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7 Things To Do in Phi Phi: An Ultimate Guide

9 mins. read

Nestled in the Andaman Sea, the Phi Phi Islands offer visitors a true tropical paradise. The landscapes look like paintings, from lush green cliffs rising over azure waters to soft white sands kissing the turquoise sea. It's no wonder Phi Phi has become such a popular stop on many travellers' itineraries. Though its world-famous beaches could keep you blissfully occupied, there’s an array of adventures on these islands. Snorkel or dive into the reefs to discover vibrant marine life. Hike to exhilarating viewpoints or enjoy thrilling water sports. Wander streets lined with local shops and eateries for a taste of Thai culture. With this dazzling mix of relaxation and activity, Phi Phi offers the ultimate island getaway for every type of traveller. Phi Phi delivers an unforgettable tropical escape from beaches to boating excursions and everything in between. Let’s explore exciting things to do in Phi Phi in this blog.

7 Incredible Things To Do in Phi Phi

With stunning beaches, dramatic cliffs, and crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkelling and diving, Phi Phi Islands offer endless adventures. Here are some of the things to do in Phi Phi:

  • Hike to Phi Phi Viewpoint
  • Enjoy the Nightlife
  • A Tour to Phi Phi Islands Marine National Park
  • Enroll in Thai cooking class
  • Snorkelling
  • Island Hopping
  • Relax on Long Beach

Hike to Phi Phi Viewpoint

Hike to Phi Phi Viewpoint

The popular hike to Phi Phi Viewpoint is one of the best things to do in Phi Phi. The trail starts in the town centre and climbs steeply up the island. Be prepared for a 30-40 minute hike upwards. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes and bring plenty of water - it gets hot! As you hike through dense jungle foliage, you’ll work up a sweat. But pressing on is worth the rewarding views at the top. When you emerge from the trees at the peak’s edge, jaw-dropping 360° vistas unfold all around you. Gaze at the island’s jagged cliffs plunging to meet the sparkling sea. Take in the sights of the bustling harbour and markets. On clear days, even views stretch as far as Krabi and Phuket in the distance. The outlook is gorgeous any time. But for spectacular sun-drenched scenes, time your hike at dawn’s first light or as the afternoon sunsets. The magical golden hour light transforms Phi Phi's landscapes into living postcards. Reaching the top viewpoint takes effort, but Mother Nature rewards those who accept the challenge with unforgettable island memories.

Enjoy the Nightlife

When the sun sinks into the sea, Phi Phi shapeshifts from the tranquil tropics into a sizzling nightlife hub. Cobblestone streets glow under neon rainbows as after-dark adventurers prowl for paradise. Follow pumping beach jams towards flashing cocktails and crowds buzzing with delight. Apache Beach Bar swings with carefree dancers swaying to live reggae beats and island rhythms. Nearby, fire artists turn up the heat, dazzling circles of new friends. As the moon rises over jet-black waters, Phi Phi reveals her lively alter ego, pumping sound and colour into the island air. From cool beach bars to hot dance floors, embrace the island’s glowing nightlife and dance the hours away under starry skies. Explore our Thailand tour packages and if you are travelling with your significant other.

A Tour to Phi Phi Islands Marine National Park

A visit to the famous Phi Phi Islands Marine National Park is one of the amazing things to do in Phi Phi for nature lovers. Comprised of six islands, this aquatic paradise boasts crystal clear waters teeming with exotic marine life. When snorkelling in the park, be mesmerized by the colourful reefs and swaying corals. Come face-to-face with blacktip reef sharks gliding powerfully. Spot giant endangered clams nestled on the sea floor. Watch cute clownfish and pufferfish popping out of anemones. Above the surface, each island has its own personality and adventures. Hike up towering emerald cliffs for heart-stopping views. Relax on secluded palm-lined beaches and bays. Soak up a dreamy sunset at the perfect picnic spot. With breathtaking above-water scenery and underwater encounters, the National Park offers a complete Phi Phi experience. Its landscapes remain untouched - making you feel worlds away while only a short boat trip from the main islands. Let its natural beauty renew your spirit.

Enroll in a Thai cooking class

Take your tastebuds on a Thai adventure by signing up for a Phi Phi cooking class. It’s a great way to indulge in the food of Thailand. Available as half or full-day sessions, these hands-on courses unlock the secrets behind the island's incredible flavours. Led by talented local chefs, classes take place in open-air jungle kitchens or 5-star resorts. Start by venturing to village markets to gather fresh ingredients like lemongrass, Thai basil, curries, and more. Back in the kitchen, slice and dice aromatic ingredients. Learn to perfectly balance sweet, sour, spicy and salty tastes. Master staples like tom yum soup and pad thai noodles. Fry up golden fish cakes and other bites. In the end, feast your eyes and belly on the tropical meal you created. Celebrate your new skills with friends, old and new. Then take the knowledge home to recreate Phi Phi tastes that will transport your loved ones. With insider tricks up your sleeve, the vibrant flavours of the islands will spice up meals for a lifetime.


Snorkelling the colourful reefs allows adventurers to discover Phi Phi's magical underwater worlds just below the surface. Many excellent sites lie a short boat ride from the main islands. At Shark Point, gentle leopard sharks cruise the coral walls as tropical fish swarm the reefs in shimmering clouds. Anemone Reef lives up to its name with swaying underwater gardens allowing glimpses of clownfish and moray eels darting out from anemone hideouts. Gliding weightlessly through crystalline waters, marvel at Nature's artistry. Neon reef fish weave through corals sculpted by tiny creatures into whimsical shapes over centuries. Admire the alien elegance of spindly sea urchins and blooming anemones taller than you. Encountering Phi Phi's awe-inspiring marine life with just a mask and snorkel doesn't get better than this. Drift through the currents for a front-row glimpse into a magical aquatic realm that delights both new and seasoned snorkelers.

Island Hopping

Phi Phi dazzles from the sea with scattered islets ringing her coast, each with unique adventures. Island-hopping boat tours allow you to sail away to nearby paradises for a change of pace. For pure serenity, tour Bamboo Island’s private beach with just you, the white sands and bamboo whispering in the breeze. Wade into balmy waters with your own island escapade. Island hopping uncovers gems that make the archipelago special. Zip around by a longtail boat to switch up coastal scenes across the Andaman Sea. Be awed by the landscape’s serene sunsets and surprises around each turn. Dreamy views and adventures await on mini isles near Phi Phi. With the wind in your hair and the sea breeze calling, set sail to uncover your own private slice of paradise.

Relax on Long Beach

After packing your Phi Phi days full of sightseeing adventures, schedule in plenty of time to relax on the island's world-famous beaches. For a peaceful, romantic setting, escape to Long Beach. Palm trees whisper above powdery white sands, while the shore stays calm for carefree swimming and lounging. Loh Dalum beams as the classic Phi Phi postcard beach. Pick a spot among the crescent shoreline and spend lazy days frolicking in radiant waters, building sandcastles, or reading away under swaying palms. As sunset nears, the glowing light transforms the cliffs into a painting. After travelling across the globe to reach Phi Phi, sometimes the most rewarding adventures require nothing more than chasing the tides and basking under the tropical sun.

Whether you seek relaxation or nonstop action, Phi Phi delivers - from swimming with sharks to swinging in hammocks by the sea. Explore our Thailand packages for couples and book the one that suits your needs and budget in advance for an unforgettable getaway.

December 28, 2023


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