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Best Time to Visit Pachmarhi to Witness Pure Serenity

9 mins. read

Every time is the best time to explore and visit Pachmarhi - a place in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Pachmarhi, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. It lies hidden away within the lush vegetation of the Satpura Hill Range.

Pachmarhi is positioned on a large plate and offers stunning scenery with waterfalls, lakes, and a dense canopy of greenery. The town, which is well-known for the hills surrounding the area, is full of locations that provide an easy escape from reality. The magnificent view that you can see as the sun sets in the city of Pachmarhi is a thing that draws travellers from all over the world, including India, to this beautiful location.

Whatever month of the year you go, it will be the best weather to visit Pachmarhi because the beauty of Pachmarhi unfolds in a majestic manner that can't be explained in words but can only be absorbed when you are present there. Some of its treasures are concealed behind rocky and uneven trails in the middle of dense forests and wilderness, thus making monsoon, not one of the best times to go to Pachmarhi due to risk and safety reasons.

In summer, the best months to visit Pachmarhi are from March to June. It is so because the spellbinding lakes and waterfalls, adventurous activities like trekking, parasailing and ziplining etc will be hidden behind the curtains of snow and chilly atmosphere in winter.

But some people will suggest winters are the best season to visit Pachmarhi because one gets to enjoy the energy of seasonal celebrations like Pachmarhi Utsava in December.

The surroundings in Pachmarhi, the splendour of the luxuriant foliage, and the breathtaking mountains are more than enough to put you in a trance. So get your tickets booked for a tour package to Pachmarhi with near and dear ones from an authentic travel agency. So without any delay, tie your seat belts tight and read further to get an idea of the popular places to visit here in Pachmarhi.

Bee Falls

There are several little and large waterfalls in Pachmarhi, but the Bee Falls are the most well-known because of how stunning the pouring torrent of water and the surrounding scenery is. This fall is in charge of supplying Pachmarhi's whole city with essential drinking water. Even with its odd name, the location is so stunning that you won't regret spending even a minute there. Even though the falls are just 35 metres high, you can feel quite a bit of force when you go near and experience the misty splash. A quick hike is required to reach the falls, heightening the excitement.

Pandava Caves

The Pandava caverns, which are close to Pachmarhi, are fantastic to explore if you don't get claustrophobic. We all grew up with the Mahabharata narrative and are familiar with the Pandavas. Legends claim that this is the cave where the Pandavas found refuge during their exile, giving rise to the caverns' legendary moniker. Due to the legends surrounding it, the government has now turned it into a protected monument, which draws a tonne of visitors year-round. It was also a place of worship for certain Buddhist monks during the first century AD since it provided them with refuge at the time.

Satpura National Park

Another well-known destination that you must include in your Pachmarhi tour package is Satpura National Park. If you see it with your own eyes, the park is enormous, covering a total area of 524 sq. km. It provides a natural home for the numerous animals and birds that live there. The entire sanctuary is distributed over seven interconnecting hills, thus the name "Satpura," which means "seven hills."

Get a glimpse of wild elephants, leopards, barasingha, some of the rarest birds, and much more by going on a fun safari ride. The trip includes the deep forests and creatures you may not often think of encountering directly.

While riding the jeep through the untamed jungle, get a taste of Jumanji. Every day, from 7:00 AM to 6:30 PM, the park is accessible to the general public.

Rajat Pratap

Rajat Pratap is yet another well-liked waterfall close to Pachmarhi that is worthwhile a visit, and it is as regal as the location's name says. The water gushes down from a height of 350 feet and is only a few kilometres from Apsara Vihar. The tallest waterfall in Pachmarhi and the thirty-first highest in India is a single straight drop. This waterfall seems to be a silver stripe covered in green.

Because of how swift the stream of water is and how wonderful it appears from a distance, it is also sometimes referred to as the Silver Falls. The region appears silver from a distance because the water is moving at a constant speed, therefore the name. The best weather to visit this place in Pachmarhi is going right after the rains to get perfect visibility. Although you can't really access the fall since it is on the opposite side of the hill, it is a good location for photography, and once you've seen it, you'll never forget its beauty. There are so many waterfalls in Pachmarhi that you can just organise your vacation around them.

Handi Khoh

If you don't fear heights, you'll like visiting and exploring the stunning and untamed cliff point at Handi Khoh. The cliff is 300 feet tall and provides a breathtaking view of the surroundings, making it a particularly popular location among photographers and nature enthusiasts. The cliff is completely encircled by a thick forest, which intensifies the attraction of visiting and exploring this location. The cliff has several tales behind it and is bordered by several water streams. According to the famous legend, there was once a large lake here that was protected by a serpent, but Lord Shiva's anger killed the snake, and as a result, the lake dried up and the empty area assumed the shape of a pot (Handi in Hindi). The location has its own allure despite its mystical quality. Visit Handi Khoh and climb to the peak to have some adventure.

Dutchess falls

Pachmarhi is well known for its picturesque locations. If you aren't already in love with nature, Pachmarhi will make sure you do so with its magnificent locations to explore every day. Dutchess Falls is one such location. One of the most popular sights in Pachmarhi that draws a sizable number of tourists each year is Dutchess Falls. As you ascend, the lovely waterfall separates into three distinct ones. As you go to the summit, treat yourself to a hot dish of Maggi. While there, sit on a rock, snap some breathtaking pictures, and go swimming. October to June is one of the best times to visit this place in Pachmarhi. During those months, the weather is extremely relaxing, and the waterfall's flow is suitable for admiring and taking a dip.


Dhoopgarh is another wonderful location not far from Pachmarhi that can be visited and explored. It was once known as the Harvatsa Kot, but its name was changed so that it could more accurately reflect its present location later on. Because it is the highest point of the Satpura mountain ranges and provides a spectacular perspective of the surrounding landscape, you can be sure that travelling there wouldn't be anything you'd come to regret doing. Due to the fact that it is situated at an elevation of 4429 feet above ground level, it is imperative that you psychologically prepare yourself in advance if you intend to visit this location. There is no substitute for the breathtaking vista that stretches out in every direction around you as you make it to the peak of the hill.

The town of Pachmarhi in Madhya Pradesh is home to several waterfalls, animal reserves, temples, and thick woods. It is clean and unpolluted because it is isolated from the general public. You will experience peace and closer contact with nature when you visit Pachmarhi!

October 03, 2022


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