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Snow Skiing In the Desert? – It Happens Only In Dubai

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Imagine leaving the hot weather outside and flying to one of the snowiest places in the world. Participating in those winter activities and taking in the sprawling city from the snow-capped peaks. Donning on mufflers, snow boots and warm clothes for days in the end. Maybe skiing down the slopes or snowboarding on freshly fallen powder.

But is there a place you can experience tanning on sun-warmed beaches and enjoy the snow at the same time?

With its sprawling dunes, endless skyscrapers and hot beaches, Dubai is the best of both worlds.

From dining at an upscale fine restaurant at Burj Khalifa to tanning at the beaches on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is built on the sheer scale of a main character’s energy.

Also considered to be the Hong Kong of the gulf, with its big cars and buildings, Dubai has an openness to its innovation with a futuristic appeal. That, however, does not rob it of the warm, old-world charm that it exudes.

Dubai and its desert heat welcome a horde of tourists every month. It is believed that there are places in the world that conjure up the most iconic views and Dubai is certainly one of them.

Being a jet-set holiday destination, there are countless things to do in Dubai. Places you can explore, activities you can participate in or simply take in the general splendour and beauty of the Persian Gulf on your walk down the Jumeirah beach.

However, Dubai is known for many things other than its desert and scorching summer heat that is perfect for beach lovers – like the record-breaking Burj Kalifa, ultra-fast cars, nightlife, dune bashing, Al Fahid fort, desert safari, Atlantis water park, Dubai marina, global village, souks to satisfy the shopaholic in you, Ain Dubai, Dubai Opera, ultra-luxe palm Jumeirah, aquariums and indoor ski slopes.

Yes, you can ski in Dubai! And we are not talking about sand skiing despite Dubai’s location in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

Dubai is where all magical things happen. And that includes snow skiing.

Even though there are no hills and it rarely ever snows in the region, Dubai has developed a winter wonderland for its tourists.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Sun-baked emirates meet Alpine biomes!

Located inside the Dubai mall of Emirates, ski Dubai is the world’s third-largest indoor ski resort.

Despite the artificially developed ski range, skiing in Dubai is one thing that tourists and Dubai residents alike consider to be one of the best activities to take part in.

Imagine leaving the hot Dubai weather outside and passing through the gates of the ski Dubai Snow Park as that cold wind pushes itself on your sun-warmed face and feel that alien crunch of the fresh snow underfoot much to the amusement of the shoppers dressed in shorts and sandals in the mall.

Dubai offers a wide range of experiences for visitors. The opportunity to ski in the afternoon and be out on the sand or in the Persian waters for the rest of the day is one of them.

Features of Ski Dubai

It may be 40 or so degrees outside with tourists tanning on the Jumeirah beaches and the ferocious mid-day sun shining down on them, the Ski Dubai snow park, however, maintains a temperature that is perfect for a slide down the snow slopes all year long.

The ski Dubai in the mall of emirates is a cavernous indoor ski park that features an 85-meter-high indoor mountain that covers 22,500 square meters of the area with a four-person chair lift, two T-bars that provides access to the slopes in the ski hall and a magic carpet for children and beginners.

The ski world in Dubai provides five slopes of varying steepness and difficulties. That includes a 400-meter long run and the world’s first indoor black diamond piste which is considered to be the most difficult and much ungroomed piste and is perfect for professionals who are looking for a challenge.

From activities including sledging, tobogganing, zorbing, zip lining down the snow bullet, and mountain climbing to sliding down a 128 meters long ice slide and exploring the ice caves. Ski Dubai has everything that can satisfy the thirst of adrenaline junkies.

The indoor snow park offers relief from the ever-heated city with its snow slopes, mountain, skating rinks, cafes and a display area dotted with exotic penguins enjoying their habitat.

The penguin encounter is yet another unique Ski Dubai attraction.

Tourists can get up close and personal with the penguins, which creates an unforgettable experience for children. Furthermore, you can learn more about Penguin species from professionals.

Ski Dubai Penguin show is dedicated to educating about the ecology of the Penguin colony as well as learning more about penguin life.

Ski School

Whether you have experienced skiing before or are a complete beginner, skiing experts in Ski Dubai mall can help you refine your skills on the beginner slopes with a guarantee of an exceptionally thrilling experience.

Depending on how much experience you have you can select the lessons according to your expertise.  From the basic discovery lessons through the beginners' courses and the advanced level sessions, Ski Academy offers a variety of services to meet the needs of its customers, including personalised training, camps, and group programmes that you can attend with family and friends.


Skiing in Dubai is a great way to spend your time.

Ski Dubai is open Monday through Sunday. However, there may be occasional reschedules, so it is best to check the website to confirm the timings.


The price of your Ski Dubai tickets depends on the activities you wish to participate in.

The average duration of a Ski Dubai visit is one to two hours. Unless you are staying for the penguin show or have purchased a premium full-day pass that includes unlimited access to all snow park activities.

A two-hour non-stop indoor snowboarding and skiing pass costs AED 220 and includes slope access for experienced skiers equipped with safety equipment.

AED 320 gets you full-day slope access for experienced skiers and snowboarders.

For AED 195, you can also enjoy all of the amazing snow park activities with your family and friends, including Zorb balling, tubing, wall climbing, bumper cars, and sliding hills.

Alternatively, at an additional cost, you can watch the latest flicks along with Christmas classics with your family at the in-house snow cinema. Catch the latest blockbuster on the big screen with a box of popcorn, a cup of hot cocoa, some soft blankets, and wireless headphones that are tuned in to provide the ultimate movie lounge experience.


Skiing in Dubai is the most high-rated tourist activity. And understandably so. Going from the arid heat to skiing in Dubai is a pretty surreal experience. But one that tourists love to experience again and again.

A trip to Dubai would be incomplete without sliding down Ski Dubai's artificially created snow slopes, complete with snow activities and penguin displays.

And the icing on the cake? Finishing the day with a chairlift ride up the slope to the Avalanche café for a warm cup of hot chocolate and a breathtaking view.

However, aside from the joy of skiing and participating in all snow activities in the middle of a city surrounded by the continent's largest desert, Dubai has many other adventures that you can tailor to your needs while exploring any of the finely curated Dubai tour packages available on our website.

After all, as beautiful and futuristic as the city is, there is a good chance Aladdin's lamp is hidden somewhere in it.

January 23, 2023


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