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Tourist Places To Visit In South Africa

7 mins. read

Officially referred to as the Republic of South Africa, South Africa is one of the most exotic countries on Earth. Rich in flora and fauna, the country offers some of the most eccentric sights in the world for people to witness. Its landscape is all about dramatic coastlines, golden savannahs, impressive desert stretches, and jagged mountains.

If amazing wildlife and diverse settings are what you are after, then there is no place on Earth better than South Africa. To add to this conviction, here are some of the most famous places to see in South Africa: -

Cape Town

Unlike what many think, South Africa is much more than just deserts and savannahs. It is a metropolis located on the south-western tip of the country’s Western Cape Province. Enjoying mild, Mediterranean climate and featuring a well-established infrastructure in a natural setting, Cape Town is one of the most popular tourist places in South Africa.

The capital of South Africa is famous for its abundant wildlife, Lion’s Head that offers panoramic vistas, Table Mountain for its spectacular overview, and False Bay for its golden beaches and penguins. All of these are among the must-visit places in South Africa’s Cape Town. Don’t miss our Cape Town tour packages!

Kruger National Park

Nestled in the northern reaches of South Africa, Kruger National Park is the jewel of South Africa’s expansive wildlife habitat. Stretching over wide areas of savannah and bushy lands, while bordering the nations of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, this park features a dense animal population, allowing tourists to peep into the exquisite fauna which South Africa has to offer. Lions, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, and elephants, also referred to as the “Big Five”, are some of the prominent animals that you can locate here. As one of the best places to visit in South Africa, Kruger National Park offers walking safaris, hot air balloon rides, and accommodation (campsite and lodge) for visitors.

Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Transfrontier Park

Home to raptors, predators and red dunes, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a merger of the Kalahari regions of South Africa (Kalahari Gemsbok National Park) and Botswana (Gemsbok National Park). Created in the year 2000, it is not only the first Transfrontier Park in the area but also one of the largest wildernesses across the globe. That fact alone makes it one of the key tourist places in South Africa.

On visiting this park, you get to lay your eyes on gemsbok with V-shaped horns, black-maned Kalahari lions, meerkats, cheetahs, and weavers, among many other animal species. The spectacular backdrop of red dunes, deep blue skies, and golden grasslands provide some of the most brilliant sights that are worth capturing.

The Drakensberg

The Drakensberg is a mountainous region that separates South Africa from the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. What makes the Drakensberg one of the best places to visit in South Africa is the awe-inspiring landscapes that it features.

The term “Drakensberg” has been derived from Dutch, and literally translates to “Dragon Mountains”.  There is a Zulu name attached to this mountain peak too, which is “Quathlamba” meaning “Battlement of Spears”.

Among the most intriguing tourist places in South Africa, the Drakensberg is home to uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park, a region of jagged basalt buttresses and San rock art, and the Royal Natal National Park where the Amphitheatre is.

The Garden Route

Another one of the great places to visit in South Africa, the Garden Route is a 200-kilometer long stretch on the southeastern coast of South Africa. The panoramic stretch begins from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape and stretches all the way till Storms River in the Eastern Cape.

This route gets its name because of its varied vegetation, with several lakes and lagoons dotting the coast. Taking this driving route, tourists get to witness pretty coastal towns and cliffs, rolling green hills, lagoons, and lakes. The attractive town of Knysna, the Garden Route National Park, Cango Caves, and Oudtshoorn’s ostrich farms are a few significant places that you must see on this route.

Durban's Golden Mile

The Golden Mile, Durban’s sweeping waterfront promenade, is renowned for being among the famous places to see in South Africa. It features long blonde beaches that attract surfers, swimmers and anglers from far and wide. Then there’s the busy promenade which gives people ‘the feels’ of Miami Beach with its high-rise hotels, flashy entertainment complexes, and high-end shops.

Coming to the Golden Mile, you can visit the city’s other top attractions like Mini Town, Moses Mabhida Stadium and uShaka Marine World. You can also indulge in some refreshing strolls along the beaches or rent a Segway or bike instead, when here.

Johannesburg and Pretoria

Often referred to as Jo’burg, Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa based on its population. Also recognized as the “City of Gold” due to its deposits of precious metals, Johannesburg is the economic heart of the country.

The city has a rich heritage and is home to top historical sites such as Constitution Hill, Apartheid Museum and Gold Reef City. While in Johannesburg, people also visit Soweto or the “south-western townships”, another hit tourist place in South Africa, known for birthing the freedom movement, which made South Africa a new democratic constitution.

Pretoria, the administrative capital of the country, even though located close to the townships, has a very different vibe about it. Don’t miss our Johannesburg tour packages!


The Cape Winelands is a region located to the north-east of Cape Town in South Africa. Owing to the Mediterranean climate and fertile soil of the Western Cape, the Cape Winelands happens to be one of the best-known wine-producing regions across the globe, and indeed one of the best places to visit in South Africa. From Cape Town, the Winelands extend eastwards and to north-east towards the Boland Basin, which is considered ideal for growing several varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

Besides the above, the Cape Winelands also house attractive hotels, five-star restaurants and premium boutiques that tourists can go to.

South Africa has more landscapes and terrains than any other country in the world. But to successfully cover the numerous exotic destinations that the country has, that too in a fun and easy-going way, look into some of the best South Africa tour packages available online. Once you have selected the right package, all that remains for you to do is pack your bags and go adventure-seeking.

May 17, 2019


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