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Visiting Vietnam? Here are 10 Things to Do to Have a Blast on your Trip!

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Pinning down a destination while planning your trip for an escape from your daily monotonous routine is a task in itself. Enter Vietnam! The land of “Ascending Dragon” is a marvellous destination for a variety of reasons. Be it astounding natural beauty consisting of vibrant flea markets, enchanting rivers, and thrilling nightlife. But it's not limited to this; Vietnam pleases its tourists with a wide range of mouth-watering delicacies, including Pho, Cha ca, Banh xeo, Cao lau, and so on. Other than that, whether it's a solo or group tour, there will never be a dull moment for you and your gang, as there are multiple things to do in Vietnam to make your trip memorable.

No matter where you are from, the Vietnamese are very friendly by nature and greet their tourists with the warmest and heartiest of welcomes. Also, they are very helpful, and the families there invite you to mingle with them and offer you to dine with them, portraying a courteous gesture. It would be wise to say that Vietnam is one of the safest and most enjoyable tourist destinations in the world.

If you are planning to visit this incredulous destination, booking a Vietnam tour package is an ideal way to go about it.

List of 10 Must-to-do things on your Vietnam trip

Vietnam is a place that is the abode of natural beauty and offers fascinating nightlife. Chase the sunsets and find the most beautiful bays to soothe your eyes. A land that seems like a neverending tale when it comes to creating pleasant memories, letting your taste buds jam with delicious food, or getting the thrill out of fun activities.

To turn your trip from memorable to lively, we have curated a list of 10 things to do in Vietnam:

1. Visit Hoi An

Hoi An

A village in Vietnam that gleams with the vibrancy of colourful lanterns for the celebration of every Vietnamese new year known as Tết. This lantern festival lasts for a week and the village is bustling with crowds enjoying the festive vibes. The celebration feels wholesome in itself. Your Vietnam trip would be incomplete without this festival. It is definitely one of the most amazing things to see in Vietnam.

2. Discover Halong Bay

How can you miss out on Halong Bay, one of the most famous sightseeing destinations in Vietnam? The bay is surrounded by a glittering sea-green waterbody and eye-pleasing scenery. Aboard a boat, explore unexplored caves, visit small beaches, and eat delicious seafood.

3. Go Hiking at Cat Ba Island

Your list of going to famous attractions in Vietnam is incomplete with this Cat Ba Island on it. Witness some jaw-dropping views, and it is surely a perfect getaway from the crowd where you can spend a calm and splendid day. Moreover, the Lookout Tower Trail, which is one of the most popular hikes, would be one of the fun things to do in Vietnam as you’ll be trekking through the dense rainforest.

4. Visit the Famous Floating Market on the Mekong River

The Mekong is a place where time has stopped and the lifestyle has been the same for centuries. Simply pick a shaded area to hang your canopy and stare out at remote banks of rivers as your boat, laden with fruit and rice sacks, ploughs the treacherous brown flow.

Experience this old style of living in Vietnam and shop at this floating market on the Mekong River. Make sure to add this place to your list of things to do in Vietnam.

5. See the World’s Largest Cave at Phong Nha National Park

Out of many tourist attractions in Vietnam, Hang Son Doong is the world's largest cave that you must include in your sightseeing in Vietnam. Though there are many caves in the Quang Binh region, this one consists of a 490 ft. long cavern.

Phong Bha offers a lot of caving adventures, but if you are not someone who likes to venture out on cave expeditions, then this province is also popular for trekking.

6. Taste Pho in Ha Noi

If you are a foodie, then add this to your list of things to do in Vietnam. Ha Noi is also famous as the hub of Pho, which is a Vietnamese soup dish that contains rice, chicken bits, and broth. Visit Hanoi and go find out which pho tastes the best by grabbing a bite from every shop that has an appetizing recipe of its own.

7. Get to know the Vietnamese History

Visit the Ho Chi Minh City Museum and learn the history of Vietnam. The brutal history of Vietnam has been retained through artefacts, photos, and mementoes. Understand how Vietnam grew as a nation and all the sacrifices that have been made by both sides during the conflict, in the palace of Gia Long. This palace is the place where Ngo Dinh Diem lived his last moments before being assassinated in 1963.

8. Pray at Cao Dai Temple

Pay a visit to this Vietnamese temple that is situated amongst the bustling traffic, crowded streets, and booths in a town called Tây Nin. Worship Caodaism, which is an infusion of Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, the occult, and Islam that was formed in the 1920s.

Don’t forget to add this temple, which is located in a busy town called Tây Ninh, in your sightseeing tour in Vietnam.

9. Do Cycling at Hue

Hue has an important significance in Vietnamese history and is considered rich in historical sites. Moreover, being situated on the Perfume River, it served as a border between North and South during the Vietnam War.

It is also considered a great spot for cycling. Ride your bicycle in the morning through Vietnam’s version of Forbidden City, and later take a rest and enjoy the peace with a drink in your hand at Perfume River.

10. Take a Tour to Cat Nein National Park

Last but not least, Cat Nein National Park is undoubtedly an exciting tourist attraction in Vietnam. This park is spread out over a 720-square-kilometre biosphere reserve made up of nature reserves and lowland forest, with a variety of unique species and birds kept safe and protected in a number of sanctuaries and rescue centers. Golden-cheeked Gibbons, Silver- Langurs, Asiatic elephants, and Clouded Leopards are also unusual sights for wildlife enthusiasts.

Information about the best places to visit in Vietnam? CHECK. Eagerness to pack your bags and head out? DOUBLE CHECK!

March 26, 2023


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