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A Travel Guide to the Maldives: Things to Do, Places to Explore, and the Best Season to Visit

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Known for its paradisical beauty, the independent nation of the Maldives is the ultimate dream destination of nature lovers, honeymooners, and adventure junkies. The turquoise blue Indian Ocean, white sandy beaches, spectacular marine life, swaying palm trees, limitless blue skies, and luxury water villa resorts make the Maldives a destination that is worth experiencing.

No matter whether you are looking for an idyllic beach getaway or have a dream to enjoy the moments of solace in the lap of nature and in the most luxurious way, Maldives doesn’t disappoint you.

The post compiles things to do, places to explore, and the best time to visit the Maldives.

Things to Do in the Maldives

Right from the exhilarating water sports to the mesmerising sights of the ‘Sea of Stars,’ the list of things to do in the Maldives is pretty long. This dreamy lagoon, with so many options, can make your vacation relaxing yet action-packed. Here we’ve some of the popular things that you can enjoy on this island destination.

1. Go Scuba Diving

If you want to behold the astonishing oceanic beauty, then perhaps you may love to dive deep into the waters of Maaya Thila, Maldives. The oceanic base of Maaya Thila is home to some of the most spectacular marine species which can only be witnessed if you get to the depth of its water. For Thalassophiles, it is certainly a thing to experience.

2. Witness the ‘Sea of Stars’

Visit the "Sea of Stars" on Vaadhoo Island to spice up your normal beach days. Here under the moonlight, the sea waters appear to glow magnificently. This is known as bioluminescence, and it is displayed by free-floating microscopic planktons in the water as a defence mechanism when they are attacked by fish. This phenomenon causes the water to appear blue and gleaming. The water is completely safe to play with because the blue light released is cool and produces no heat.

3. Go Surfing


Although surfing is one of the most famous watersports, not every ocean-facing island is suitable for it, except it is the Maldives. It is one of the most popular surfing locations in the world due to its massive waves that curl up at the perfect time to allow you to surf and get clicked for Instagram stories. The suitable geographical advantage offered by the Maldives, particularly in and around Central, Southern, and Male Atolls make this destination a surfers’ paradise.

4. Go for Island Hopping

The Maldives Islands are made up of over 1000 islands and are home to some of the most unspoilt beaches on the planet. So, island hopping is one thing that you may want to do in the Maldives. The place has gorgeous beaches, calming weather, exotic reefs, and a variety of thrilling activities that you simply cannot pass up on your visit to the wonderful destination.

6. Indulge in Spa Therapy

One of the most relaxing things to do in the Maldives is to pamper yourself with exotic spa treatments at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, which is located on a secluded private island. Far from the hustle and bustle of city life, this Japanese-themed spa can cleanse your body and mind with a wide choice of therapeutic spa services provided by skilled professionals using medical-grade formulations. You can have your session while admiring the flawless vistas of the ocean.

7. Enjoy Sunset Cruise

To experience the magical beauty of the pristine islands of this magnificent archipelago, it is highly recommended that you go for sunset sailing. Take a joyous hour-long ride in the evening on a native Dhoni or a boat to behold and experience the most gorgeous views of the sunset as you calmly cruise on the waters. Other than soaking in the panoramic views of nature, you may also get the chance to spot lovely dolphins.

8. Go Water Skiing

Engage in water skiing If riding on the waves seems thrilling and exciting to you. This is one of the water sports that you may want to try on the waters of the Maldives. Even if you are a beginner and have never tried it before, you can take the assistance of professionals who will tell you how to do it safely. You can try water skiing on Meeru Island in the Maldives.

9. Enjoy Parasailing

One of the most interesting things to do in the Maldives is parasailing, which allows you to cruise over the sky while feeling the cold sea breeze gently caressing your face. While parasailing, you get to behold and soak in the breathtaking panoramic views of this archipelago. There are several atolls here that give you the opportunity to partake in this activity. Some of them are Cocoon Beach, Reethi Beach, and Finolhu Beach.

Places to Explore in the Maldives

Although the list of places to explore in the Maldives is very long, here we’ve compiled some of the popular ones that you can’t afford to give a miss:

1. Male City

The capital city of the Maldives, Male City is located on the southern margin of North Malé Atoll. The city is still unspoilt and the most popular destination for honeymooners, families, and water sports enthusiasts. It is a natural wonderland with a verdant island canopy and panoramas of the stunning scenery that is a visual and sensory feast. This natural refuge with palm-fringed lagoons and the most tranquil setting allows you to escape the hectic pace of the world. Brimming with tons of attractions, the city has so much to offer, right from gorgeous parks to historical museums and magnificent art galleries.

Besides, it also boasts an artificial beach where you can engage in a variety of exciting water sports activities like swimming, kayaking, and wakeboarding. If you are a foodie, it has some of the most exciting cafés and eateries where you can relish a variety of delectable cuisines. All these things make Male a must-visit destination in the Maldives. No wonder why best Maldives packages have this city included in their itinerary. As the place experiences tropical weather, it has two seasons – rainy and dry. The dry season lasts from the end of October to the end of March, whereas the rainy season lasts from the end of April to the end of October. So, based on this information, you can decide the best month to visit Male in the Maldives.

2. Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island, one of the most famous tourist destinations, has the nicest beach in the Maldives. Other than stunning beaches, the place is known for offering a plethora of exciting and enjoyable activities. This island can provide you with all you need for a heartwarming vacation with its diverse range of thrilling water sports and mouth-watering delights.

This area has an amazing appeal and elegance, with crystal turquoise water full of colourful fishes and corals. Shark diving, scuba diving, snorkelling, and dolphin safari are among the most popular activities that you can partake in on Maafushi Island. Located in Kaafu Atoll, the best time to travel to this beautiful island in the Maldives is between November and April.

3. Addu City

Addu City, located in the Maldives' southernmost atoll, is the second most urban destination to visit after Male. For its fascinating landscapes that compose of tall coconut trees and blue sky, the place attracts couples from across the world. This destination in the Maldives is made up of six inhabited islands that are linked together by a causeway built by the Britishers. Addu holds immense historical value because it was the Britishers' secret naval station back in 1941. The Mosque of the Judge, a prominent historical structure here tells volumes about the Sultanate's reign over the city which makes it a site worth exploring. Speaking of the best time to go to this place in the Maldives, it is between November to April.

4. Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo Island is a stunning Maldivian island with beautiful beaches, spectacular sceneries, and hypnotic beauty. When the sun sets on Vaadhoo Island, the sea waves touching the shore illuminate like a dazzling field of blue dots, offering the sea the illusion of a starlit night sky.

The bloom of phytoplankton, or aquatic critters that light in the dark, causes this remarkable phenomenon to occur in the late summer months. If you shake the water, the plankton will swirl around the lovely blue light, creating a captivating view. When you sail offshore, your chances of spotting this increase. The microscopic organisms emit light as the waves crash against the boat. The best time to see the ‘Sea of Stars’ in the Maldives is the late summer which is between June to October.

5. Fulhadhoo Island

Located in the southern Maalhosmadulhu Atoll, it is one of the most calming islands in the Maldives, with pristine lagoons, white sand beaches, lush palm trees, and a quiet ambience. This island is one of the least visited and most remote in the Maldives, but it is rich in hidden gems. Divers, snorkelers, and turtle and dolphin watchers are some of the popular activities on Fulhadhoo Island. During their vacation to this gorgeous island, visitors also spend time swimming in the azure lagoons and relaxing at the opulent beach resorts. A short walk through the eastern village will also allow you to discover the rich culture of this fascinating Maldivian island. The good time to visit Fulhadoo Island in the Maldives is between July and October.

Best Season to Visit Maldives

To help you experience the magnificent Maldives in the best season, here we’ve divided the best time for the Maldives into three categories. Let’s take a glance at them: -

1. High Season: December to February

Speaking of the best time to visit the Maldives from India, there is no better window than between the months of December to February. During these months, the place has the nicest weather. You can expect little rain, mild humidity, and clear skies. No surprise that these months are the best time to visit the Maldives for a honeymoon. However, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, prices skyrocket, and many resorts here require a minimum stay of five days or more.

2. Shoulder Season: March to April

The shoulder season in the Maldives is suitable for heat-seekers. The wonderful weather continues to remain until April’s end when the temperature will be at its peak. The season for surfers starts in the month of March and lasts until October. This season can be the right time to visit the Maldives, especially for travellers who want the place to be less crowded.

3. Low Season: May to November

This season is the best season to go to the Maldives for those who are on a budget. Storms and rainfall are more frequent, but the weather is still pleasant and resorts are at their most affordable. At this time of year, the marine life, on the western side of atolls, is more diverse.

So, now that you have learned about the different Maldives seasons to visit this wonderful archipelago, make sure you plan well ahead of time for a seamless experience.

We strongly advise you to include the Maldives on your vacation itinerary because YOLO!  The Maldives is without a doubt one of the top vacation destinations in the world, and once you touch this place, you will leave with amazing memories.

August 18, 2022


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