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15 Best Places To Visit in Kollam: A Multitude of Tourist Attractions

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Experience a slice of heaven in Kollam, one of Kerala’s most sought after destinations that fascinate travellers with a multitude of attractions. Once a trade centre of spices and cashew for everyone, including Arabs, Romans, British, Portuguese, Chinese and Dutch traders, this majestic town is a surreal vacation spot of today. It offers a galore of nature spots, historic sites, ancient temples, beaches, and a lot more to leave you spellbound.

Here is a list of the 15 best Kollam tourist places to include in your itinerary when on a vacation in this majestic town.

1. Palaruvi Waterfalls 

Palaruvi is a delightful picnic spot of Kollam. Besides the greenery and scenic beauty, the milky stream of water falling from a height of 300 feet on the rocky terrain offers a spectacular view, attractive locals and tourists. This place is frequently visited by people looking to relax and rejuvenate in the lap of mother nature.

Not just one of the exciting places to visit in Kollam, Palaruvi waterfall is also known to have Ayurvedic properties.

Location: Palaruvi waterfall is located in the Aryankavu village of Kollam, which is around 75 km from the city and can be reached in 2 hours via NH744 by car.

2. Ashtamudi Lake 

One of Kerala’s most visited backwaters, Ashtamudi is the second largest lake in the state that is known for its unique wetland ecosystem. It is a large palm-shaped or octopus-shaped water body surrounded by palm trees and thick coconut grooves, making it famous among locals and tourists for houseboat cruises from Kollam to Alappuzha.

Besides backwater cruising, the lake is known for its incredible beauty and nearby resorts.

Location: Ashtamudi lake is around 18 km from the main Kollam city and can be reached in about 32 minutes via NH 66 by car.

3. Mayyanad 

Mayyanad village in Kollam is a place of religious importance. It is known to have some of the oldest shrines and temples in the country. Additionally, it is also home to one of the nine most important Hindu temples in India, The Subramanya Temple. The temple is believed to have been consecrated by the great Hindu philosopher Shree Sankaracharya.

Together with other famous temples and shrines, Mayyanad is among the most visited Hindu pilgrim sites of Kerala.

Location: Mayyanad village is around 9 km from the main Kollam city. It can be reached in about 17 minutes via NH 66 by car.

4. Jatayu’s Earth Centre 

Also popularly known as Jatayu Nature Park or Jatayu Rock, it is a tourism centre that features a 6D theatre, an audio/visual digital room, a cable car and many more exciting things to make your visit worthwhile. This brilliantly designed structure is spread over 65 acres of land and holds the distinction of being the world’s largest bird sculpture.

The sculpture represents Jatayu, the demi-god in the form of a vulture mentioned in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Location: Jatayu Earth Centre is about 36.7 km from the main Kollam city and can be reached in about 53 minutes via NH 66 by car.

5. Thenmala Deer Park 

Among the best tourist places to visit in Kollam, it is an eco-park situated in the dense woods of the Kallada riverside forest. The place is home to different types of deer, including Sambar deer, Spotted deer, Barking deer, Axis deer and many more. Besides, the place also features tinkering waterfalls, ropeways, a children’s park and a treehouse for visitors to spend some quality time with family and friends.

Location: Thenmala deer park is around 60 km from the main Kollam city and can be reached in 1 hour 35 minutes via NH 744 by car.

6. Thirumullavaram Beach 

Yet another interesting attraction on the list of best Kollam tourist places is the Thirumullavaram beach. This secluded nature spot is best for sightseeing or spending some quality time with your loved ones. Visitors get to enjoy lovely views of the sun-soaked sand, lush greenery and serene blue sea.

Besides, the beach is famous for the yearly rituals of Karkidaka Vavu Bali. It is the sacrificial ritual performed in the memory of the departed souls of ancestors.

Location: Thirumullavaram beach is around 8 km from the main Kollam city. It can be reached in about 17 minutes via Panvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari Highway and NH 744 by car.

7. Kollam Beach

Also known as Mahatma Gandhi beach, it is among the popular beaches and the best places to visit in Kollam. The place is known for its lush greenery, calm backwaters and thrilling water activities. Besides, Kollam beach is also one of the best destination wedding sites in Kerala, offering the perfect backdrop. The visual aura of this place is such that it leaves you with an urge to come back again and again.

Location: Kollam beach is around 7 km from the main city. It can be reached in about 16 minutes via Thangassery Beach coastal road and NH 744 by car.

8. Kollam Adventure Park 

Also known as Asraman Picnic Village, it is among the best tourist places in Kollam for a one day trip. The urban park is spread across 48 acres of sprawling land and features endless fun and recreational activities. Rally your friends and family to this park and spend some quality time in lush green surroundings and fresh air.

Besides, visitors can also explore the museum or enjoy boating on the backwaters of the Ashtamudi river.

Location: Kollam adventure park is located in the heart of Kollam city. It can be easily reached in 10 minutes by car via Asramam road.

9. Anandavalleswaram Sri Mahadevar Temple 

A famous Hindu pilgrimage site, it is among the ancient temples in Kerala. It has Lord Shiva and Goddess Anandavally as the main deities along with Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Bhoomi and Goddess Lakshmi. As per traditional beliefs, both the main deities at the Anandavalleswaram Sri Mahadevar Temple were placed and worshipped by sage Parashurama in the yesteryears. Thereby, increasing its religious and historic significance, and making it one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Location: The temple is around 5 km from the main Kollam city. It can be reached in about 13 minutes by car via Panvel – Kochi – Kanyakumari highway and NH 744.

10. Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary 

Shendurney forest was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1984 after several exotic and commonly found wildlife species made the forest their home. Animals here stay in their natural habitat and are safe from poachers. It is among the most beautiful places in Kollam that can be explored by wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The sanctuary comes under the control of the Agasthyamalai Biosphere Reserve as a protected area to safeguard its rich biodiversity of 1257 plant species and 379 animal species.

Location: The wildlife sanctuary is around 66 km from the main Kollam city. It can be reached in about 2 hours by car.

11. Kakkathuruthu Island 

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Kollam for a one day trip, Kakkathuruthu island is like a treasure trove for nature lovers and bird watchers. The thick coconut groves, paddy fields, fish farming, toddy tapping, and the traditional Kerala food; it is perfect for planning weekend getaways to get some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The mesmerizing beauty of this island has made it bag a place in Nat Geo’s magazine dedicated to some of the most beautiful places to relish during dusk.

Location: Kakkathuruthu Island is around 124 km from the main Kollam city. It can be reached in about 3 hours via NH 66 by car.

12. Munroe Island 

The hidden gem of Kollam, Munroe island is an inland island group located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada river. It is a group of 8 islets separated by small water channels, making it the best place in Kerala for canal cruising.

The island’s main attractions are its tranquil surroundings, narrow backwaters and the famous Kallada boat race that takes place during the Onam festival.

Location: Munroe island is at a distance of around 15 km from the main Kollam city. It can be reached in about 56 minutes via NH 66 by car.

13. Rosemala View Point

On the list of beautiful Kollam tourist places is the Rosemala viewpoint that attracts locals and tourists for its surreal surroundings. It has a bewitching aura that almost seems to have come alive from a fairy tale. This scenic offbeat place is located amidst the pristine woods of Shendurney forest, featuring a lake and a watchtower.

Locals believe that the place was built as an estate by the wife of a British planter and is named after her name Roslin. Other viewpoints are that this thick forest land resembles the shape of a rose, thereby giving it the name Rosemala.

Location: Rosemala is around 86 km from the mail Kollam city. I can be reached in about 2 hours 37 minutes via NH 744 by car.

14. Thangassery Lighthouse 

Also spelt as Tangasserri, this famous lighthouse is among the best tourist attractions in Kollam. It is one of the two lighthouses in the city that are maintained by the Cochin Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships. It boasts of being the second tallest and most visited lighthouse in Kerala, thanks to the marvellous architecture standing at a height of 135 feet. Besides, it is also among the oldest lighthouses in Kerala, operational since 1902.

Location: The place is at a distance of 8 km from the main Kollam city. It can be reached in about 30 minutes via Thangassery Beach Coastal road.

15. Meppattu Sri Mahaganapathi Temple

Last on our list of Kollam tourist places is the famous Sri Mahaganapathi Temple. More than being a tourist attraction for its century-old architecture, the temple holds a religious and historic significance. Though the main deity at the temple is Lord Shiva along with Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeya, it is famous as a Ganapati temple.

An interesting fact about the temple is that people from all over the world are allowed to offer prayers regardless of their religion.

Location: The temple is at a distance of 8 km from the main Kollam city. It can be reached in about 24 minutes via NH 66 by car.

Pack your bags and get ready to explore Kerala’s hidden gem Kollam. Also, check out the best Kerala tour packages online to discover other aspects of the state.

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