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Top Things to Do in Vienna for a Memorable Vacation

8 mins. read

Vienna is the capital city of Austria, which is known for its vibrant culture, architectural splendour, magical theatre and greenery. With well-constructed parks to monuments, the city has a lot to offer. Vienna is also called “the city of music” that reflects in its musical shows, and theatrical performances. It is rather interesting to know that Vienna has more than 100 museums in different localities where artists, singers and performers pull off magnificent shows and musical nights. Whether you are a food lover, nature enthusiast, or architectural buff, you will find numerous things to do in Vienna for a memorable vacation. Here is the list of the best things to do in Vienna, which you must include in your Vienna tour package.

Things to do in Vienna

  • Fine wine tasting
  • Try strudel-making
  • Attend a Mozart Concert
  • Artisanal Shopping Experience
  • Go on the City Walking Tour
  • Visit Schonbrunn Zoo
  • Dine in at a traditional Austrian restaurant
  • Explore Viennese History at Belvedere Museum

Fine Wine Tasting

One of the fanciest things to do in Vienna city is fine wine tasting and exploring the vineyards. Many wineries are located in the capital of Austria for those wanting a wine-tasting tour. Visit the wine cellars, sample the local wines, get a mini-guided tour, and enjoy the ideal wine and cheese combination. Whether you are a sweet wine lover or a sparkling wine fan, Vienna has many wine bars serving world-class wines. The Wachau Valley and the Weinviertel regions have the best quality wine and unique bottles. Make sure to bring a bottle or two back home to add to your wine collection.

Furthermore, The Vienna Wine Hiking Day happens in the autumn season giving you the chance to visit the countryside of Vienna with various stops at Heuriger Tavern. Taste wine made by locals, which is an interesting aspect of the tour.

Try Strudel-Making

If you have a keen interest in the local food of Vienna, you must know that apple strudel is an authentic Viennese dessert. It is comprised of thin layers of pastries in sweet apple combined with heavy cream or custard. You should try this dessert at least once during your trip. To take things one step ahead, join a group master class to prepare this scrumptious dessert. It is one of the best stuff to do in Vienna on the last day of the trip to unwind and practice your baking skills. However, if you are not a baker but rather a great spectator then don’t miss the pastry-making demonstration at the Original Wiener Strudel Show.

Attend a Mozart Concert

Mozart Concert is one of the coolest things to see in Vienna, Austria. Spend your evening with your loved ones watching the re-enactment of the Mozart Concert by booking a tour of the Schonbrunn Palace. Most renowned singers and soloists perform in the orchestra wearing traditional costumes and wigs. It gives you a glimpse of rich Austrian culture and its significance. The music concert is followed by a delicious 3-course Austrian meal to call it a day. It is a hotspot for tourists from different parts of the world to have a memorable Viennese vacation. Prior booking is required to attend the show. So, make sure to plan your travel itinerary well to fit in this musical evening.

Artisanal Shopping Experience

What’s not to love about art? It depicts the culture, evolution, and history of the place you visit. If you are an art collector, Viennese artists have your back. It is one of the best things to do in Vienna that will bring you closer to the Austrian culture. Viennese handcrafted wares, clothing, and holiday gifts are created by local artists who have an eye for the beauty that surrounds them. Stroll around Vienna's 23 grätzels district to explore an array of masterpieces that capture nature, grand palaces, vibrant culture, and the contemporary vibe of the city.

Go on the City Walking Tour

Top 10 Places to Visit in Austria

Being one of the oldest cities in Austria, there is a lot to explore in Vienna. The city has many landmark places such as the Imperial Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral, Spanish Riding School, and Schonbrunn Palace that are covered in guided city tours. The tour guide is multi-lingual making it easy to understand the historical significance of all the places you visit. For history buffs and architectural admirers, the Vienna walking tour is a great option to socialise with like-minded people and discover top attractions in the city.

Visit Tiergarten Zoo

A phenomenal wildlife adventure awaits you at Tiergarten Zoo, which is considered a zoological wonder. Explore this zoo located in the Schönbrunn Palace with your family to create cherished memories for a lifetime. It is a great place to encounter several wildlife species in a natural environment. Kids will surely be excited to see giant pandas that are highlights of the place. You will spot polar bears, penguins, and leopards to name a few animals in the zoo. Visiting here is the most preferred thing to do by tourists in Vienna.

Dine in at a Traditional Austrian Restaurant

Any vacation is incomplete without good food at a traditional restaurant and Vienna has plenty of such places. Try traditional Austrian delicacies such as Wiener Schnitzel, The Sachertorte, Austrian Goulash, and Spargel at authentic restaurants. Austrian cuisines have rich flavours with carb-dense ingredients. The traditional Austrian chef prepares these food items with great precision. It is truly a work of art! Some of the most notable recommendations to try these scrumptious food items are Griechenbeisel (Vienna’s oldest restaurant), Figlmüller and Plachutta, and Zwölf Apostkeller. During your trip, make sure to visit some of the renowned restaurants to get a taste of excellence in Viennese cuisine.

Explore Viennese History at Belvedere Museum

History is nothing but stories by ancestors that tell a lot about the era gone by. Belvedere Museum is the best thing to see in Vienna for architecture and history lovers. The place is filled with countless artefacts, the largest Gustav Klimt collection, masterpieces by Van Gogh, and more from the 18th century. It boasts artworks that are 800 years old, making it an interesting place for art fanatics.

It is divided into Upper Belvedere, Lower Belvedere, and Belvedere 21 which boasts art pieces, exhibitions, and contemporary films & music respectively. All three venues of Belvedere are worth visiting. So, you must keep a day leisurely for exploration.

Modern-day Vienna has a strong reflection of classic art forms, social cohesion, and contemporary lifestyle. It is a great destination to visit for family, couples, or solo travellers looking for a well-rounded vacation. Every corner of the city is picturesque and has a story behind it. You must plan your travel itinerary to make the most out of your Viennese vacation. It is safe to say that Vienna is a city that you will definitely come back to explore more of. The above-mentioned list contains a few things to do in Vienna. However, there are many other things you can add to the list depending on your budget, trip duration, and preference.

February 26, 2024


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