comes to tourism in Prayagraj. It was built in 1979 beside Anand Bhawan and was named after our first Prime Minister Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. While some lists of places to visit in Prayagraj comprise tourism spots of religious and historical importance, Allahabad Planetarium is for those who appreciate the city’s intellectual side.    

6. Allahabad Fort

Situated on the banks of river Yamuna, this citadel demonstrates sublime architecture. Allahabad Fort, built by Emperor Ashoka and renovated by Badshah Akbar in 1853, bears a fusion of art forms from two very different eras. Only one part of Allahabad fort is open to visitors; the rest of the property is being controlled and maintained by the Indian army. Some of the most interesting attractions to visit in Prayagraj are situated inside the fort itself! Your tour guide to the fort will take you to notable galleries, Ashoka Pillar, Patalpuri temple and Akshaya Vat.

7. Allahabad University

Now known as the University of Prayagraj, it was established in 1887. Since its inception, this university has been known for its ability to impart brilliant quality education and hence secured the spot of the 4th modern university of India. The University of Prayagraj is not just a top-tier education institution of India but also a prominent tourist place in Prayagraj – it is a one-of-a-kind gothic and Egyptian style architecture that makes for a mind-boggling sight!

8. Alfred Park

Covering almost 133 acres of land, Alfred Park is the largest park in Prayagraj. The foremost attraction of this park is the colossal statues of George V and Queen Victoria that speak of its significance in British Raj. This park used to get booked for the official ceremonies in the bygone era. The park does not just speak of the stories from Colonial Rule; it also has the tale of freedom fighter Chandrashekhar Azad being sung by trees and the turf of this garden. Azad shot himself here as he pledged that he will not be a colonial prisoner.

9. Allahabad Public Library

Allahabad Public Library is one more addition to the list of the places to visit Prayagraj. The library is built in Scottish Baronial style and is one of the biggest libraries of Uttar Pradesh. A house of nearly 1,25,000 books, newspapers, journals and magazines in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali and manuscripts in several different languages, this place once served as the House of Legislative assembly during the British Raj.

10. New Yamuna Bridge

Most of the tourist destinations of Prayagraj are decades and even centuries old. New Yamuna Bridge is relatively new in that regard. A popular option among Prayagraj’s tourist places, this bridge was built in 2004 over river Yamuna. The purpose of its construction was to reduce the traffic incidence on old Naini Bridge and connect the southern and northern sides of Prayagraj to the neighbourhood of Naini. However, the sight of the river Yamuna flowing beneath the bridge and the evening view of the sparkling trail of lights running through the cables of the bridge makes New Yamuna Bridge a spectacular destination.

Prayagraj is the land of Vedas, culture, contemporary and conventional architecture, history and heritage. If you have a knack to travel and discover, you’ll end up loving Prayagraj once you are here!

July 12, 2019


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