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7 Must-Visit Beaches in Greece: A Comprehensive Guide

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Greece has gained worldwide popularity for its stunning beaches which attract travelers from all across the world. With so many incredible things to do in Greece, visitors always carry a wonderful memory of the country. When planning your vacation, the beaches in Greece offer an idyllic escape where you can bask in the beauty of crystal-clear waters and relax on the finest sandy shores. No matter which beach you choose to visit in Greece, each one guarantees an unforgettable experience that will create cherished memories lasting a lifetime.

Best Beaches in Greece

Bookmark these 7 must-visit beaches in Greece to have a wonderful beach vacation: -

  • Elafonissi Beach
  • Myrtos Beach
  • Red Beach in Santorini
  • Simos Beach
  • Voidokilia Beach
  • Porto Katsiki
  • Black Beach of Santorini

Elafonissi Beach

Nestled in the enchanting southwest region of Crete, Elafonissi Beach is a famous beach in Greece. It is renowned for the unique sight of pink coral and stretches of soft, white sandy shores, all bordered by the mesmerizing light blue expanse of crystal-clear waters that seem to go on forever. One of the most delightful features of this beach is the shallowness of the water. It makes it incredibly easy for anyone to wade through and explore the stunning lagoon.

But Elafonissi offers even more than its breathtaking beachscape. For just a small fee, you can relish the experience of lounging on comfortable sunbeds and taking in the warm rays of the sun while immersing yourself in the tranquil atmosphere. Also, you can treat your taste buds to an array of mouthwatering Greek delicacies by dining at one of the charming restaurants right on the beach.

And if you find yourself yearning for a touch of history and spirituality, a short journey from the beach will lead you to the Chrisoskalitissa monastery. It adds a touch of cultural exploration to your beach adventure. With its versatility and appeal, Elafonissi accommodates visitors of all ages which ensures that everyone can savor the allure of one of the most splendid beaches in Greece.

Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach boasts an enchanting setting surrounded by steep mountains and towering cliffs which lend an air of mystique to this breathtaking shoreline. With its sun-kissed shores and crystalline blue waters, it's an idyllic destination for sun-seekers and beach enthusiasts. This coastal gem has been rightfully honoured as one of the best beaches in Greece and earned the prestigious title for 12 consecutive years. However, it's essential to come prepared as the sand resembles the actual rocks and can be harsh on delicate soles, especially when walking towards the beach. Equipping yourself with sturdy sandals or shoes is advisable for a comfortable stroll to the shore.


Red Beach in Santorini

Red Beach truly lives up to its name, renowned for its unique appearance shaped by volcanic lava. This natural wonder is one of the best Santorini beaches that gives rise to striking red rocks and creates a mesmerizing crimson hue that sets it apart from any other beach worldwide. Embraced by crystal-clear waters, it offers picturesque views that can be found nowhere else in the world. Due to its narrow shape, it's best to avoid visiting Red Beach during the bustling months of July and August when it gets crowded with tourists. For avid snorkelers, it's an absolute paradise, thanks to its unique geological formations, lending the seabed a deep red tint for an unforgettable underwater experience.

Before heading to the beach, pack all essentials like a water bottle and a few snacks as the canteens by the parking lot can be quite pricey.

Simos Beach

Simon Beach is a picturesque spot on Elafonisos, a small island with a turquoise blue ocean, sand dunes, and the most peculiar vegetation ever seen on a beach. Simos Beach is famous for its very calm seas and nightlife. Because the water is so calm, clean, and shallow, nearly everyone gets to enjoy swimming at the beach. As a result, children and the elderly can spend time in the water without concern. Simos Beach comes alive in the evenings with live music and individuals dancing at the bars located nearby. Simos Beach is renowned as one of the best beaches in Greece for families which is perfect for you if you are looking for a beach to enjoy with family.

Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Greece, despite its difficult name. It is nestled on the Peloponnese peninsula, in the Messinia area, about 3 km from Pylos, one of Greece's most beautiful and historic villages. After just getting off the main road, follow the signs to a small road that winds through beautiful olive fields. After all, this region is well-known for its olive oil and olives, not just in Greece but also around the world. There is just one road going to the beach, so it's hard to miss. You will know that you have arrived when the roadway ends at a huge, sandy park and you are able to observe sand dunes and a castle set on top of the hill.

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki

In Greek, Porto Katsiki translates to Porto Goat, owing to the need for a bit of a trek down to this picturesque long white-sand beach on Lefkada island. Despite its peculiar name, it stands as one of Greece's most exquisite beaches. The water's mesmerizing hues add to its allure. The combination of breathtaking seas, smooth white sand, and dramatic surroundings make it a must-visit. It can easily become one of the most beloved destinations in the world for you. It comes as no surprise that Porto Katsiki consistently ranks among Europe's most stunning beaches.

Porto Katsiki is around 40 km from Lefkada's central town and can be reached by car or, if you're lucky, by boat. Lefkada Island also offers some of the most beautiful waters and coasts in Greece. It is worth visiting from early May to the end of September or probably early October. If you want to avoid the steps down to the beach, you can take a taxi boat ride from Vassiliki or Nydri villages.

Black Beach of Santorini

The Black Beach of Santorini, also referred to as Perissa or Perivolos Beach, is widely regarded as one of the finest Santorini beaches the island has to offer. With its distinctive black sand and pebbles, it exudes a unique charm and a laid-back ambience. Notably, it is famous for hosting some of the best beach parties that attract internationally acclaimed DJs from all corners of the globe. So, when you visit Santorini, be sure to stop by this beach as it promises an unforgettable experience.

Moreover, the Black Beach boasts an array of fantastic beach bars where you can revel in great music, relish delicious food, and savour refreshing cocktails while lounging on a rented sunbed. It's the perfect spot to unwind and make the most of your time on the beautiful Black Beach in Santorini.

What you see here is just a glimpse of the wonders that Greece has in store. There are several other beaches in Greece waiting to be discovered. Each one is a true marvel and you'll be left in awe with every single glance. So, why wait any longer? Start planning your holiday and check out our Greece travel packages now to have the most unforgettable vacation of your life.

July 20, 2023


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