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Best Places to Visit in May Outside India with Family

8 mins. read

Travelling around the world can be a recreational activity for some people while for others it is a way of life. And then there are those who need to explore the hidden treasures of a strange land, in order to have a fulfilling life. Whether you fall into these categories or have your own unreserved love for travel, the best places to visit in May that are outside India offer an enticing proposition for your restless soul. Considered as the ideal time to travel to countries that are buzzing with fun-filled activities, May is a month when unwinding from the daily troubles becomes a ritual for many people.

Be it with family or friends, travelling in the summer is the perfect way to unwind. Thence, if you are keen on making your summer a memorable one, mentioned below are six of the top places to visit outside India during May:

1. Revel in the Scent of Lithuania 

Bewitching is the first word that pops in your head as soon as you land in Lithuania. One of the most unique places to visit outside India in months like May, June and July would be this Baltic country for sure. The first stop should be its capital city, Vilnius which is famous for archaic churches, street-side cafes and enchanting museums. St. Anne’s Church, Three Cross, KGB Museum and Museum of Occupation and Freedom Fights are the top places to visit in May outside India with family, friends or even on your own. For exploring more of Lithuania, visiting Trakai, Užupis and Lake Glave with pockets full of Cepelinai (potato-based dumplings) and Grybukai (mushroom cookies) is highly recommended. Also, if you happen to be a perfume lover, then purchasing a bottle of Lithuania’s own scent would be a great choice!

2. Explore the Medieval Era in Croatia 

Croatia has been experiencing a boom in international tourism since the last couple of years, perhaps, because of its irresistible natural beauty that the world has finally opened its eyes to. For this reason, travelling in this country should be done smartly for avoiding large crowds. Moreover, Croatia is the best place to visit in May outside India as the number of tourists is relatively less. Zagreb is the capital city bustling with vibrant markets, delectable food and art galleries. Trying out Croatian wine called Malvazija along with Buzara (mussels-based delicacy) should be done in the capital’s top cafes. All Game of Thrones fanatics must pay a visit to the old town of Dubrovnik, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site which has medieval churches, monuments and pirate-theme shops in abundance. Another Croatian treasure is the city of Split where the famous Diocletian’s Palace built in the 4th century is settled in. Besides this, walking on this city’s cobbled streets strewn with boutiques and restaurants is also a refreshing experience.

3. Hike in the Mystical Forests of Peru

Peru is also seen as one of the best places to visit outside India during the month of May as the entire country is alive during this time of the year. For tourists who are hiking enthusiasts, you have the Andes Mountains. The Inca Trail in Cusco offers enthralling hikes that end at Machu Pichu right above the Sacred Valley. Along with this, travellers can visit the capital city, Lima which is famous for its Ceviche (cured fish delicacy) and breath-taking coastline. The Ballestas Islands located in Paracas can provide a unique experience to tourists as thousands of sea birds can be observed flying in the skies. Furthermore, Paracas National Reserve should also be part of the itinerary; you’ll get to see South American fur seals, sei whales, marine otters and dusky dolphins live in their natural habitat. Peru’s natural beauty is also highlighted at Huacachina, a desert oasis with the high sand dunes around it. This region is best explored with nature coaster rides after which tourists can taste the finest South American wines at Pisco Vineyards.

4. Soak in the Midnight Sun of Norway

Scandinavia’s gift to the world is the beautiful country of Norway where every street corner is a sight for sore eyes. Travel enthusiasts have this country in their bucket list as it is one of the most captivating places to visit outside India especially in May as the archipelago is brimming with excitement. Known for the Vikings, fjords and breathtaking islands, Norway’s travel itinerary should be well-planned so that nothing is missed out on. Oslo, the capital city has a reputation for having the perfect weather, thus making it one of the best places to visit in May that are outside the Indian sub-continent.

This destination includes 50 museums, several gardens, 150 monuments and the like. However, the most thrilling journey tourists must make in Norway is to the Arctic Circle for witnessing the Northern Lights. Besides this, the Lofoten Islands are a must-visit for tourists who enjoy unwinding in quaint fishing villages while gorging on fresh seafood delicacies like Pickled Herring, Whale Steak, and Krumkake.

5. Absorb the Rich History of the Czech Republic

The beauty of the Czech Republic is a tale that simply cannot be put in words but only experienced. Some of the most charming places to visit in May outside India have to be the cities of Prague, Olomouc and České Budějovice. The influence of the Bohemian era can be seen in the people, food and culture of this country even now. When visiting Prague, walking on Charles Bridge, exploring the archaic cathedrals, taking a tour of Franz Kafka’s residence, and devouring platefuls of Goulash (pork stew) and Schnitzel (breaded meats) is customary for all visitors. Witness old-world charm with Baroque fountains and medieval churches where university students often walk around defines the city of Olomouc aptly. For those who are die-hard fans of Budweiser, the city of České Budějovice would be a piece of heaven on Earth for you. Along with this, exploring tourist destinations such as the Black Tower, Church of St. Nicholas and Masne Kramy is highly recommended.

6. Dive in the Reefs of the Bahamas 

If there’s an archipelago in the world that is beyond comparison it’s the Bahamas, undoubtedly. This is because of its gorgeous 700 islands and islets that can relax even the most restless soul on the planet. Adorned with places to visit with family and friends in May set outside India, this country should be visited at least once in your lifetime. Grand Bahamas is the ideal place for sunbathing on the beach while the Paradise Island is a hub for world-class casinos and bars. For diving enthusiasts, Andros is the right place as it hosts the barrier reef and a mind-blowing coastline. Legendary stories and artifacts are found at the Pirate Museum in Nassau Bahamas, an offbeat yet fascinating tourist destination. Alongside this, tourists with an appetite mustn’t miss out authentic delicacies such as Conch (snail) fritters, Rum Cake, and Rock Lobster found at the top restaurants and shacks in the country. Now that you are inspired by this blog, remember that to visit such unique places outside India in May, you must have a well-planned itinerary along with the zeal to absorb each country’s distinct culture and vibe. However, if June is the month of travel for you, then you can also check out our recommendations of the places to visit in June outside India.

January 14, 2020


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