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Best Places to Visit in November in India

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The month of November is when the monsoon leaves behind cooler winds and clearer skies. Be it a family vacation or a solo trip, it is the perfect month to travel to a number of places in India. November means a more welcoming sun, cooler sands, grand festivals throughout the country, and much more. This month brings along pleasant weather in numerous regions of the country and serves as a perfect time to resume your wanderlust.

India has a diverse landscape and thus there are many different places to go in November to appeal to the traveller in you. From deserts and ancient towns to mountains and beaches, the list of places to visit in November in India is extensive.

Here are our recommendations for places to visit in November in India: -

1. Goa

Situated on the west coast of the country, Goa is one of the best places to visit in November. This pocket-sized paradise is insanely famous for its gorgeous beaches, easy-going vibes, and delectable seafood. Travellers here get to discover a blend of Portuguese-Indian heritage. Whether it is taking quiet strolls along the golden sand beaches or gawking at the baroque architecture of the colonial times, Goa is where you feel carefree and get to spend a laid-back holiday amidst scenic environs.

As it is easy to get confused between North Goa and South Goa, it is important to know what you are looking for. North Goa is home to touristy beaches, beach shacks, and flea markets. South Goa is where you find luxurious resorts and lesser-explored beaches.

The serene beaches of Goa include the backpacker’s delight - Arambol, the utterly relaxing Mandrem, the vibrant Anjuna Beach, the palm-fringed Palolem, and many more. Also, to explore more about Goan culture, do not forget to visit the gorgeous cathedrals. Considered as one of the most exciting places to travel in November in India, Goa is your quintessential travel destination.

2. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Situated in the north-western state of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer finds its name in the list of top places to travel in November in India. Jaisalmer is a blend of adventure, heritage, and exotic Indian desert culture. Because of its castles that are clad in golden honey sandstone and golden dunes, Jaisalmer is regarded as the ‘Golden City’.

Dotted with Havelis, beautiful Jain temples, and lakes, Jaisalmer lets you craft your own travel escapades. You can shop for colourful handicrafts here or camp under the night sky or visit the stunning Jaisalmer Fort – the choices are aplenty.

On your Jaisalmer trip, you can also plan on visiting Gadisar Lake and Desert National Park as well. Considered as one of the best places to visit in November, Jaisalmer is chosen by many owing to its wonderful tourist attractions.

3. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Situated in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the best places to travel to in November. This hill station with its waterfall and mist-shrouded manicured cliffs provides the perfect hillscape to couples, families, or your very own squad. For those seeking solace from hectic city life, Kodaikanal offers a much-needed respite with its serenity. Being a lakeside resort town, Kodaikanal has the star-shaped Kodai Lake with rolling hills around its borders.

At Kodaikanal, you get a chance to have your very own tryst with nature when you take quiet strolls through the forest around the town or head out on trekking or biking trails.

Do not forget to visit Bear Shola Falls, Pillar Rocks, and Thalaiyar Falls when you are here.

4. Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Considered as one of the best holiday destinations to visit in November, Ujjain is located on the eastern bank of the Shipra River in Madhya Pradesh. The spirituality and divinity of the city can be seen in its numerous temples. To see an example of the glorious architecture of the country, one can visit the Kaliadeh temple on their Ujjain trip. After you visit this temple, you can plan on going to Vedh Shala and the Statue of Nandi for an enriching experience in this holy city.

Gazing at the shrines and temples at the banks of Shipra River is a tranquil experience altogether.

5. Kutch, Gujarat

Situated in Gujarat, Kutch is one of the best places to visit in November in India for a unique travel experience. It has a vast expanse of the white salt desert. Parts of Pakistan can be seen from Kutch as it lies on the India-Pakistan border. Popular for crafts and embroidery works, Kutch also houses Wild Ass Sanctuary and Flamingo Sanctuary. Other places to visit in Kutch include the Kutch Museum, Kutch Bustard Sanctuary, Rann of Katch, and Dholavira.

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6. Sikkim

Situated in the Northeastern part of India, Sikkim is bordered by Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal. The state is famous for its green meadow, gorgeous scenery, huge mountain ranges, and crystalline lakes. The state of Sikkim has a serene and unique culture and you get to witness the coexistence of Buddhism and Hinduism here. You can explore the different monasteries on your Sikkim trip as well.

All in all, Sikkim is undoubtedly among the best tourist destinations to visit in November.

7. Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi is one of the top places to visit in November in India where you will find history lovers! Located in the state of Karnataka, Hampi, the city of ruins, is an open museum with more than 100 locations to discover. Top places to visit in Hampi include Virupaksha Temple, Vithala Temple, Hampi Bazaar, Hippie Island, and Lotus Palace. Hampi is one of the best places to go in November and a backpacker’s delight. It is surrounded by ancient monuments, street markets, captivating temples, remains of the Vijayanagar Empire and much more.

8. Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Located in the Braj region of Rajasthan, Bharatpur is a city known for the Keoladeo National Park that is a habitat for different species of birds and animals. Bharatpur, one of the best tourist destinations to visit in November, is famous for its history. The Lohagarh Fort is an excellent example of the history of this beautiful city. The other best places to visit in Bharatpur also include Banke Bihari Temple, Ganga Mandir, and much more.

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9. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Situated in Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi is counted among the most exciting November holiday destinations in India. Regarded as the holy city of India, Varanasi has a huge number of temples, ghats, and shrines. Whether it is going for a boat ride in the holy Ganges river or getting lost in the soothing surroundings, Varanasi knows how to charm travellers. It is certainly one of the best places to visit in November.

10. Amritsar, Punjab

Housing the beautiful Golden Temple, Amritsar is one of the places you can plan to go in November. It is regarded as a cultural and spiritual centre of the Sikh religion. The list of places to visit in Amritsar includes the Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, and Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum. These are the best places to go in November in the city of Amritsar.

First, you can head straight to the Golden Temple located in the heart of the city. Just sitting inside the temple and watching its serene architecture and taking in the aura of the surroundings is enough to keep you occupied. Then, you can head to Jallianwala Bagh to know more about its history, and then to the other places in the city.

11. Kohima, Nagaland

The hilly capital of Nagaland, Kohima is known for its unspoilt beauty and ethereal environment. If you want a setting with quaint hills, scenic landscapes, and emerald forests, you can definitely plan a trip to Kohima. Considered as the best places to visit in November, Kohima is a place where one can visit a sanctuary, a museum, a zoo, self-governing villages, valleys, and a lot more. It is also famous among adventure junkies because of the hiking, trekking, and camping options here.

Top attractions of Kohima include Shilloi Lake, Khonoma village, Touphema village, Dzukou Valley and Japfu peak, and a lot more. One of the best travel destinations in November awaits you in Kohima!

Whether you wish to see snow-blanketed mountains, or have a laid-back vacation at a beach or discover the history and culture of an area, or even indulge in some adventure activities, the month of November has a lot in store for you! These November holiday destinations in India are sure to provide you a memorable time and will only leave you extending your vacation. The best places to visit in November in India offer the perfect set-up to draw your very own little travel adventure.

Disclaimer: Given the current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic, please check the tourism activities of the area you wish to go to before you plan a trip.

November 01, 2020


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