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Vizag Sightseeing: Top 8 Best Sightseeing Places in Vizag

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Visakhapatnam, or as I and many others lovingly call it, Vizag, is the city that has surprised me most with its beautiful range of sightseeing places. Vizag, in fact, is my favourite tourist spot in South India. There is something about the city that I find difficult to express in mere words; maybe it is the number of eclectics in the city or the eclectic nature of the city. Either way, Vizag’s charm is quite appealing!

The city is also credited for having India’s oldest shipyard and housing a natural harbour, which is one of a kind on the Indian east coast. If you are planning a local sightseeing tour of Vizag, take my word; don’t miss visiting this harbour as it is truly remarkable. Honestly speaking, I could have spent an entire day here. I would strongly urge you to include the harbour in your list of sightseeing places in Vizag.

With picturesque landscapes and rich cultural past, my Vizag sightseeing plan was more than successful; I had a gala time in the port city of India. Let me tell you something; if you are looking for a destination that promises to keep your spirits soaring high as you tour many manmade wonders and natural beauties, all you have to do is book a Vizag tour package! Come down to the city and cherish some of the best sightseeing places in Vizag and also some of the best beaches in India.

Here is my list of sightseeing places in Vizag that you must visit during your sightseeing expedition in Vizag: -

1. Borra Caves

I planned my tour of the port city in an unconventional fashion. I decided to first visit the sightseeing place farthest from Vizag and from thereon, coming closer to the main city with touring each sightseeing spot.

My journey began from a location situated about 92 km from the lovely Vizag, Borra Caves. I don’t think I will ever be able to remove the stunning imagery from my mind; it is etched just where my most precious moments are!

Situated 1400 metre above the sea level, the breathtaking Borra Caves are millions of years old caves which William King George was able to discover during the Indian Geological Survey in 1807. I cannot stress enough on how mystifying the experience was; it was just as exciting as it was relaxing! Since Borra Caves are the biggest caves in India, I was sure that I would be awarded some of the most spectacular views by the rock formation in the cave; and I must say that the views were exceptionally outstanding! In the presence of the waterfalls and rocks here, it felt like I was transported to somewhere magical.

2. Katiki Waterfalls

At only a mere distance of 4 km from the ancient, the quaint and the magnificent Borra Caves, I was treated with something equally splendid! The Katiki Waterfalls was so beautiful that I could not help myself but stay there for as long as I could; the aura the waterfall was mystically soothing! This waterfall is sourced from the Gosthani River and falls from about 50 feet, making it extremely picturesque and certainly one of the best sightseeing places in and around Vizag.

3. Araku Valley

When I decided to plan my sightseeing tour in Vizag, I was not in the slightest way aware of the grandiose beauty that India’s port city holds. After the Katiki Waterfalls, I was not sure what to expect; I had certainly not expected the Araku Valley, a lush green surrounding around the waterfall that I immediately fell in love with!

The Araku Valley is a favourite tourist destination for many and a local sightseeing gem near Vizag. Typically, a hill station the valley is bestowed with some of Mother Nature’s best boons; the natural beauty of Araku Valley is beyond anything that I had ever seen! Besides the scenic streams, lush green gardens and waterfalls, the 19 tribes that live here make this valley a sightseeing place near Vizag unlike any other in the state. These people aren’t influenced a bit by the modern world. I was in complete awe to see these tribes keep their culture alive. I experienced here what I never have anywhere else. The valley is incredibly special to me; it’s the kind of place I would want to escape to. This place did more than just elevate my senses and spirits; it made a home in my heart!

4. Rushikonda Beach

As I was getting closer to the port city, I came across one of Andhra Pradesh’s best beaches and arguably one of the best beaches in India. The Rushikonda Beach is a highly revered tourist spot and a celebrated beach that is situated at a distance of only 8 km from Vizag. I had a great time enjoying the water sports at this beach. I could choose between swimming, water skiing, windsurfing and many more! I remember how the beach stimulated the element of adventure within me while still being the perfect spot for my quiet evening stroll; it was amazing!

5. Kailasagiri Hill Park

A highly famed hill station, Kailasagiri is surrounded by beautiful small hills and stunning beaches. The Kailasagiri Hill Park, however, is much more than just that! I remember the road trains, the ropeway trolleys and the play park that took me back to my childhood. Ah, it was heart-warming! Another thing that I enjoyed greatly at Kailasagiri Hill Park was its beautiful landscape; stunning views from atop the hill make the park one of the best sightseeing places in Vizag.

6. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Occupying a whopping 625 acres of land, the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park just as is mesmerizing as a zoo can possibly be! With the Bay of Bengal to its east and the hills on both sides, the zoo’s natural setting is exemplary! What I loved most about the zoo was how much of a home it felt to the wildlife housed in it; as weird as it may sound, to me, it almost felt like the animals were very happy in here. I had heard a lot about the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park which is why I included the zoo in my Vizag sightseeing plan without a fail. The zoological park was established in 1977 and now houses animals ranging from lions, tigers, Himalayan black bear, panthers, sloth bear, jaguars, elephants, monkeys, hippopotamus, pythons and many more.

7. Yarada Beach

My memories of the Yarada Beach are that of vibrant, exciting, calming, revitalising and fulfilling experiences. The outstandingly scenic Yarada Beach is surrounded with beautiful hills on its three sides and with the Bay of Bengal on its fourth. The beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Vizag and possibly India. The extremely clean and golden sands only add to the beach’s beauty. However, my best memory at the Yarada beach involves the picturesque sunrise and sunset; I was completely smitten by the majestic views!

8. VUDA Park

The VUDA Park was the local sightseeing spot in Vizag that surprised me the most; I was aware that the park was going to be good, but what I witnessed was much better! Over 2500 odd trees in just 37 acres of land! Now, that is rich, to say the least. However, the entire park occupies 55 acres of land; out of that, 37 acres of land has been used to grow various species of plants. Being a part of such an environment had immensely positive effects on me. Not only did I feel extremely fresh but also, I was motivated to promote better environmental practices. I was also quite happy to see there a yoga centre, children’s play area, multi-gym and a lot more.

Visakhapatnam or Vizag is a city with a strong cultural essence ingrained in it. The port city is unlike any place I have ever been to. Vizag sightseeing was more rewarding than I could ever imagine it to have been. Hopefully, you can experience the same by visiting the list of sightseeing places in Vizag mentioned above.

November 20, 2019


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