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Unique Museums Around The World – Travel To Be Amused!

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Museums are collections of everything that can make human minds think. The first ever known museum was the University of Alexandria in Egypt and ever since the idea of the museum stayed something that held the collections of significant value in culture, history or art. Most of these museums were only accessible to elite or scholars and not to the common public. From then till now the idea of knowledge has changed a lot. Museums portray so much more than the usual historic records and are open to every person from any country. Now we live an era that almost every itinerary of any city can take an inclusion of a museum of some kind. So many themes and ideas have evolved and been adapted to build the different kinds of museums around the world. There are over 55,000 museums in 202 countries based on various aspects, themes and concepts. When there are so many options to choose from and your curiosity has a peculiar taste, consider noting down the list of unique museums around the world that you would like to visit. Be amused with our compilation of the list and share your thoughts over the same!


1. Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA)

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun Underwater Museum
Image Courtesy:

A crucial part of the crystal clear water of the Mexican National Marine Park in the Caribbean is the submerged museum called ‘Museo Subacuatico de Arte.’  Dive into the whole new world and witness more than 400 sculptures portraying the general life of locals and some even featuring celebrities of Cancun. This unique museum is something of an experience and is endorsed along with the coral reef. Explore these unique sculpture made with environmentally friendly materials to never harm the crystal clear water. Experiencing scuba diving like any other as its one of the rarest museums that features scuba diving as a part to truly experience the museum itself. This underwater museum truly redefined the concept of immersive museums that celebrates the idea of being a part of the exhibit.


2. International Spy Museum

Washington D.C.

International Spy Museum
Image Courtesy:

International Spy Museum of Washington D.C. is one of the most classic museums on earth that can manage to bring out the excitement almost in all ages! Bring out your childhood curiosity to answer all your questions related to real spy! Check out what it is really like out of the fantasy and explore unique gadgets like cypher machines, counterfeit currency, disguised weapons, miniature cameras, concealment devices for weapons, radio transmitters and receivers, and dead drops. Witness these gadgets made public which can be beyond your imagination that assisted in most secret espionage missions in world history. All your curiosity is finally about to be answered because of this International Spy Museum.


3. Comics Art Museum

Brussels, Belgium

Comics Art Museum
Image Courtesy: Priyanka Tawde

The tiny world of colourful comics, lying in one of the most interesting cities of Belgium. Comics Art Museum features the comic culture of Belgium. It depicts the world famous comics that were part of the childhood of many. Explore the worlds of Tin Tin to The Smurfs and so many more. This museum portrays how a cartoonist sketches and shows his work of giving birth to different characters. Enjoy the colourful world of happy memories that are not only for children but stitch artistic stories for all ages.


4. Mutter Museum


Image Courtesy:

A medical museum located in Philadelphia contains a collection of anatomical and pathological specimens, wax models and antique medical equipment. Even though it is a part of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. As stated by the Mutter Museum, ‘The goal of the Museum is to help visitors understand the mysteries and beauty of the human body and appreciate the history of diagnosis and treatment of disease.’ This museum manages to give you a real insight into human bodies. What’s more interesting is, in this place, you will witness pieces of Albert Einstein’s brain! There are special themed exhibits and collections that will set to blow your mind and even your guts! Its truly is ridiculously weird yet intriguing. Definitely not a place for weak hearted!


5. Pitt Rivers Museum

Oxford, UK

Pitt Rivers Museum
Image Courtesy:

Founded by Lt-General Augustus Pitt Rivers, the museum is a part of the Oxford University of UK. He donated his collection to the University of Oxford with the condition that a permanent lecturer in anthropology must be appointed. Popular to the largest collection of archaeological and anthropological artefacts in the UK, this museum displays very interesting exhibits. Pitt Rivers intended for his collection to show progression in design and evolution in human culture from the simple to the complex and this museum manages to justify his intentions completely. Witness figures and fishing boat models from around the world, shrunken heads and a Skull taken from Yungya Village of Nagaland, Japanese Noh masks and so much more in Pitt Rivers Museum.


6. ArtScience Museum


ArtScience Museum
Image Courtesy:

Singapore hosts the world's first ArtScience museum and it is spectacular! The ArtScience Museum’s mission is one of the most intense ones that rare museums follow. To quote it in their words, they say ‘Our mission is to explore where art, science, culture and technology come together. It is here at the intersection of art and science that innovation and new ideas are formed. We like to say “it’s where the future is created.”’ True to their lines, ArtScience Museum is truly a land of future when you see it. Exceptional immersive exhibits that you can be a part of and create photos like no other. Stand in the midst of concepts, ideas, art and science; with jaw-dropping amazement as they come to life!


7. Zeitz MOCAA

Cape Town

Image Courtesy:

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, is this largest museum of contemporary African art in the world called Zeitz MOCAA or The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa. Unique exhibits and art in around 100 galleries await to narrate the story, culture and beauty of contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora. With exceptional architecture and sculpted ideas, even the construction of the building will leave you intrigued. The museum houses Centres for a Costume Institute, Photography, Curatorial Excellence, the Moving Image, Performative Practice and Art Education. Be mesmerised with the entire creation and idea of the museum and make memories of a lifetime.


8. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Image Courtesy:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art or "the Met" is the largest art museum in the United States displaying over two million works. From the artists all around the world and their unique priceless creations are displayed here. Find art, history, culture, interior and so much more built on the influence of the different countries. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most visited museums around the world. Witness ancient art and valuable collections and experience it inspiring you.


9. The Mummy Museum

Guanajuato, Mexico

The Mummy Museum
Image Courtesy:

Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato exhibits 100+ mummified bodies. This place is an interesting visit for the people who liked the movie ‘The Mummy.’ With so many mummified bodies, each with so many differences and some with very interesting stories. The museum is also popular to have the smallest mummy in the world. These mummies are a notable part of Mexican popular culture as they echo the national holiday "The Day of the Dead." Voted as one of Mexico's best museums to visit by users of one of Mexico's most popular tourism websites. It is one of the museums that will bring the eerie feeling but the Museum believes to celebrate death as a part of the life cycle.


10. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

New Delhi, India

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets
Image Courtesy: Scherezade Shroff Talwar GottaDoIndia

Dedicated to the global history of sanitation and toilets, Sulabh International Museum of Toilets is one of the weirdest museums in the world. New Delhi’s Sulabh International Museum of Toilets has managed to grab a lot of attention for its unique specimens. Displaying a unique collection of facts, pictures and objects detailing the historic evolution of toilets this Museum showcases toilets from ancient times. Gold toilets to fancy decorated ones to the more comical ones, all can be found here to be amused!



Explore more possibilities and find your kind of museums. Let your itinerary talk knowledge to you in your travel. Next time you plan your trip to these places, make sure you cover the ones that intrigued you! Explore and learn, look back and create more unforgettable travel stories full of details!

“Museums are places of worship for those whose faith dwells in human stories.”

― Anonymous

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September 14, 2018


Priyanka Tawde
Priyanka Tawde

A tripping traveller with twisted brains and a passion to express. Words may seem her forte but they are just tools for her art of expression. Pretty much a good weirdo sprinkled with stardust and space love. Mystery is what she follows and Curiosity is where you'll find her.

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