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6 Idyllic Beaches in Malaysia for a Rejuvenating Vacation

8 mins. read

A beautiful and glorious blend of all things Asian, Malaysia is one of the most loved and visited countries in Southeast Asia. From intriguing mixes of diverse wildlife, tranquil islands, idyllic beaches, rainforests, rich culinary, and many more – the more we think about Malaysia, the more we want to write about this gorgeous place. You have read about the Petronas Twin Tower in Malaysia, you have read about the delicious and authentic Malay cuisine – it is time you read about the most spectacular beaches that this country houses.

1. Batu Ferringhi Beach, Georgetown

One of the most popular destinations in the Penang region in Malaysia, Batu Ferringhi is the home to a 4-km stretch of white sandy beach. The stretch of this Penang beach is long, clean, and the sight is simply enthralling to the eyes. There are a lot of beach resorts dotted along the beaches. An adjoining road named, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, houses the resorts, shops, and restaurants where you can spend time after your beach fun. The Batu Ferringhi beach arranges fun water sport activities like parasailing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, and so on. The area also has a Tropical Spice Garden where you can visit for a relaxing time accompanied by the scent of spices.

2. Tanjung Aru Beach, Kota Kinabalu 

Located near the west coast of Kota Kinabalu, the Tanjung Aru Beach is one of the most iconic beaches and tourist attractions in the Sabah area, Malaysia. From couples to families, this beach is a great choice for everyone. This beach is famous for breathtaking sunsets; such magnificently mesmeric views that it can take away all your worries and make your heart feel at peace. This beautiful beach in Malaysia is divided into three parts namely the First, Second, and Third Beaches.

  • First Beach

It is located next to Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa, making it one of the most popular beaches of Tanjung Aru. It is always buzzing with visitors and there are plenty of food stalls and restaurants surrounding the beach. Apart from the picturesque views, this best beach in Malaysia is known for an open food court that offers a variety of delicacies from Malay cuisine to its visitors. There are barbeque pits at the beachfront that tourists can use to cook their meals and have a joyous picnic time.

  • Second Beach

This is the spot where you can get a glimpse of the breathtaking sunset with your loved ones. However, this beach has a lot of jellyfishes. So, when visiting the Second beach, especially during sunset, look out for jellyfishes.

  • Third Beach

The perfect beach for those who love to surf, the Third Beach in Tanjung Aru is a place where not only surfers have a great time but also get to participate in surfing lessons. Make sure to include this in your Malaysia tour package.

3. Klebang Beach, Melaka 

Klebang Beach or Pantai Klebang is yet another best beach in Malaysia’s Melaka region. Precisely located near 1 Malaysian Square, the beach is popular for its beautiful white sand dunes, offering a perfect backdrop for gram-worthy photographs. The Pantai Klebang beach has many activities that you can undertake like horse riding, kite flying, and so on while enjoying the gorgeous views from the beach. The beach is surrounded by several food trucks where you can relish the street foods of Malaysia and coconut shakes.

  • The Sand Dunes of Pantai Klebang 

At the Pantai Klebang beach in Malaysia, the 10m to 20m high sand dunes are a result of the unfinished developments in the area. The beach was originally planned to be beachfront, which would be surrounded by several resorts. However, due to some reasons, the project was called off and thus, the white sand dune beach was formed. The Pantai Klebang beach is also known as the White Sand Dunes of Melaka. The sand dunes enhance the beauty of the beach by notches, which photographers fall in love with. You can climb the sand dunes too for more fun and amusement; wear good hiking sandals or shoes and remember to carry a sunblock.

4. Tanjung Rhu Beach, Langkawi 

At the northern end of Langkwai, along Pantai Pasir Hatim lies the Tanjung Rhu beach. One of the best beaches in Malaysia, it is secluded from the heavy crowd and hustle and bustle of the city. The Tanjung Rhu beach is a 50-metre wide beach that has a serene and calming aura accompanied by bewitching views. In the local Malay language, Tanjung means Cape and Rhu is derived from the species of evergreen trees that are known as Sea Pine Tree. On the way to the beach, you can spot dense line-ups of evergreen trees with green cliffs. Amidst the green cliffs, you can explore small lakes with a camper and interestingly, a few hill cafés as well. The Tanjung Rhu beach offers many activities like boating, jet ski, and much more.

5. Pantai Batu Hitam, Kuantan 

An enthralling beach in the Pahang region of Malaysia, Pantai Batu Hitam is precisely located at a distance of 10 kilometres from Kuantan. Batu Hitam in Malay means Black Rock Beach and is formed out of fair, white sands and black volcanic rocks. This beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia because of its unique rocky, sandy surface; famous for therapeutic benefits and calming surroundings, there are a number of resorts around the beach that offers high-quality services and special natural-ingredient spa facilities. Pantai Batu Hitam also offers fun activities for you and your loved ones to indulge in.

6. Pangkor Island, Kuala Lumpur 

A group of islands, perched on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the Pangkor Island is the main island of the cluster with other small ones including the Pankaur Laut Island, Giam Island, and Mentagor Island. Its beauty is enhanced by lush jungles and the island houses small beaches, where you can have a rejuvenating time. For trekkers, this is the best island in Malaysia as you can find trails for uphill treks through the jungles. The beaches in Pangkor Island are ideal for water sports like snorkelling and parasailing. Here, fishing is the main occupation and during your trip, you can relish some lip-smacking seafood dishes at the beach shacks and restaurants.

  • Coral Beach

One of the most loved beaches near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Pangkor Island, located in the northern area of Teluk Nipah, Coral Beach is famous for its shining emerald green water. It is an ideal destination for water sports like snorkelling and canoeing.

  • Pasir Bogak Beach

The Pasir Bogak Beach is located on the southern coast of Pangkor Island. This Kuala Lumpur beach is pretty relaxing with vendors selling coconuts, rambutan, and pineapples for beating the heat. The Pasir Bogak Beach is a great place for parasailing, swimming, and jet-skiing.

Other than these, Port Dickson Beach, Mersing Beach, and Sepang Beach are the other spectacular beaches where you can visit for an amusing and relaxing vacation.

Malaysia is one of those places in the world where once you visit, you don’t feel like leaving. The country has the right amalgamation of striking contemporary architecture and mesmerising natural beauty. The beaches in Malaysia are the best example of how clean and maintained the country is; it has everything that can enthral you and your loved ones.

November 17, 2021


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