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12 Best Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu for an Adventurous Sojourn

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Regardless of whether you are an adventure traveller, an adrenaline junkie, love easy hikes, or are planning a family trip, it is an undeniable fact that everyone loves a waterfall! Full of a number of amazing waterfalls like Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu, is one of the best destinations where you can witness some of the most amazing natural destinations in India. The Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu are quite well-known already, but that is not the only one worth visiting when you explore the reaches of this southern state. If you too are planning an adventurous sojourn to see such natural marvels, here is a list of names of waterfalls in Tamil Nadu that you can consider:

1. The Famous Hogenakkal Falls of Tamil Nadu

Beginning with the one that is most well-known, located in the village of Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu, the Hogenakkal Falls are often called the Niagra Falls of India. These falls are formed where the Kaveri River cuts through rocky terrain. Formed by a number of individual waterfalls that range from 15 to 65 feet in height, the river then flattens out to sandy banks. As the cascading waters hit the rocks below, the mist created appears like smoke, which is how the falls received their name. Offering visitors the chance to enjoy a magnificent boat ride on the river and providing several enclosures where you can take a dip in the waters, this is also counted among the best honeymoon places in Tamil Nadu.

2. The Kumbakkarai Falls

A lesser-known waterfall in Tamil Nadu, the Kumbakkarai Falls are a peaceful and scenic destination located in the Dindigul District. The waterfalls are located in the foothills of the Kodaikanal Hills, which are also the source of these waterfalls. In Tamil Nadu, it is a popular belief that these water falls are enriched with natural herbs and minerals that offer many therapeutic benefits to those who bathe in them. The Kumbakkarai Falls flow down rocks in two stages, between which they flow in the form of the Pambar River for about half a kilometre, after which it drops down as a breath-taking sheet of water over a steep rock face.

3. Thalaiyar Falls

Also known as the Rat Tail Falls, Thalaiyar Falls are the highest waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. Well-known across the state, Thalaiyar easily counts among the best waterfalls in Tamil Nadu as the mesmerising sight of the waterfall is visible from all across the valley. Even from far away, it is easy to spot a thin silver strip of water freefalling from a great height, as the lush green mountains and dark rocks create the most scenic backdrop.

Although the water of this waterfall in Tamil Nadu is said to be clean, tourists are recommended to not drink it.

4. Courtallam Falls

Courtallam or Kutralam is a place that houses a number of falls in Tamil Nadu, the most famous of which are the Courtallam Falls. The place is a treat to visit, especially after the monsoons. Courtallam Falls are located in the Tirunelveli region of the Western Ghats. These waterfalls in Tamil Nadu are on the Chittar River and are quite popular among tourists and locals alike. The water gives out a distinct “medical smell”, which is why it has also been called the spa of South India.

5. Monkey Falls

Monkey Falls is another one of the popular natural waterfalls in Tamil Nadu that you can reach after a short trek. As the name suggests, there is an abundance of monkeys in the area, so visitors should always remain vigilant about their belongings. Falling from a height of 60 feet, these falls in Tamil Nadu are nestled amidst evergreen forests and rocky cliffs that make for an enchanting backdrop for the beautiful waters. As the trek to the falls involves traversing through the wild, you will need to take prior permission from the Tamil Nadu Forest Department at least a fortnight before the date of your trek. The headquarters of the forest department is located in Pollachi and the process for getting a permit is not very complicated. You can also opt for guided tours of Monkey Falls as well.

6. Kolakambai – The Highest Falls of the Blue Mountain

One of the most exotic sightseeing places in Tamil Nadu, the Kolakambai Waterfall is located deep amidst the woods of the Kolakambai Hills. This is the highest waterfall in the Nilgiri range, falling from a height of 400 feet. Kolakambi is an unbroken waterfall and is surrounded by a rich floral and faunal diversity. Reaching the waterfall takes you through the wild, where you can witness a variety of local flora and fauna. The way is quite popular for trekking, biking, and hiking. Like most waterfalls in Tamil Nadu, Kolakambai is also at its scenic best during the monsoons.

7. Catherine Falls

Located in the Nilgiri District in Tamil Nadu, the Catherine Waterfalls can be the perfect place for you if you are looking for calm environs to refresh your soul. The second highest waterfalls in the Nilgiri mountains, falling from a height of 250 feet, Catherine Waterfalls were named after M.D. Cockburn’s wife. M.D. Cockburn, renowned as the "Father of Yercaud", was the one who introduced coffee, pear, and apple plantations in the hill stations of Tamil Nadu. While most people know these falls in Tamil Nadu as the Catherine Falls, they are popular as ‘Geddhehaada Halla’ in the native language, which translates to ‘Foothills of Dale River’.

8. Tirparappu Falls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Tamil Nadu, the Tirparappu Waterfalls are located in the Kanyakumari district. The destination is still relatively less known, so you can enjoy some peace and quiet here. When you travel to the Tirparappu Waterfalls, you can also visit the dam, park, and the Vattaparai and Kalikesam Falls on the same day. There is also a small Mahadevar Temple nearby that is worth a visit.

One of the most important reasons why the Tirparappu Falls make for an excellent tourist attraction is the large swimming pool at the base of the waterfall, which is especially popular among children.

9. Agaya Gangai Falls

Located near the famous Arapaleeswarar Temple in the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu, these falls are an enchanting 300 ft high waterfall River Aiyaru. The Agaya Gangai Falls is situated in a beautiful valley with mountains surrounding them on all sides, making for a marvellous backdrop for this natural wonder. The falls are also surrounded by dense forests, which make them an ideal destination for any nature lover.

10. Bear Shola Falls

Bear Shola are popular waterfalls in Tamil Nadu and a famous spot in Kodaikanal. It is said that the top of the falls used to be a watering hole for bears, which is how the falls got their name. The Bear Shola Falls stand tall in a Reserve Forest and fill up during the monsoons. As the Bear Shola Falls are a seasonal waterfall, if you want to visit, the monsoons will be the best time to plan your trip as you can see the falls in their full glory.

11. Silver Cascade Falls

The Silver Cascade Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu were created by the outflow from the Kodaikanal Lake. The water in these 180 feet high falls seems to have a silver sheen to it as it flows down the cliff, which is also how the falls got their name. The cliff of the waterfall is surrounded on either side by rugged rocks and wild foliage, which make for quite a sight. There is also a dedicated viewing platform in front of the falls, which offers the perfect vantage point to witness the water flowing down into a pool.

12. Suruli Waterfalls

Flowing like a beautiful symphony, the Suruli Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu are well-known for their 2-stage cascade. The medicinal Suruli River originates from the Meghamalai Mountain Range and then falls from a height of 46 metres in Theni, where it meets a pool. The river continues from the pool, which is followed by the second cascade, from a height of 12 metres, and is located in an area rich with flora and fauna, which makes it quite an interesting destination to explore.

Whether you want to see the Silver Cascade Falls or the Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu, you should look for the most suitable Tamil Nadu tour package, so you don’t have to deal with the hassles of planning the trip, but can simply enjoy your adventure as you gaze at these marvels of nature.

April 29, 2021


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