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16 Food Items You Need to Try in Belgium on Your Next Vacation

10 mins. read

Western Europe is renowned for its natural beauty, historic sights, and dynamic culture. Belgium is one of the most revered travel destinations situated in this part of the world mainly because of its rich culture, friendly locals, and extraordinary food! It is safe to call the Belgians bon vivants because they appreciate a good life. Owing to this, their love for food reflects well in the hundreds of patisseries, chocolateries, and fine-dining restaurants sprawled across Brussels, Flanders, and Liége. If you are looking for a Belgium tour package, then make sure it has an itinerary which allows you to try out the most amazing fast food and main course dishes. And yes, gorging on waffles in Belgium is a must! Here are 16 food items to try in this beautiful country on your next vacation:

Fast Food 

Street food items of Belgium are a dream come true for people who like fried items with loads of cheese, butter, and various other condiments. Here are a few things you need to devour while exploring different tourist sports:

1.  Belgium Fries

One food item of Belgium that has won hearts worldwide is its fries. That’s right! A lot of people presume that France invented French fries. However, the reality is that a bunch of American soldiers enjoying frites in Belgium were unaware of their location and unintentionally named them “French fries”. Like many other inventions during food shortages, fries have made their mark in the world and how!

2. Speculaas

One of the beloved traditional food items of Belgium is speculaas. These short-crust biscuits were served on St. Nicholas’ Day in the Netherlands and Belgium but now they have become the favourite tea-time snack among the locals. The unique quality of speculaas is that they have a spice mix in the batter consisting of cinnamon, clove, mace, ginger, pepper, cardamom, coriander, anise seeds and nutmeg). So, the next time you spot a Flemish bakery while exploring Belgium tourist places, make sure to grab some speculaas!

3. Waffles


If you are a true foodie or happen to be a friend/relative/partner of one, then waffles have been in your life for quite some time. This is a street food item of Belgium that has made people stop in their tracks! But did you know that waffles in this country are categorised according to their place of origin? Some of the more famous ones are from Liège and Brussels treasured for their large pockets, sweet flavour, and rich texture! Our recommendation would be to make waffles as your first meal in Belgium and your entire vacation would be blessed by the street food gods!

4. Fry Shacks 

Among the locals in Belgium, one of the most famous foods is fry shacks. This is mainly because they are quick to serve, easy on the pocket, and mouth-wateringly delicious! These comprise fried onions, sausages, and a range of other vegetables and meats that you can devour with cheese and mayonnaise on the go. Frituurs are food takeaway shops available all over Belgium where you can buy these deep-fried morsels from heaven.

5. Mitraillette

Do you remember Joey’s love for sandwiches in the TV series Friends? If you happen to share the same passion for sammies then a well-made mitraillette is perfect for you! Belgium’s take on this fast food item is a foot-long stuffed with meatballs,  onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup,  garlic sauce, and a big helping of chips! Are you salivating already? You will several sandwich shops near the famous places to see in Belgium, so your cravings would be easily satiated.

6. Chocolates 

Belgian chocolates have a league of their own and they're simply beyond comparison. Don’t believe us? Trying Neuhaus, Godiva, Leonidas, and some other famous chocolate brands will make you fall in love with this country even more! There are more than 2000 chocolateries in Belgium where you can taste fresh chocolate prepared by connoisseurs. What could be better than that?!

7. Liége Syrup

Named after the most famous city in Belgium, this food item is a syrup that will make you believe in true happiness. The sheer simplicity of the Liége syrup makes it distinct from all others that you may have tried before. Whether you lather in a waffle or some gelato, it is an experience that you need to have in Belgium on your next trip.

8. Lard Balls

Doughnuts and their many versions are a staple street food item in the States, Canada, and many other countries across the globe. Just like the rest of the world, Belgium’s food scene is dynamic and includes a doughnut bite that will make your vacation unforgettable. Colloquially known as lard balls, these doughnut balls are available in various bakeries in Brussels, Liége, and many other cities.

9. Dame Blanche

A unique quality about Belgium and its traditional food items lies in their simplistic beauty. Coupled with comfort, food items like dame blanche have made Belgian a food destination. This dessert basically consists of two scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with some decadent chocolate sauce, a sprinkle of chocolate shavings and some broken biscuits. It is the perfect end to your day after exploring the most famous places in Belgium, we guarantee you!

Appetisers and Mains 

Eating out is quite big in this country, so you will get a variety of dishes to try out for lunch and dinner. When you are looking for lip-smacking appetisers and mains in Belgium, make sure to have the following items on your bucket list:

10. Flemish Stew

Touted as the national food of Belgium, this stew defines Western Europe’s ingenuity and indulgence in the best light. Flemish stew is relished by the locals during winters and summers alike because it makes for a hearty meal. Although most versions of this stew have some form of red meat, Flemish grandmas have their own recipes that have been passed down to generations. If you are lucky enough to try Flemish stew at a local’s place, then you're going be to in for a treat!

11. Stoemp

Sustainability plays a big role in all cuisines because leftovers are always utilised in some way or the other. Belgian’s cuisine aligns with this ideology and stoemp is its finest example. In earlier times, old vegetables were used to make a mash with potatoes and served as a side. But with the evolving nature of this country’s food scene, stoemp has become a main course made of mashed potatoes, cream, butter, and a variety of boiled or fried root vegetables. This is a must-try for our vegetarian travellers trotting around Europe missing some good ol’ aloo chokha or bhujia!

12. Moules-Frites

Moules Frites

Mussels are a crowd favourite in Belgium and for good reason. The sweet meat of mussels or moules goes quite well with frites (thick fries) making it a staple among the river towns and cities. Moules-frites has made such an impact on the Flemish folks that they like to call it the unofficial national dish of Belgium! Since there is so much rage about this dish, you need to try it out at a seafood restaurant.

13. Meatballs

Meatballs are loved by people in Flanders, Brussels, and Liége to the degree where they have transformed their preparation dramatically. Prepared with red meat like pork, beef or veal, meatballs in Belgium are best enjoyed with a sweet-and-sour cherry sauce and some Liége syrup! It is an acquired taste but once you start enjoying the varied flavours, there’s no going back!

14. Waterzooi

Winters can be pretty harsh in Western Europe and waterzooi is a soup that has kept the Belgians warm for several centuries. Made of chicken or fish, egg yolk, cream and vegetables this soup has everything that gives comfort to your tummy and soul! After making your rounds at the most celebrated monuments and museums, a warm bowl of waterzooi will make your day a success.

15. Eel in the Green

A Belgian dish that will change your perception about eel, Paling in't groen is a sight for sore eyes. Eel in the green is a new-age term used to describe this dish in an endearing way. Freshwater eel is cooked in a green sauce made of white wine, fresh herbs, and lemon that can make your soul take a trip to food paradise in every bite!

16. Chicken with Fries & Applesauce

As the name suggests, this main course dish has grilled chicken and fries or frites with a drizzle of applesauce. It is highly possible that a Belgian acquaintance will take you to their favourite restaurant and make you try this dish because that’s how much they love it! Be prepared to have your palette get hit by this flavourful savoury dish.

With so many street food and main course items awaiting your arrival in Belgium, you owe yourself a trip to this food haven! Get the package deal and visit Belgian best cafes and restaurants on your next vacation.

February 23, 2023


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