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7 Best Villas in Lonavala for a Perfect Staycation

9 mins. read

Cover Photo by Animesh Das

When you want to step away from the hubbub of the city, you look for retreats that are quiet and unhappening, where you can relax and do nothing over the weekend. For this, the choice is either a coastal town or the mountains. The majority of the people prefer the mountains because the weather is always pleasant and everyone loves a good walk in nature. Lonavala, in Maharashtra, is one such destination. Every weekend you will see people in large going to Lonavala from Mumbai or Pune because the hill station offers the quietude they are looking for. And not everyone goes there to explore the place. Many people regularly rent villas in Lonavala for a staycation. They want to simply step away from the stress.

Although there are many fantastic places to visit in Lonavala while you’re there, if you are looking for some best villas in Lonavala for a perfect staycation with your partner, friends, or family, or have a party, here are 7 suggestions: -

1. Princess Villa

If you are looking for a luxury villa in Lonavala, it does not get better than this. The villa not only has a large pool for everyone to unwind, but it also has a beautiful view of the lake. You can practically sit by the pool and enjoy the view of two bodies of water: the pool and the lake. It’s the perfect place to read a book by the pool or binge-watch your favourite TV show. Or if you are someone who prefers to party over the weekend and have been planning a big one for a long time, this 3-BHK villa in Lonavala will be the perfect choice for you. Each room of the villa comes with an attached washroom and the lawn on the property is always well manicured. You and your friends can enjoy your stay in this villa like it’s nobody’s business and return home at the end of the weekend all refreshed.

2. Northeast Villa

But maybe your requirement is not of a 3-BHK villa. What if you’re looking for something bigger but not too big that it’s practically a mansion? In that case, Northeast Villa would be your best choice.  It’s a 4BHK villa in Lonavala with picturesque views and lush green surroundings. Many people prefer to book it during the monsoon season because that’s when the beauty of the villa is at its peak. You will hardly need to step out, the petrichor will keep you calm, and you watch the rain while lying on the bed and sipping your coffee. One of the most interesting things about the Northeast Villa is that it does not have a pool. This would generally be sad news, but not in the case of Northeast Villa instead of the pool it has a Jacuzzi in every bathroom. If you want to relax in bubbling water, this villa should be your choice of staycation.

3. Amara Villa

What if your requirement is even more? Are there any bigger villas in Lonavala for that? Yes. Amara Villa is a 6BHK villa in Lonavala with a swimming pool that can accommodate up to 14 people. Its luxury and grandeur will sweep the floor from beneath your feet. Amara Villa is a chain of boutique villas with glorious landscapes that have been properly manicured for you. If you are a large group of friends who want to take a vacation together and step away from the city hustle-bustle, Amara Villa will be the best place for you. Not only does every room has a washroom attached to it, but the villa also has a large swimming pool, a room for indoor games, and even a field to play football at. It’s the perfect villa in Lonavala for anyone travelling with a large group of people. It’s best for the families who just want to spend some quality time together.

4. Leela Villa

You can easily find beautiful villas luxury resorts in Lonavala that will make you never want to return home; the Leela Villa is one of them - just as sweet as its rhyming name. It is one of the private villas in Lonavala that’s sought after by many people who are visiting the hill station. And it’s sought after because it’s a grand property. Leela Villa is located near the Bhushi Dam, which means that anytime you want to step out, you can go to Bhushi Dam for some calm away from everyone at the villa. Like Amara Villa, Leela Villa is also a 6bhk villa, but not only that, it also has two living rooms, and a large lush green garden. Not a car’s honk will disturb you from here unless it’s from one of your cars. With plenty of parking space and power back up, you will enjoy every second you spend here. You will definitely want to revisit the place in the future as well.

5. El House

El is Spanish for ‘The’. So the name of this villa in Lonavala translates to ‘The House’. That is precisely the vibe you will get here is reminiscent to that of home. This villa in Lonavala will welcome you with arms wide open. When you want to spend some quality time with your folks in a place that is not bombarded with car honks, El House will be a great choice for it. It’s a beautifully maintained property. It’s one of the villas in Lonavala with a swimming pool. So you and your folks can always unwind by the swimming pool playing, reading, drinking, and just having a gala time with each other. All of you will return home after relieving your stress.

6. Pine Villa

It’s always difficult for those with pets to travel. Mostly, they have to leave their pets in a boarding house to go on a vacation because travelling with pets can be an expensive affair, and hotels and villas charge a bomb for pet accommodation. Not at Pine Villa. You can bring your pet(s) with you to the villa for no additional cost. You can rent this villa that has all basic amenities with dining and baths. And the best thing is that you can visit the villa any time of the year, regardless of how hot or cold the weather is on those days. Pine Villa has air conditioners as well as a heating system. Whatever the temperature is outside, you can have a temperature inside that’s pleasant for you. And the rent for this villa in Lonavala is rather affordable; it’s one of the lowest in Lonavala. So, not only is Pine Villa, majestic and beautiful, it’s also pocket-friendly.

7. Luxury Vintage Villa

The villa does not need an introduction or description because its name is self-explanatory. It’s a luxury villa that will make you feel as if you have stepped in another decade. It’s a villa that truly lives up to its name. It’s the perfect villa in Lonavala for the weekend for a staycation or to organise a party with a couple of friends. The 3-BHK can accommodate 10 people and it has a swimming pool and manicured garden. You and your friends will be one with nature here. Every breath will be fresh and free from the city pollution. The time you spend here will be worth it and you will want to visit it in the future as well. And just like Pine Villa, the rent price of this villa in Lonavala is friendly to your pocket. You will not have to spend a fortune to enjoy some luxury.

Step away from the noise of the city by booking a Lonavala tour package with Veena World today. Lonavala is perfect for a staycation, whether you want to spend some time with your folks, partner, or friends. Every second here in Lonavala will be worth it. So book yourself a tour package today!

July 17, 2021


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