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Top 7 activities to go for when in Andaman

6 mins. read

The Andaman Islands are India’s beach paradise. They are a group of multiple islands collectively known as the Andaman Islands and have some of the most serene beaches and surroundings. They are not only perfect for a honeymoon getaway as a part of the Andaman honeymoon package, but also for families and groups of friends to have a good time. The beaches have clear waters which make the beach activities not only fun but also a memorable experience. With a variety of activities to do, passing time in the Andaman Islands is not a problem. Here are the top 7 activities to go for when in Andaman. You can use this as your Andaman travel guide to know more about the activities to do in Andaman.

 1. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Andaman is a very popular activity worldwide. Andaman is not an exception especially since it is home to one of the densest ecosystems of coral reefs and formations. It is one of the very few dense and varied coral systems in the world which is why scuba diving in Andaman is a perfect choice. Many islands of Andaman are surrounded by long stretches of coral reefs which are usually several hundred meters wide. It makes the experience unique and hard to find anywhere else. When you do scuba diving in Andaman, you get to get a close-up view of beautiful orange clownfish, sea anemones, starfish, and shellfish swimming around.

2. Sea Walk

school of yellow and black fish

One of the most exciting experiences in the Andamans, is sea walking. Sea walking in Andaman is basically walking on the seabed wearing the necessary gear and under the guidance of professionals. Through sea walking, you get to see the vividly coloured fishes swim by you. Sea walking is a fairly unique and uncomplicated activity. It is much simpler than scuba diving as there are no breathing techniques involved. Plus, you don’t need to have any swimming skills to do this fun activity. It is safe for 7-year-old to 70-year-old people alike!

3. Snorkelling

woman in black wetsuit swimming in water

Snorkelling in Andaman is another recreational and rejuvenating activity. The best part about this activity is that just like scuba diving, you get to witness the mesmerizing underwater life and also get to admire the colourful and diverse coral reefs. Snorkelling in Andaman leaves you spellbound after witnessing the magical world and also leaves you craving for more of it. A lot of water activity enthusiasts keep coming back to perform this activity.

4. Parasailing

person surfing on sea during daytime

After so many activities that allow you to explore the blessed marine life of Andaman through underwater experiences, it's time to explore it in an aerial way. Parasailing in Andaman allows you to take in the gorgeous views of the serene beaches while you fly in the air. The view that you see during parasailing in Andaman is spellbinding, to say the least. Surfing together with the pleasant wind through the sea with your bare legs taking small dips in the water with every wind thrust is an experience like no other.

 5. Kayaking

woman in blue shirt and blue denim jeans riding orange kayak on water during daytime

Calling forth all the adventure enthusiasts for another unforgettable experience. We have seen kayaking being done in so many movies and on social media too. When you have picturesque scenery and equally beautiful shorelines and you get to traverse through them, how can you not end up loving it? Under the guidance of instructors and with all the safety gear, you can experience the beauty of kayaking in Andaman. Kayaking through the narrow water paths, shaded by dense forests and mangroves making this a relaxing and exhilarating experience.

6. Glass bottom boat ride


This one is for those who love water activities but are not that keen on going in the water. For those who don’t want to do snorkelling or scuba diving, the glass-bottom boat ride is the best way for you to experience the mesmerizing marine life of the Andamans. The glass bottom boat ride is a special kind of ride where you sit on a boat that has a bottom made up of transparent glass. It allows you to have a glimpse of the water as the boat sails through the sea. And the best part? You get to witness the rich marine life of the island without even getting wet.

7. Travel back in time to know the history

brown and white concrete building


If you are one of those who isn’t necessarily a beach person, the Andamans also has some of the unique monuments that have been a witness to some of the most historic events in history. With monuments like the Cellular Jail, Chatham Saw Mill, Mahatma Gandhi Marine Park and more, these monuments tell a tale of not just history but also that of courage, invention and survival. There are many such unique things to do in Andaman.

Andaman has something for everyone. It has mesmerized travellers for many years now and it still continues to do so. It is definitely one of those places in India that will make you want to come back. If you also wish to experience this beauty, you can visit our nearest office or reach out to us on our toll-free numbers to book the Andaman holiday of your dreams.

December 14, 2021


Ankita Joshi
Ankita Joshi

A history, culture and music enthusiast with tremendous love for travel! My love for writing comes from my love for reading and exploring various topics.

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