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Top 10 European Foods

9 mins. read

Europe is a unique cocktail of extraordinary places, exceptional sights, vibrant culture, and delectable food. With its seemingly endless list of cuisines, one is bound to visit Europe again and again. Being one huge continent with numerous countries, cities, and towns, you can think of the variety of cuisines you will get to have here.

If you wish to go on a grand European feast and try some of the most delicious European cuisines, there is a list of places you can visit to explore their exquisite preparations and traditional flavours. From the delicious Neapolitan pizza in Italy to succulent crustaceans in Portugal, gear up to go on a food-voyage with these top 10 European foods: -

1. Have something sweet in Amiens, France

One of the reasons why tourists visit Amiens is for its cathedral, an engineering wonder. With unique carvings and accurate stonework enough to leave you flabbergasted, the cathedral is visited by tourists from around the world. After you visit the cathedral, do stop by to try some macarons of Amiens, one of the top 10 European foods. Amiens’s local delicacy - macaron d’Amiens, will give you a sweet tooth even if you do not have one. The recipe is simple - the macarons are made of egg whites, sugar, honey, and almonds, enough to leave you salivating and wanting for more. These macarons go best with ridiculously thick chocolat chaud (the French hot chocolate). So, do stop at Amiens on your Europe tour, one of the best food cities in Europe.

2. Savour the local delicacies of Sibillini Mountains, Italy

Being an underrated spot in Italy, Sibillini Mountains is famous for its picturesque environs, but that is not what we are here for, are we?!

Once you are done exploring the countryside of Sibillini Mountains of Italy, indulge in some local delicacies. A drive through the Sibillini Mountains takes you to Castelluccio, a tiny hilltop town. It is famous for its lentils, apart from its cobbled lanes and homely trattorias (eating establishments). However, do save your appetite for wild-boar sausage on your drive back from here to Norcia.

Being an original home of the pork butchers, Norcia is scattered with shops offering local delights such as the pork and truffle products of the town. Hence, a visit to the Sibillini Mountains is a must for trying the most popular food in Europe.

3. Visit Vila do Bispo in Portugal- A seafood lover’s food paradise

Portugal is known for its villages, castles, beaches, and striking cities. So, when you tour in Portugal, try its lip-smacking seafood. To start with, you can visit Vila do Bispo, the sun-kissed town in south Portugal which is one of the best places on Earth to sample those unique, tender crustaceans, also called percebes. They are so delightful that you might actually end up loving them! What is special about eating percebes right here in Vila do Bispo is that fishermen harvest them with their hands. There’s a reason why we are referring to this as the finest European foods out there. In fact, percebes is easily among the top 10 European foods that one must try on their European tour.

4. Calm your cravings with Vienna’s local lip-smacking food delights

The cultural core of Europe, Austria offers a perfect union of charming landscapes, architectural ensembles, gardens, and castles, with the Danube Valley and The Alps further augmenting its beauty.

The food in Vienna, the capital of Austria, is quite different. Just like its landscape, the food tells a lot about the history of Vienna.

An inherent part of European cuisine, some of the greatest Viennese specialties to try, include Afelspitz (prime boiled beef with radish on the side), beef goulash, and Backhendl (breaded and fried chicken), and Wiener Schnitzel (crumbled veal).

And for the vegans and vegetarians, you can head to Naschmarkt for some great vegetarian dishes. You can also stop for a vegetarian dish at Beisln, one of the standout bistro pubs of Vienna.

This city, without any doubt, underlines its credentials as one of the best food cities in Europe, offering specialties that deserve to be on the list of food to try around the world.

5. Satiate your taste buds at the Czech Republic

Czech Republic’s countryside is the place where the crossroads of the rich European culture lie. Mesmerizing towns, gorgeous castles, abundant natural beauty, and beautiful monuments are only a few of the praises for the captivating Czech Republic. When you are exploring this country, try their local cuisine too.

The restaurants here offer the perfect pork and beef. Plus, the vegetarians have the option of exploring local cuisines crafted keeping in mind the beautiful things that can be had with bread and some vegetables, all with a sense of imagination. Home to some of the best food in all of Europe, the Czech Republic’s delicacies should be on your list of popular food to try in Europe.

7. Eat the most delicious pizza in Italy

Whether it is the places, the language, or the food; Italy has everyone mesmerized. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that it is easily one of the best food destinations in Europe.

Italy’s wood-fired Neapolitan pizza has got recognition from The European Union as a Guaranteed Traditional Speciality. Formed by hand, this pizza is one of the reasons why most people travel to Italy. And who can skip on the mouth-watering pasta, the sumptuous ravioli, and the delicious risotto?! With this, Italy’s cuisine goes right into the list of one of the best European cuisines which must be explored when trying the best food in Europe.

7. Try some self-indulgent fondue in Switzerland

You’ve been to Switzerland and haven’t had the fondue?! You have to visit again.

Derived from the French verb ‘fondre’ that means ‘to melt’, fondue is a contribution by the French to the Swiss and is eaten generally in Switzerland’s chilly winters. Fondue is essentially Swiss melted cheese kept in a pot over a portable stove at the center of the table. The diners have to dip in crisp bread cubes using two-pronged forks, made especially for eating fondue. This is one European food item that is worthy to be on the list of the top 10 European foods.

8. Eat sausages in Germany

Germany, the land of rich culture, history, and unspoiled landscapes, offers a wide variety of sausages to savour. A highly regarded component of German cuisine, sausages came into being in the Middle Ages. With more than 150 sausage varieties to offer, there is no dearth of flavours to choose from.  These sausages are usually served with bread, spicy mustard or sweet. Though there are many regional varieties, you can go for Bratwurst, served in all parts of the country. Made of veal, minced pork, and spices, this sausage is one of the top 10 European foods to try on your Europe trip.

9. Eat butter-laden pastries in Denmark

Be it the quality of life, beautiful attractions, or extraordinary dining, Denmark has it all. Ideal for scenic places and activities like boating, fishing, and, of course, windsurfing, Denmark is hard to give a miss on your European tour. While exploring the country, try the iconic pastries of Denmark.

Take a trip to the countryside that is best explored on a bicycle, and stop to savour these pastries at bakeries that are present at almost every second corner of a street. The locals eat these pastries for breakfast, making it a European food you should not miss out on.

10. Eat grilled or smoked salmon in Norway

Words of praise fall short to describe the beauty of Norway, but did we tell you that it is also one of the best food destinations in Europe?!

Try the salmon, Norway’s contribution to global cuisine and one of the top 10 European foods to try. A brilliant salmon dish in the country is made with marinating salmon in brandy, dill, sugar, and salt, which is thereafter served with a creamy sauce (gravat laks).

When you pick an all-encompassing Europe holiday package, you do it with the intent to explore as much as you can. But, if you really want to make the most of it, then make sure you relish the food that Europe has to offer.


June 21, 2019


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