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12 Badami Temples that are Genuine Tourist Attractions

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Cover Photo by ANANYA ANAND

Situated in the northern part of Karnataka, Badami is famous for its rich history and architecture. Also known as Vatapi, this ancient town was the capital of the Chalukyas from the 6th to 8th centuries. This beautiful town in the Bagalkot region of Karnataka has everything that a travel enthusiast will love to explore. The majestic landscape, Agastya Lake, and gorgeous temples and forts attract tourists from all over the world. Badami is also a part of the government’s scheme, ‘HRIDAY’ – the Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana. Known as one of the most stunning heritage cities, Badami presents the finest example of distinctive Dravidian architecture. It is mainly famous for its Badami cave temples which are situated around the Agasthya Lake.

Here is the list of some most famous temples of Badami that should be a part of your itinerary.

1. Bhutanatha Temple

Located on the eastern side of the Agasthya Lake, Bhutanatha Temple was built in the early 8th century by Chalukyas. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is made of local sandstone and has a Southern Indian style of architecture. Here, the inner hall showcases the style of the Eastern Badami Chalukyas, and the outer corridor reflects the style of the western Kalyani Chalukyas. The complex of the temple is an ideal blend of the south Indian and north Indian styles. With its stone carved structures and sculptors, Bhutanatha Temple in Badami will leave you spellbound for sure. 

2. Cave Temples

Carved from a massive sandstone cliff in the north-central part of Karnataka, Cave Temples are the perfect example of Indian rock-cut architecture. These caves reflect India’s rich history of merging art with spirituality and religion. There are several caves speckled throughout the area which make for mesmerising views. In fact, each cave temple in Badami has a unique architectural design for their temples.

2.1 Cave 1

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the first cave temple reflects the style of Dravidian architecture at its best. The highlight of this cave is a five-foot image of Lord Shiva as Nataraja, with 18 arms, representing various mudras or dancing poses. Also, the cave has a magnificent carving of Mahishasura Mardini and a unique artwork portraying Shiva in his Ardhnarishwar form.

2.2 Cave 2

Located above the first cave, Cave 2 is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Here, the images of Trivikrama and Bhoovaraha beautify the east and west walls of the cave. The geometric design of the sculptures showcases ancient Hindu architecture, and the numerous engravings on cave walls represent diverse stages of Lord Vishnu’s life.

2.3 Cave 3

The third cave is situated 60 steps above the second cave and is known as the earliest Hindu cave temple in history. The cave has numerous pillars, columns, brackets, and verandas, giving it a regal design and outlook. The third cave is known for its appropriate representation of religious stories about the Hindu deities, including Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha.

2.4 Cave 4

The Fourth cave is different from the other caves since it is related to symbols of Jainism. The highlight of this fourth cave is the sculpture of Lord Mahavira, Indranbhuti Gautama, Bahubali, and Parshvanath, carved in various meditative postures. The place around the cave temples in Badami is blessed with stunning sights.

3. Banashankari Temple

Also called Banashankari Amma temple, Banashankari Temple is one of the most famous places to visit in Badami. Devoted to Goddess Parvati, the famous Hindu Devi and the consort of Lord Shiva, Banashankari Temple is located in Cholachagudda near Badami. Every year, thousands of devotees come and offer prayers and seek the blessings of the Goddess. However, most people visit this temple and offer prayers to the goddess during Rahukala which is seen as an inauspicious time according to Hindu culture. Do not miss the Banashankari Temple in Badami during your visit to this beautiful city!

4. Mahakuta Temple

Built by the early kings of the Chalukya dynasty, Mahakuta Temple is a vital place of worship for Hind devotees. Constructed to honour and worship Lord Shiva, the temple showcases intricate Dravidian-style art. Also called the Mahakuteshwara temple in Badami, the temple is famous for its two key inscriptions, explicitly - Pillar and Porch that describe the past of the Chalukya Empire. Though the major attraction here is the Shivalinga on top of a curvilinear tower, several other small temples are also visited by devotees. The walls of the Mahakuta Temple in Badami are adorned with distinctive carvings of Lord Shiva, attracting visitors to its natural beauty and beautiful carving.

5. Malegitti Shivalaya Fort and Temple

Built-in the 7th century, the Malegitti Shivalaya depicts the time of Chalukyan art in Badami. Initially, the Malegitti Shivalaya was devoted to Surya, with a small picture of the Sun God and his seven horses on the top of the entrance to the sanctum. The Malegitti Shivalaya is now dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a huge Shivlinga placed inside the sanctum. The Fort is situated next to the Archeological Museum in Badami. The spectacular architecture, serene atmosphere, and the breathtaking view of the lake and caves from the Fort invite a number of tourists to this place every year. Malegitti Shivalaya Fort and Temple is one of the most-visited temples in Badami to immerse yourself in peace.

6. Mallikarjuna Temple

Situated on the north-east bank of Agastya Lake, Mallikarjuna Temple is one of the major shrines in the Bhutanatha Group of Temples in Badami. Built in Phamsana design (pyramid-like form), the temple attracts tourists with its unique architecture and design. The Mallikarjuna Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, however, there are many small temples constructed on the north and east sides of the main temple.

7. Sangameshwara Temple

Sangameshwara Temple is one of the oldest and most revered Hindu temples in Badami. Situated on the banks of the Malaprabha River, the temple is a part of the Pattadakal group of monuments which are managed by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India). Constructed in Dravidian Style, the Sangameshwara Temple has a Shiva Linga inside the sanctum and statues of Nataraja and Narasimha carved on the exterior wall.

8. Uma Maheshwari Temple

Another famous Hindu temple in Badami, the Uma Maheshwari Temple is a part of the Konthi group temple. The temple has main Hindu deities, either presented as wall carvings or in the form of linga. A picture of Lord Brahma sitting on a lotus flower is also brilliantly carved on the wall of this temple. A visit to Uma Maheshwari Temple can help a person achieve peace of mind as the serene ambience of the temple relaxes you.

9. Galaganatha Temple

Built in Dravidian and Nagara styles, the Galaganatha Temple in Badami is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was constructed during the western Chalukyas dynasty and is revered as one of the most stunning Hindu shrines in the state, which is dedicated to Mahadev. As soon as you step inside this temple, you can’t help but fall in love with the beauty of this temple.

10. Durga Temple

Built in the 7th century by the Chalukyas Empire, The Durga Temple is a real heritage in Badami, holding a special place among Hindu devotees. Set at a beautiful location in Aihole, this gorgeous temple in Badami offers a sense of calm to everyone visiting this place. The temple complex has an art gallery and an archaeological museum.

11. Kasivisvesvara Temple

Also known as Kashivishvanatha Temple, the Kasivisvesvara Temple has two shrines, one of which is dedicated to Lord Shiva while the other one is dedicated to God Surya. Constructed in the 8th century, the Kasivisvesvara Temple was the last memorial to be designed according to the early mode of Chalukya architecture. Most people include this temple in the tour package to see the beautifully done stonework on the wall and experience the serenity and peace of this place.

12. Lad Khan Temple

Situated in Aihole, the Lad Khan Temple is one of the most stunning Badami temples. It is the oldest of all Hindu temples in the state and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is named after a Muslim king who stayed here for a short span during the attack by the Bijapur sultanate. The surprising aspect of this temple is that it starts with a rectangular shape and ends with a square design. Make sure you visit this beautiful temple during your visit to Badami!

The temples in Badami offer a wonderful experience to all kinds of travellers. So, the next time you are looking for a Badami tour package, make sure you plan to visit these glorious temples.

December 15, 2020


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