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10 Clubs in Dubai for a Perfect Nightlife Experience

9 mins. read

The land of possibilities, countless adventures and arguably the most diverse set of tourist attractions, the United Arab Emirates is unequivocally one of the most popular tourist places on the planet! Abu Dhabi is going to mesmerize you with its outstandingly rich culture and exceptionally unique experiences, and Ajman will reinvigorate your spirit of adventure with the sand dunes drives. Then there’s the scintillating city of Dubai that is going to tantalize you with its opulence!

The city is famous on the whole for its luxuriance which is aptly highlighted by the nightlife of Dubai. The clubs in Dubai make the city’s nightlife scenery extraordinary! From speakeasies to bars to nightclubs, Dubai’s entertainment options for the night are limitless. The only thing to note before you make plans to explore Dubai’s nightclubs - just ensure that you and your friends are all over 21 years of age. The door policies in Dubai are strict and do not permit minors to enter any of the night clubs.

With that said, here are the 10 best clubs in Dubai that guarantee an exceptional nightlife:

1. WHITE Dubai

The three-time consecutive winner of the Time Out Dubai’s Club of The Year, the White Dubai Club is the city’s most exclusive, biggest and the best! Structured on the Meydan Racecourse Grandstand’s rooftop, White Dubai is tucked away from the bustle of the city and owing to that, you will be greeted with one of the most incredible views of the Dubai skyline. Considered as one of the best nightclubs in Dubai, you wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting White Dubai during winters as it is the most active during the winter months. So, if enjoying nightlife is one of the major reasons for you to visit Dubai, you should be on a lookout for Dubai tour packages that are present in the winter months.

You will also find a mixed crowd of residents and tourists; after all, partygoers are partygoers, be it local or foreigners. There’s one thing you need to particularly be very careful of, wear the best outfits you possibly can! Why you ask? It is because, despite no entry charge or fees, the staff at the doors allow in only the best-dressed. However, the fact that the club has free entry and you can enter without any reservations at all makes White Dubai one of the top nightclubs in Dubai. Just make sure you’re in by 12 am as the club fills up pretty quick; and then, just move to the incredible EDM DJ sets and the urban beats!

2. Cirque Le Soir

Monday night at the Cirque Le Soir is the famed “Hip-Hop Chic” night and well, the whole of Dubai is crazy about it. You can find all the clubbers there, and for obvious reasons! After all, the Cirque Le Soir has won an award for the very same event! However, there’s a small disclaimer; this is no ordinary hip-hop night, and the Cirque Le Soir for sure, is no ordinary nightclub! Why? Well, the extreme theme of the club is what makes it extraordinary and one of the top clubs in Dubai. Quite frankly, there’s no explaining that can do justice what exactly the theme is at Cirque Le Soir; it’s something you need to see for yourself!

Located on the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, this club is the perfect amalgamation of glamour, grandiose and well, the anomalous! The club is always booming with people and has a variety of music (everything from hip-hop to EDM) on offer.

3. Armani / Privé

The premier nightclub in Dubai, the stupendous and extremely posh Armani / Privé can be found in the marvellous Burj Khalifa inside the lavish Armani Hotel. There’s hardly any need to say that the best and most fashionably dressed come here to party! And well, they sure do know how to party! You can find here some of the greatest private live performances, nightly set by international DJs and glamour at its best! Besides being one of the most luxurious and best nightclubs in Dubai, the Armani / Privé also gives you a chance to party in the tallest building there is!

4. Billionaire Mansion

If the name doesn’t give it away already, the Billionaire Mansion is the club in Dubai for those who wish to experience partying with the luxury and flamboyance of a billionaire! Recently opened in 2016, this top club in Dubai is your ticket to relish some of the most incredible and honestly, ostentatious dining, drinking, and party milieu. Starting off with an urban night, “The List” every Sunday, Billionaire Mansion is one club in Dubai that will set you off for the entire week!

5. Cavalli Club

One of the clubbing classics in the city, the Cavalli Club is one of the go-to partying destinations and among the best clubs in Dubai. What makes the Cavalli Club a classic is its established success even before the clubbing scene had picked up in the city. The low-hanging chandeliers and exuberant settings in the club will remind you of why Cavalli Club is one of city’s best! What’s more, DJ sets and live shows can be spotted regularly in here.

6. People by Crystal

Situated inside the Landmark Raffles Hotel is one of the top clubs in Dubai, People by Crystal. This one is frequented by the locals as well as the tourists. However, one might say that getting in is not a breeze, but once you’re in, you are in for a lot of fun! Safe to say, by the time you’re done partying here you’ll find the hype is more than justified! The club is open for 3 days in a week and pleases the tastes of all; the ladies’ night especially is one celebration you wouldn’t forget!

7. Zinc Nightclub

Well, if your taste for nightclubs is around relaxed vibes, excellent music, and extremely courteous staff, the Zinc club is got to be the one! Being one of the most important clubs that helped give structure to Dubai’s nightlife, Zinc still sports some of the most popular themed nights in Dubai such as the Manic Monday’s and Tuesday-Wednesday’s Ladies night. Here, you’ll be treated with thumping music, an amazing atmosphere, and some exceptional drinks - a perfect combination of services at a night club!

8. Empire Yas Bar

Do you fancy visiting places that have a unique architectural build and also love nightclub parties? If yes, you must not skip the Empire Yas Bar club! The world’s only club to have been built on an F1 racetrack, Empire Yas Bar is also jostling to win the title of the best nightclub in Dubai. The pulsating beats and an electrifying atmosphere contribute to an amazing vibe that you can feel right from the moment you enter the club.

9. Blue Marlin Ibiza

An upscale beach rolled into an outdoor nightclub essentially defines the Blue Marlin Ibiza. This is one great spot for those looking to spend the whole of 24 hours partying, first on the beach and then in the nightclub! It is located very close to Abu Dhabi and Dubai and is becoming increasingly popular in many Dubai tour packages. You are sure to enjoy the Blue Marlin owing to its amazing vibes and exceptional music. However, the biggest highlight of this club is how the party shifts from the beach to the glamorous main club as the day begins to set. Apart from that, the delectable food, a variety of drinks, and impeccable service make this one of the best clubs in and around Dubai.

10. MAD Yas Island

The biggest indoor party destination in the whole of UAE is located a little away from Dubai in Abu Dhabi, named MAD Yas Island. What’s special about this nightclub is that it sports massive LED screens and a 360° projection which ensure that you’re completely engrossed in the atmosphere. What’s more, there are regular gigs and performances by the biggest names in the music industry complemented by striking lighting that happens every week! Ladies entry is free whereas men are required to book a table in advance. Your time at this nightclub is going to be one the most happening times of your life!

Whenever it is that you book your Dubai tour package, see that it has some of these clubs in the list. Or else, you could just plan a trip by yourself and experience these stunning clubs in Dubai!

September 14, 2019


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