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10 Things to Do In Sonmarg on Your Next Vacation

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Picture yourself sipping kahwa while admiring the mesmerising peaks covered in snow, listening to the soothing sound of the water, and relaxing. Wasn’t that a treat to your imagination? This is Sonmarg, a small town located in the Kashmir valley where you get plenty of things to do while spotting beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, and valleys. The name “Sonmarg” translates to “meadow of gold” and it perfectly sums up the breathtaking grandeur of its alpine meadows in the glittering sunlight wonderfully. You will fall in love with this simple yet visually stunning location! Planning the perfect trip can be a tedious task, so here are things to do and places to visit in Sonmarg:

1. Trekking to Beautiful Spots

Sonmarg is truly a trekker’s paradise; the variety of treks is so vast that even a decisive person would be bewildered. The Thajwas Glacier trek holds the top spot among Sonmarg sightseeing places. This 3-kilometre-long trek will expose you to lush green forests, snow-capped peaks, and breathtaking views. If your companions are not capable of walking long distances but still want to admire this beauty, you can easily hire a pony for this trek. Some other treks that you can add to your Sonmarg sightseeing list can be Machoi Peak, Sirbal Peak, Kolahoi Peak, and more. All of them are equally beautiful and will make your trip a success. The beautiful town of Sonmarg is full of sightseeing points, and its phenomenal glaciers are to die for! So assemble your adventure junkies and prepare to trek to some magnificent Sonmarg attractions.

2. Lake Hopping

Lake Hopping

Everybody talks about club hopping, but what about lake hopping? Let’s make it a thing to do in Sonmarg! The Satsar, or seven-lake trek, is an essential Sonmarg attraction to catch a glimpse of one of the best sights of your lifetime. It is a beautiful junction of seven alpine lakes that you should not miss. Some other lakes that should not escape your to-go destinations should be Gangabal Lake, Vishansar Lake, Krishnasar Lake, and Gadsar Lake. Each of these lakes offers a picturesque view of crystal-clear water meandering across the mystical mountains. Any traveller who comes to see spectacular things in Sonmarg experiences tranquillity at its best.

3. River Rafting in White Water

If you are an adventure seeker, then one of the exciting things to do in Sonmarg can be river rafting in the white water. During the rafting, the turbulence caused by the swiftly moving water will thrill you to the core! You will not only feel exhilarated after this rafting adventure, but you will also have the opportunity to see heavenly things in Sonmarg. This rafting expedition begins in Baltal and concludes at the Shutkari Bridge in Sonamarg; you can customise your rafting stretch accordingly.

4. Experiencing a Holy Expedition

Sonmarg has many adventurous things to do, but one can also find peace besides all the thrills. It houses the Amarnath Cave, one of the holiest shrines in Hinduism, which forms naturally with ice. Between the months of July and August, a large chunk of Lord Shiva devotees flock to Amarnath Cave to experience the sacred spirit of the location. You can enjoy this famous Amarnath trek with your friends and family and make your trip more special.

5. Capturing the Natural Beauty

Sonmarg's alluring beauty will make it impossible for you to put your camera down, and a vacation without Instagram-worthy photos is incomplete. Photographing the local attractions of Sonmarg is one of the most common things to do by tourists. The zero point that stands in the way to Kargil has photogenic views and thrilling hairpin bends. You can also snap awe-inspiring shots in this hill station's starry nights.

6. Camping in and Around Sonmarg


Summertime in Sonmarg is full of fun things to do, one of which is camping. This place is full of camping sites that you can choose from based on your preferences. Camping in the shade of the Himalayan Mountains in the summer months (ideally) will be your favourite thing to do on this trip. For those who are bringing their own equipment, Sonmarg offers both self-camping and organised camping.

7. Shopping at the Main Market

After your sightseeing and adventure pursuits, you can take a halt for shopping in the main market of Sonmarg. Here you get everything Kashmiri, from walnuts and saffrons to crewel-embroidered cloth and stone jewellery. Everything is of high quality, so you can take things home for yourself and your loved ones. You can also sample the regional Kashmiri cuisine while taking a quick stroll through Sonmarg's main market.

8. Relaxing and Fishing

There are plenty of things to do in Sonmarg, and lovers of quiet and leisure time will not be disappointed here. Being home to numerous lakes and rivers, Sonmarg naturally becomes a great spot for fishing. Trout are commonly found in this town, and people love trout fishing. The best spots for trout fishing or fishing, in general, are Krishnasar Lake, Sindh River, and Vishansar Lake. Just sit back and enjoy the slowness of life in this beautiful destination.

9. Enjoying Winter Sports

Winter sports are among the top things to do in Sonmarg in the summer. Sonmarg is drenched in snow from November through April, making it the ideal location for winter sports like skiing, sledding, ice climbing, snowboarding, and more. Towards the end of March, you can experience a lot of snow, and some may even witness snowfall! Many organisations oversee and organise these winter sports. There are many different Sonmarg packages available if you are a compulsive travel planner. Some platforms also enable you to customise your packages to make your vacation experience even better.

You might also add watching the dawn or sunset in Sonmarg against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains to your list of things to do.

10. Visiting the Walnut Orchards

Kashmir is the largest source of walnuts in India, and Sonmarg is the best spot to witness the beauty of walnut orchards. Sonmarg has some of the oldest blossoming walnut trees. The vibrant and earthy tones of the orchards will bring you closer to Mother Earth. You can hire a tour guide to learn more about the lifecycle of these dry fruits, and you can also ask for a taste test whenever you get the chance.

Sonmarg is the ideal vacation spot that will simultaneously fill your soul with adventure and calm. This hill station, situated at an altitude of 2730 meters, gives visitors a divine sense during their visit here. Prepare to spend your upcoming summer vacation enjoying this stunning place.

March 05, 2023


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