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Top 10 Water Sports in Goa That You Should Not Miss

7 mins. read

There’s no place like Goa when it comes to holiday destinations. The legend behind incessant ‘Goa chalein?’ planning and a haven for those who need respite, Goa has established itself as the perennial place to go and take a break. From churches and temples to river cruises and water sports, the best Goa packages cover it all.

We’ll keep our focus on water sports in Goa for this piece. To those thrill-seekers who love adrenaline-pumping activities, here is what you can do when in Goa:

Jet Ski

Jet Ski ride is one of the most exciting and energising water sports in Goa. If you love speed, then Jet Ski is your jam. It can be unnerving at first but soon you’ll be soaked in the excitement of gliding over the waves. The location where you can find Jet ski are Calangute, Candolim and Baga.

Speed Boat

Speed Boat certainly stakes its claim as one of the best water sports activities in Goa. The most exciting part about speed boat is that you can spot dolphins while piercing through the waves. The sea water caressing your face makes you forget about all the stress in your life and enjoy the wonderful moment for what it is.


A visit to Goa without parasailing?! Don’t skip on this. And yes, it is as exciting as it is claimed to be. In parasailing, a rope of around 300 metres is tied to the parasail and the other end is tied to the speed boat. When the speed boat starts, the individual automatically lifts from the ground and the ‘feels’ at that moment are amazing! Soar high as you enjoy the aerial view of Goa from this height. However, children below the age of 15 are not allowed because of safety reasons. At roughly around Rs. 800 per person, the price of this water sport in Goa is well justified.

Banana Boat Ride

The name of this water sport in Goa sounds quite whimsical but it’s pretty accurate. The boat looks like a banana and moves like a snake. How about that! The Banana Boat ride is actually a group task which calls for having trust in every member participating in the ride. This ride is among the most fun adventure sports in Goa that you should partake in.

Scuba Diving

If you are a fan of marine life and mesmerised by its endless beauty, then scuba diving will pan out to be a gratifying affair for you. The underwater is filled with beautiful coral reefs and colourful fishes. Explore the beauty of underwater life with scuba diving and revive yourself. On that note, Grand Island which offers scuba diving is one of the best places to visit in North Goa.


Windsurfing has become a very lovable water sport for the tourists visiting Goa. It is a unique blend of surfing and sailing and requires one to have a perfect sense of balance to adapt to the changing patterns of winds and water. In the early morning when the sea is calm and the breeze is soothing, windsurfers make their play. The activity timings are between 10:00 am to 5:00pm. Take this from us; there is no better way to experience the energy of Goa’s coastline than windsurfing in its sea. However, the minimum permissible age for this is 10 years, so keep the younger ones at bay (quite literally).


After a day spent indulging in all sorts of adventure activities, if you want to relax and enjoy a bit and simply soak in the surroundings of Goa, then Kayaking is an excellent idea. This is a very calm and soothing water activity.

Kayaking takes you along the backwaters  and lesser explored parts of Goa. The route you’ll end up taking will depend entirely on where you book your expedition from. Kayaking becomes even more fabulous during light rains because it lets you enjoy the light drizzle along with the beautiful boat ride.

Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding has emerged strongly as a preferred water sports activity in Goa that attracts many tourists for a singular reason - it gives you the sense of walking on water. It may seem easy but if your sense of balance is lacking, it can leave you worn out. Paddle boarding requires you to stand on up on a surfboard, holding a paddle in one hand will help you keep yourself upright against the crashing waves. Book yourself a Goa water sports package that lets you practice this water sport for a few days before you embark on the exhilarating activity out in the Arabian Sea.

Fly boarding

If you are a good swimmer and want to make a splash in the water like a dolphin and then again shoot up in the air, fly boarding lets you experience all this and a lot more. It is a very thrilling sport that is ideal for those who seek exhilaration. The fly board also has a variation – it works with a hydro flight gadget which provides the push to drive the fly board into the air to play out a game known as hydro flying. You can book a fly boarding package that trains you to build the skill of fly boarding to have the best experience. Butterflies in the stomach? Yep, that definitely happens in this one.

White water Rafting

This water sports activity is quite challenging and requires navigating through tricky rapids in an inflatable boat or raft. Before attempting this activity, it is advisable to listen to the rafting guides in order to avoid any kind of mishaps during the ride. During this activity, individuals are required to wear body hugging clothes and sneakers for a firmer grip.

Excited about the adrenaline rush that awaits you? Book a Goa adventure sports package and make it happen!

July 08, 2021


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